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Justin Tranz – 3 Day Hip-nosis Video Training

3 Day HIP-NOSIS TRAINING. Beyond the basics of hypnosis…Stage – Street – Therapy! 12 hours of actual LIVE RAW uncut/unedited footage of Justin teaching hypnosis in a classroom of eager students!

Most hypnosis trainers/instructors don’t have any real training or experience whatsoever. Some have even written books on hypnosis themselves, so you perceive them to be an expert on the subject.

These hypnosis trainers make all of their money from selling you hypnosis DVDs. They don’t make their money doing hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis.

When they tell you they have done literally hundreds or even thousands of hypnosis shows, you should ask them to show you at least 10 or 20 unedited stage hypnosis shows from beginning to end. They will make up every excuse in the book why they can’t show them to you. Now…Don’t “YOU” think there is something a little fishy about that? They may even tell you they are retired, and they just enjoy the successes of their students now….more BS!

They have no real proof of what they have done. They have no real proof of where they learned hypnosis, as many are self taught. In fact many, make all of their money teaching others how to do something they aren’t successful at.

You deserve better, don’t you think?

Whether you are a hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist, you will not want to miss this training. In this training I am going to show you how to hypnotize people quickly, easily, and deeply.

I don’t teach technique or theory! I don’t teach what you can find or read in a book for yourself. In fact, what I teach, you can’t find talked about or written about in any book anywhere. I teach what I have learned over my 40 plus years of hypnotizing real people in real life situations!

In my 3-day seminar I will share the secrets of my success! I will teach you to really hypnotize people, quickly and deeply. These are the same techniques that I use in my hypnotherapy sessions, my stop smoking & weight loss seminars, and they are the same techniques that made me over $100,000 a month doing stage hypnosis shows in Las Vegas. And yes, I have the tax returns to prove it, and will show them to you (NO ONE ELSE WILL OR CAN DO THIS)!

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