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IG Millions – How To Build 1 Million Instagram Followers Organically

What’s inside IG MILLIONS
80+ Videos
Private Discussion Boards
20hrs+ Curriculum
Live Q&A’s
14 PDF Workbooks
Online community
Why should you join?
Be Your Own Boss
IG Millions is a training program that teaches systematic processes that will enable you to build and grow an instagram account in any niche, to 1M Followers.
Because it’s all about the followers… right?
Not really. Watching your follower count pass the 10k, 50k, 250k mark is only one part of the picture. In this course, you will be taught the skills to monetize and develop your brand so that it becomes a tool that empowers you to build any kind of business you want.
Freedom and Abundance
Being able to follow your dreams and work from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, from the comfort of your smartphone… that’s what we’re all about.
Look, you can keep banging your head against the wall hoping to get more followers and try to build an account using trial and error… OR you can follow a PROVEN PLAN with STRATEGIES that will lead to more growth than you ever thought possible.
Nobody said it was going to be easy, this is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, you have to dedicate yourself and put in the work. But if you follow the guidelines we teach, build a powerful community of people to support you along your journey, there is no reason you can’t achieve even higher goals.
The effect of the work you put into your Instagram account is COMPOUNDING, meaning it increases in value as you continue to work on it.
You might be asking “how is any of this possible??”
In 2017 Instagram Generated $1.3 Billion in Mobile Ad Revenue
The way advertisers spend money has changed forever. It’s now ending up in the hands of people like you and me, who have grown large followings on Instagram. And with over 500 million Daily Active Users, there has never been a better time to learn how to build and grow a profitable Instagram account and stand out from the rest! The opportunity to take advantage of this is NOW. So stop watching other people live their dream life and start creating yours today.
We have students, clients, and friends who have landed Film and Television roles, started successful YouTube channels, sold their Artwork and Creations, Travelled the World with their friends and family, gotten on stage at TED, raise $10M for Start-ups, and make 6 and 7-figures a year, all because of the powerful brand they’ve built on Instagram.
14 Video Chapters and Detailed Workbooks
All about how you can create an amazing page or brand and grow your Instagram following to a Million followers and beyond!
Additional Monetization & Shortcuts Modules
Extra modules that teach you how to make money from your Instagram following and take shortcuts directly to the top.
Community & Discussion – Working Together
Your Network is Your Net Worth. Connect with us and other students and collaborate on your journey to Millions Of Followers!
1. Introduction
1.0 Chapter Workbook
1.1 Welcome to the Course!
1.2 Our Story
1.3 Why would you want 1M Followers?
1.4 Your Mindset
Questions + Discussions
2. Foundations
2.0 Chapter Workbook
2.1 Instagram Overview and History
2.2 Instagram Features and Summaries
2.3 Apps, Tools, and Resources
Questions + Discussions
3. Getting Started
3.0 Chapter Workbook
3.1 Choosing a Niche
3.2 Creator vs. Curator
3.3 Choosing a Username
What’s your Niche?
4. Content
4.0 Chapter Workbook
4.1 What Type of Content
4.2 Who is your Audience
4.3 Understanding Quality
4.4 Copyright
4.5 Formatting
4.6 Stories, Lives, MISC
4.7 For the Creator
4.8 For the Curator
4.9 Content Editing
4.10 Posting Content
Creating or Curating?
5. Branding
5.0 Chapter Workbook
5.1 Launching your Brand
5.2 Logos and Watermarks
5.3 Vibe and Voice
5.4 Content Policy
5.5 Congruency, and Knowing your Audience
5.6 Making an Ad
Branding and Standing Out

6. Growth and Marketing
6.0 Chapter Workbook
6.1 Introduction – Ways to Grow
6.2 Organic Growth
6.3 Getting Pages to Share your Content
6.4 The Explore Page
6.6 Shoutouts and “SFS”
6.7 Instagram Ads
6.8 Private vs. Public
6.9 Hiring Agencies
6.10 Negotiating Rates
6.11 Offering Services in Exchange
What Strategy has worked BEST for you?!
7. Audience Engagement
7.0 Chapter Workbook
7.1 The Algorithm
7.2 Personal Brand vs. Theme or Curation Page
7.3 Pages with High Engagement
7.4 Raising Engagement on a Dead Page
7.5 How to Boost Engagement
7.6 Captions and Content
7.7 Answering Comments and Messages
7.8 Using All the Features
What is your “Secret” to boosting engagement?
8. Automation and Posting
8.0 Chapter Workbook
8.1 Introduction – Managing Multiple Accounts
8.2 Content Factory
8.3 Scheduling Platforms and Tools
8.4 Additional Tools and Services
What is your first Automation Tactic?
9. Networking and Community
9.0 Chapter Workbook
9.1 Stronger Together
9.2 Negotiating Rates as a Community
9.3 How to Find Pages to Work With
9.4 How to Reach Out
Questions + Discussions
10. Analytics and Tracking Progess
10.0 Chapter Workbook
10.1 IG Analytics
10.2 Socialblade
10.3 Iconosquare
10.4 Analyzing Other Pages
10.5 Manual Tracking
Questions + Discussions
11. Shortcuts and Buying Pages
11.0 Chapter Workbook
11.1 Introduction – Starting from Scratch
11.2 Starting from a Foundation
11.3 Flipping a House
11.4 Where to Buy a Page
11.5 Safely Buying a Page
11.6 How Much to Spend
11.7 What to Avoid when Buying
Questions + Discussions
12. Monetization
12.0 Chapter Workbook
12.1 Introduction – When should you Start
12.2 Where to Monetize
12.3 What to Monetize
12.4 How to Monetize
12.5 Selling Ads
12.6 Brand Partnerships
12.7 Going on the Offence, Media Kits, Partnership Proposals, and the Outreach Sequence
12.8 Affiliate Marketing
12.9 Selling your own Products
12.10 Creating an App
12.11 The AFA World
12.12 Building a Media Company
Selling Ads!
Affiliate Marketing!
Selling Products!
Brand Partnerships!
General Discussion…
13. Safety and Support
13.0 Chapter Workbook
13.1 Phishing Scams and Hackers
13.2 Getting Disabled
13.3 Getting Hacked
13.4 Who to ask for Help
13.5 Safety Best Practices
Questions + Discussions
14. Final Chapter – Putting it All Together
14.0 Chapter Workbook
14.1 Putting It All Together
14.2 Case Study – SHREDZ
14.3 Influencers who started on IG
14.4 Final Overview – The Success Path
14.5 Final Sendoff – Hitting 1M Followers
Bonus Interview With Shane Howard – 10 Million Dollar company by the age of 18
Bonus Interview With Noah Gelerman – 30 Million Follower Network
Bonus Interview With Mirko De La Rosa – A Billion Monthly Impressions on his Viral Instagram
Bonus Interview With Zachary Moxley – Connect and Collaborate With Your Favourite Influencers
Questions + Discussions

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