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Real Marketing Academy – The Ultimate Package


Trust is one of the most important factors in getting leads to register on your site… with real information. In this course, I’m going to show the exact way that I built out my website, built out my social media, and most importantly, got so hyperlocal that I was impossible to miss. I literally walk you through from start to finish how to create hyperlocal content that will help convert leads and increase your organic lead generation and conversion on your website. I show you how to use your social media to engage with people in your area, get them to share your posts like wildfire, and how to use local businesses to grow your following. This one course can literally change the direction of your business by increasing your trust value with potential leads, increasing the number of organic leads you’re getting, and drive down your monthly advertising costs… ultimately saving you money, while making more money


There are so many trainings dedicated to teaching agents how to follow up with FSBO’s it’s not even funny. The problem is, they all teach the exact same thing. Pick up the phone, and dial until they list or die. Unfortunately, that doesn’t address the issue that most FSBO’s have with agents. It all comes down to trust, and if you want to list a FSBO, you need them to trust you first. In order to effectively follow up with a group of leads, in this case, FSBO’s, you need to have a stratigic, scaleable model that will allow you to continuously stay top of mind with the sellers, and show your value to them. This course will teach you how to acquire FSBO leads for free and capture real information from them. It will then show you how to get FSBO’s to call you using a systematic approach that is scaleable. This way you can grow your FSBO pipeline and have a steady stream of new business coming in from that every week.


In this age of real estate sales, agents need every tool they can have in their tool bag to compete for listings and for brand recognition. While there is no such thing as a silver bullet, there is such a thing as a competitive edge. By using videos and YouTube you can gain a massive competitive edge over other agents, brokerages, and even the major tech companies in your area. Over the years a whole lot of agents have obsessed over SEO strategies, usually leading to sleepless nights when google changes their algorithm. With this course, you can learn how to rank almost any real estate video on the first page of google. Blowing your competition out of the water, and impressing both sellers and buyers with your marketing skills. No SEO required.

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