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Duane And Daben – Living As Light: Beyond Earth Life

Graduate Light Body Course
with Duane and DaBen

Transforming with Light Series Part 4

Beyond Earth Life

Receive DaBen’s transmissions just for you during each meditation. 

There is also a two-day companion course called Living in the Light of Earth that will build on what is taught in this Main Seminar.

Duane: In this set of courses you will be opening to sense light in the detail necessary to live as light.  This includes being in the flow of light experiences, responding as light, inventing with light, reaching to living as light.  From my experience this is an exquisite state that feels so complete, like finally glimpsing home, being understood and loved, in peace while evolving. We explore this in as much depth as we as individuals and as groups can make possible in the main seminar Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life.

This is an opportunity to live in the energy of the new light that is available to you through opening the portals to higher light. You can experience your life beyond the earth plane and know more of the vast being you are. You will work with some fascinating beings of light who will help you explore the bigger picture of your life and of reality itself.
In journey after journey you will increase your ability to sense higher light. DaBen will transmit various states of being “out there” in the light for you to evolve your ability to sense your earth life from higher realities. With this experience you become more flexible in shifting perspectives, in ways that open new spaces from other energy and thought dimensions.

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