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Video Warrior – Zero To Warrior 2.0


What is it?

Zero2Warrior 2.0 is a 6-week training program designed to help videographers learn how to pitch, sell, produce and market a “Video Business Card” for your clients.

We will guide you towards selling these Video Business Cards at $2500 minimums + we’ll help you learn what goes into running and growing a local video production business. (We’ve had students sell VBCs for this price and more).

In Zero2Warrior 2.0 You’ll:

  • Reprogram your brain from ‘starving artist’ to become someone who has an ability to tell and capture powerful stories for your clients and get paid well for your time.
  • Unlock your voice and unique message when you talk to people about what you do so you can stand out in a crowd.
  • Discover a step-by-step sales process designed to help you confidently sell video projects for $2500 minimums, regardless of if you own the latest and greatest gear. We want to help you work towards this goal if you’re not there already.
  • Learn how to create a “Video Business Card” – an easy to follow, “interview-driven story” designed to help your clients captivate their audience and get results.
  • Learn the skills required to manage the ‘business’ side of video production, such as how to manage multiple client projects, how to qualify and hire additional shooters or editors to help you scale without compromising on your vision, and more.
  • Generate real profit by learning how to manage the money that comes into your business following a simple ‘bucket’ model that covers your operating expenses, taxes, and makes sure you get paid from every project too.

Who is it for?

Zero2Warrior 2.0 was designed for videographers (or for anyone who truly loves video production) that wants to start selling video projects to local businesses without the headache from being over-worked and under-paid. If you’re brand new to selling video, if you’ve been at it a while but hate sales, or if you’re already been paying your bills with your video production skills, Zero2Warrior 2.0 can help you level it up.

How Do I Access Everything?

Zero2Warrior 2.0 is an online course that you can access inside an online portal hosted on the Teachable platform. We do livestream Bi-Weekly Q&A’s and/or discussions inside our private student group hosted on Facebook. (You will have LIFETIME access to this course.)

How does it work?

Go through the modules of the course, complete the action challenges for each week. Learn and grow exponentially via peer-learning inside our Student Only group (while having a community that’s got your back all along your journey). You can go at your own speed too – everything is fully unlocked the moment you enroll. If you want to take your time and consume the modules over 6 weeks, cool. If you want to power through it over a single week, that’s cool too.

Who is it NOT for?

If you’ve never shot or edited a video in your life and are looking to learn the basics of video production, this course isn’t for you. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ program: It was NOT designed to help you cover your rent if you’re about to be evicted this week. That kind of “quick fix” solution does not exist and are often empty promises from people who can not help you.

Our students are ready to do the work and are willing to put themselves out there – the do not pass the blame if it doesn’t “drop dolla’ dolla’ bills” in your lap right from day 1.

Selling videos and/or running a video production business takes time and effort. This is a program requires your commitment to deliver quality work to your clients as well as your time to put in the work.

Why does it exist?

We created Zero2Warrior because there simply wasn’t a training program out there focused SPECIFICALLY on an “easy-win video” that clients get excited about paying for and will implement. This ain’t a PPC or SEO course in disguise either – you know those courses where the actual ‘video’ part is second to some highly technical or analytical work. Your video work IS enough when created and implemented correctly.

We wanna help videographers like you land high-paying VIDEO production clients that you can work with to create meaningful video projects – without all that other tech overwhelm pitched in a lot of courses aimed at us videographers.


Week 1: The Warrior Way (USA, Czech Republic)

  • 1. The Equation Of Change
  • 2. Leaning Into Pressure
  • 3. The Creation Of A New Video Industry
  • 4. Creativity Is Never Enough
  • 5. Finding Your Polaris Star (w/PDF)
  • 6. The Driving Force of Your Company
  • 7. Picking Your Battle
  • 8. From Technician To Video Warrior
  • 9. The Will Smith Spirit

Week 2: Video Business Card Mastery (Prague)

  • 0. What is a Video Business Card (Manual Overview + Video Training)
  • 1. Intro To Video Business Card Mastery
  • 2. Prepping For Your Deep Dive
  • 3. Bring The Right Vibe So Your Client Can Relax And Feel Taken Care Of
  • 4. The Video Business Card Framework For Running A Deep Dive + Picking A Location To Film
  • 4b. Watch Nik Run A Real VBC Interview
  • 5. Show don’t tell production (How To Approach Filming B-Roll)
  • 6. The 5-Hour Turnaround (My Editing Process)
  • 7. Mastering The Interview (a.k.a. The Superview)
  • 8. How To Set Up Your Cameras For The Interview Process
  • 9. Helping Your Client WIN: Implementing The VBC With Your Client (w/PDF Guide)

Week 3 Video Warrior Sales Training (Thailand)

  • 0. Before We Begin The Sales Training.
  • 1. Welcome To Phuket, Thailand! (What We Are Really Selling In Our Video Business)
  • 2. How To Run a Sales Meeting So You Can Get PAID!
  • 3. The Power Of Utilization
  • 4. TEN Video Business Card Selling Angles (Ways To Explain The VBC To A Client)
  • 5. How To Escape The Fun House
  • 6. Making Sure You GET PAID! Seriously, Go Get It!
  • 7. [WATCH THIS] Before Your Next Sales Meeting!
  • BONUS #1: The Mindset Required For Getting Video Production Clients (Superview With Mitch Miller)

