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Brian Rose – Broadcast Yourself

Want to find something you’re passionate about that you can pour yourself into?
Find your life’s purpose, connect with high-level influencers, and impact thousands of lives
Based on the system responsible for 80+ million podcast downloads and 218,805 Youtube subscribers.

Picture yourself sitting face to
face with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Your heart is racing as your palms start to sweat. You try to be cool, but all you can think is:
“I can’t believe this is happening.”
For the next two hours, you have a deep and engaging conversation.
At one point, he goes off on the importance of finishing what you start. His intensity is so strong you can feel something inside you shift. It’s like you’re absorbing his lesson on a deeper level. You can tell your days of procrastinating and leaving things unfinished are over.
Next thing you know, it’s time to wrap-up. Arnold makes you promise to have him on again. Because your show was more fun than most of the interviews he does.
Afterward, you sit down to check your email.
The first message is a three-page story from a man you’ve never met.
He tells you about how he struggled for years, feeling worthless and alone. And how it all turned around the day he stumbled across your podcast.
That’s right; you have a podcast.

One that reaches tens of thousands of listeners every single month.
And lets you connect with inspiring people and share your ideas with the world.
But that’s just the start.
Doing this show has transformed you more than any book, course, or weekend retreat ever could.
Talking out your ideas with inspiring people week after week has helped you get clear on what truly motivates you.
So you’re able to spend your days doing what you love — exploring topics you care about and opening people’s minds to your ideas.
Now, you wake up excited to see what the day will bring. And go to bed feeling accomplished and fulfilled.
On top of that, doing regular interviews has taught you how to open up and connect effortlessly.
So your relationships are deeper, more meaningful, and more people want to be around you.
This show that began as a hobby has now become a lucrative lifestyle business. One that pays better than your old 9-5, gives you complete freedom, and helped you launch your own mini-empire.

The change has been so dramatic you can barely even recognize the old you.
You no longer feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines, watching other people have happy, successful lives doing what they love.
With a nagging feeling that there must be something wrong with you — that you’re broken.
You’re no longer the cog in someone else’s machine. Punching the clock each day at a job that doesn’t inspire you. Doing work you don’t care about.
You’re not going through life on autopilot — having the same conversations with the same people day after day. Only to lay in bed at night wondering, “What’s it all for? Is this it?”
And you stopped having those days where you’d wake up feeling like crap. Thinking “I haven’t done anything with my life…”
This complete life upgrade all came from a single decision you made.
A decision that was scary at first but forced you to play big and take your life to the next level.
The decision to broadcast yourself — and share your ideas with the world.

What you’ll get
8 Podcasting Mastery Modules
Module 1: Start with Why
This module sets the foundation for everything you do. It’ll force you to find out what truly inspires you and what your show will be about. Once you’re clear on this, you can fly through the other steps

Here’s a look at what’s inside:
Our 3-step process for combining your interests to find the perfect podcast topic for you. So you can hit the ground running with a show you’re excited about.
How to craft your North Star Mission Statement. Uncover the core reasons why you’re starting your show and make it a true reflection of who you are. This keeps you motivated over time and makes your podcast something guests and listeners can rally behind.
Assemble your “mini-audience”. This hand picked group of listeners will give you direct feedback so you can tweak and hone your show early on. This will put you miles ahead of ameature podcasters who take years to figure out what people want to hear.
And much more.
Module 2: Discover your 1,000 true fans
Once you’re clear on your purpose and topic, you’ll uncover your core fans. This way, you’ll know exactly what to talk about to carve a space for yourself and appeal to listeners.
In this module, we’ll cover:
The “London Real Podcast Sprint”: Based off Google’s famous design sprints, this is where you test your podcast idea so you can make sure it’ll be a hit before you create your first episode.
Your “1,000 True Fans” Roadmap: See how to align your interests with the gaping holes in the market and generate your first 1,000 fans as fast as possible.
How to be “competition proof” and get people to see your show as a cut-above the other podcasts out there.
And a lot more.
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Module 3: Build your cutting-edge platform

This is where your idea becomes reality. You’ll put everything into place to record your first conversation.
You’ll discover:
The perfect microphone and software for you. See my recommendations based on your goals and budget. And avoid complex or expensive tools you don’t need.
Everything you need to know when it comes to naming your podcast. Including real-life case-studies as well as must-know information regarding copyright and trademark.
Step-by-step video tutorials on how to use your equipment (so you can master it fast — even if you’re not a “tech person”.)
Plus, much more.
Module 4: Book your guests

This is where you connect with inspiring people and build lasting relationships.
You’ll get:
Proven email templates for getting well-known influencers to say “Yes” to an interview (You’ll see the exact emails I sent people like Dorian Yates that got him on my show — despite the fact I had a tiny following.)
The London Real Interview Preparation templates — Go into the show knowing exactly what to ask and the key topics that’ll resonate with listeners. I reveal original word-for-word interview documents I prepared for guests including Robert Greene, Graham Hancock and Tim Ferriss.
The 5 places where you’ll find a non-stop stream of inspiring guests all year long (and how to mine sites like iTunes and Amazon to find high-level people who would love to be interviewed by you.)
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And a lot more.
Module 5: Broadcast your first conversation

By the end of this week, you will have your first REAL episode published. I’ll teach you everything from technical setup to interview mindset to publishing your first episode.
You’ll discover:
A detailed episode checklist we use every time before we launch an episode. This way, you can sit back and enjoy the conversation knowing it’ll come out sounding great.
3 “Instant Rapport” techniques to get your guests comfortable opening up to you (Plus, how to keep the conversation flowing by focusing on one thing.)
Minimal post-production: How to edit in 1/10 the time the average podcaster takes
And tons more.
Module 6: Join the top 1%: Keys to interview mastery

This is where you blow other podcasts out of the water. Instead of asking the same superficial questions, you’ll go deep and get the real stories and insights that’ll connect with and inspire listeners. Your guests may have so much fun that they’ll want to come back
A few of the things you’ll learn include:
My pre-interview ritual that gets me over my anxiety and “in the zone” before every interview (Yes, I still get nervous or stumble through awkward conversations if I don’t do this first)
How to start, lead, and close a conversation while staying in the moment (if you ever get “stuck in your own head,” this will be a game-changer)
My top techniques for creating deep connection (including the “Ice-breaker strategy” and my “80/20 rule.”) These powerful techniques help you go deep fast. Don’t be surprised when people feel so comfortable they share fears, struggles, and desires they’ve never told anyone before.

Plus, much more.
Module 7: 10X your audience

This module shows you how to get your show in front of the right people. So you can attract a swarm of raving fans who resonate with you and say to their friends “You’ve got to hear this…”.
You’ll discover:
An in-depth, behind-the-scenes breakdown of the exact promotion strategies we use to get over 80 million podcast downloads and over 218,000 Youtube subscribers (and how you can apply them to your show)
The London Real Podcast Marketing Blueprint for building a massive audience in just 15 minutes a day. (This includes my “Surround Sound Strategy” for bringing in a flood of listeners from day one.)
How to land guest-appearances on well-known podcasts (and win over their listeners, so they tune into your show.)
Plus, way more.
Module 8: Launch your podcast

Here, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of actually sending your podcast into the world, so millions of people will have access to it.
You’ll discover:
How to execute the perfect launch day (Plus, word-for-word templates you can use to generate enormous buzz for your show)
How to deal with haters and critics so they don’t phase you
Your Podcast Growth Blueprint — Plan out your next 12 months of content, set S.M.A.R.T goals, and track key “Success Metrics” so you can scale fast
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