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Sue Nelson – Buying From Bank Home Study Course

In this complete system you will discover…

How to make massive profits step by step buying REO’s and Notes Directly from Banks.
How to take advantage of the banking crisis, regardless of where you’re located and from the comfort of your home and Regardless of your experience!
Why NOW is the time to buy from the most motivated seller in the market, BANKS!
How you can do this business with NO Experience whatsoever.
Why bank owned notes and properties are so plentiful and marked down at such a HUGE discount.
How to get past the gate keepers and have them open their inventory up to YOU.
Powerful software that will structure and analyze any deal a bank or seller may have for maximum profits i.e. Apartments, Retail, Office Space, Self Storage, etc..
Software that will identify a great deal for you within minutes and just a few numbers from you.
How to fund your project whether you’re purchasing a note or hard asset. We even share with you our hedge fund to fund your deals!
How to maximize your profits from the strategy of your choice; Wholesaling, Flipping, Joint Ventures, Buy and Hold, etc…
This powerful home study system covers apartment investing as well as other commercial deals, and how you too can take advantage of the banking crisis, and buy commercial and residential property at bottom basement prices in your back yard or emerging market. Sue Nelson is principal owner operator of over 1500 apartment units, and a professional commercial real estate investor who has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX television.

binder_CommercialREOs_Notes Home Study Manual – This 230 page manual takes you through buying from banks and constructing deals step by step. Regardless of your experience or location you can put together unbelievable deals that you can wholesale or find equity or JV partners for your multi-million dollar deal. (A $595 Value)
10CDsPackage 8 Live DVD’s – This is 8 DVDs of me teaching personally all of my incredible creative deal making and deal structure that I have developed over the past 6 years. I provide you with real life experiences – successes and obstacles that I’ve learned throughout the last 6 years of acquiring and running my business of over 1500 apartment units. (A $799 Value)
10CDsPackage Complete Audio of the DVD Instruction – You can listen to the complete DVD collection on audio anywhere. Bonus Audio of my partner going through his unbelievably creative deals. (A $299 Value)
book_CommercialREOs_Notes Sue’s Motivated Bank Directory – A Motivated Buying list at your fingertips updated annually. This unbelievably complete directory compiles 1300 banks with 6% or more in defaulted loans and REO’s. Here I provide you with the location, complete contact information, website address, phone, fax and contact name. This guide tells you exactly how many residential multi family and commercial 90 day past due deals they have along with how many multi family, commercial and residential REO’s available. Imagine knowing all that the bank has to offer you before you call! (A $2,000 Value)
book_CommercialREOs_Notes Done For You Creative Offers (LOI’s) – Letters of intent with real deals and terms that will construct deals with the bank and private sellers all done for you, in word so you can adjust them to suit your needs. (Priceless)
FormsAndTemplates Forms CD – My Complete Business – This has everything you need to start wholesaling, note-buying and commercial buying immediately all in word so you can change to fit your business. My very own credibility kit in a template, contracts, marketing letters, websites, foreclosure timelines and expenses by state, due diligence checklists, scripts to use for banks, sellers and buyers, etc… (A $995 Value)
book_CommercialREOs_Notes Motivated Buyer Wholesale List – Wow! All the people you need to buy the deals you put together.
(A $149 Value)
GoldenDeal Quick Analyzer Deal Software – 2 pieces of software personally developed by me and used in my business. Works on both Mac and PC. A quick analyzer so you know whether or not you even want to work on a deal. Then my five year in depth analyzer which lays out in word exactly what you will want to give to your investor, so your JV partner or wholesale buyer will jump at your deal! (A $599 Value)
QuickStart Quick Start DVD – A one hour DVD, with me that gets you started making deals right away! We want you to be successful straight out of the box and these are the first steps to do it!
(A $250 Value)
singleDVDs 5 Pre-recorded Group Coaching Calls – 5 hours of Pre-recorded question and answer of everything in this business from finding deals, analyzing deals, talking to banks, raising private money, creative deal making etc… (A $799 Value)
Hedge Fund – Access to a hedge fund that will fund your deal or JV with you.
(A $799 Value)

Sue has saved the best bonus for last for the first few people who order: Jump Start Coaching – Three full months of LIVE Group Calls with Sue is also included in this package tonight! What are you waiting for? Click that Order Now button!

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