Week 4: Warrior Communication & Persuasion Tactics So You Can Do Things On Your Terms (Melbourne)

  • 1. Welcome To Melbourne, Australia! (Communication & Persuasion Tactics To Help You Thrive)
  • 2. How To Avoid Being A “Trespasser”
  • 3. How To Have Great Positioning When Communicating
  • 4. What to do When Things Get Weird…
  • 5. The 3 Words That Will Supercharge Your Persuasiveness
  • 6. Your Biggest Advantages Over Videographers (Why The Competition Is Irrelevant!)
  • 7. The Need for Vulnerability
  • 8. The Most Powerful Persuasion & Communication Strategy Ever Designed

Week 5: Client Acquisition And Laying The Foundation For Success (Santa Barbara)

  • 0. The Big Picture For Getting Clients (Marketing Overview For Your Video Business)
  • 1. PHASE 0: Secure Your Defense (Building Your Discovery Website)
  • (1a.) The Discovery Formula (Follow This To Build Your Discovery Form For Your Website!)
  • (1b.) How To Deliver The Discovery Form & Get People To Fill It Out
  • 2. PHASE 1: Grow Out Of Intimacy (Until $2500/month)
  • (2a.) Offense Strategy 1: The Chamber Strategy (How To Approach Your Chamber Of Commerce & Networking Events)
  • (2b.) Networking & Coffee Training (How To Navigate “Coffee Meetings”)
  • (2c.) Offense Strategy 2: The “Social” Strategy (ie: How To Reach Out To Business Owners You Already Know)
  • (2d.) Offense Strategy 3: How To Approach Social Media Outreach For Generating Leads
  • (2e.) Offense Strategy 4: How To Approach Cold Calling To Find Clients
  • 3. PHASE 2: Infliction (Until $7,500/month)
  • 4. PHASE 3: Pulling Bigger Levers (Until $25,000/month)

Week 6: Video Warrior Business & Logistics

  • 1. Welcome To Kelowna!
  • 2. How To Manage The Money That Comes Into Your Video Business So You Can Actually Make A Damn-Good Living With Video!!!
  • 3. Removing The Panic Button Of Uncertainty Around Money While Building Your Business (Get THIS In Place So You Can Have More Peace Of Mind!!!)
  • 4. Secrets Learned From Managing 24 Employees (How To Find, Qualify, Pay & Manage A Creative Team!
  • 5. Wanna Hire Your First Team Member That Won’t Jeopardize Your Brand? SWIPE THESE CLASSIFIED AD TEMPLATES!!!!
  • 6. “Busy-Ness” Vs. “Business” – How To Determine If An Activity Is Building Your Business Or Stealing Your Time!
  • 7. How To Actually Get The Money In Your Bank Account (Sending Invoices And Collecting Payments With Ease)
  • 8. Fear Overwhelm Or Suck At Time Management?? Here’s How I Manage All My Client Projects Without Losing My Mind!
  • 9. How I Come Up With Prices For Video Projects (An Unconventional Method For Getting Paid Really Friggin’ Well!)

BONUS: Video Cash Hacks

  • 0. Video Cash Hacks: “Start Here”
  • 1. Video Cash Hacks: “Animation”
  • 2. Video Cash Hacks: “Custom Intro Bumpers”
  • 3. Video Cash Hacks: “Product Partnerships”
  • 4. Video Cash Hacks: “Overshooting”
  • 5. Video Cash Hacks: “Raw Footage & Graphics”

BONUS: Video Bullseye (10 Best Businesses To Pitch VBCs To + Selling Angles)

  • Video Bullseye (FULL REPLAY)

BONUS: Legal Warrior

  • Before You Get Started (Some Things You Gotta Know To Cover Your Bases)!!!)
  • 1 – Video Production Services Agreement Template (For Clients) + Template Overview Video
  • 2 – Independent Subcontractor : Consultant Agreement Template (For Hiring Subcontractors Or Consultants) + Template Overview Video
  • 3 – Surrender of Rights and Release of Claims Template (For People Appearing “On-Camera”) + Template Overview Video

Video Business Card Samples

  • Get Kombucha (VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Forever Rooted Films (VBC) – Wedding Video Production Company – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Drive2Save (VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Musette Home Renovations (VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Santa Maria Honda – Edward Tomilloso (VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Heather VBC – Publicity For Good (Sample of a “Mostly Only Photos Available” VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • The Language House (Module 2 Completed VBC) – Directed by Nik Koyama
  • Float Space Kelowna (VBC) – Directed by Marcus Rideout

Video Warrior Certified VBCs – Created For Their Video Business

  • Video Warrior VBC – Evan Galeano (Brand Story)
  • Video Warrior VBC – Marvin Flavien
  • Video Warrior VBC – Stephen Kwiecinkski (The Liberation Code)
  • Video Warrior VBC – Jason Weitz (Left Mind Media)
  • Video Warrior VBC – Daan Jaspers (See Visual)
  • Video Warrior VBC – Zack Hosseini (Chaos Theory)
  • Video Warrior VBC – Brent Hansen (The Motion Shop)

Marcus’s eBook + Audio Book (Downloads)

  • Grab the eBook PDF here!
  • Download The Audio Book Here

More Information: Please check more value courses here !

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