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Todd Mitchell – Forex For Profits

Have you ever looked around at your trading friends and asked yourself …

“How on earth is ‘X’ making good money, while I remain so freaking frustrated because I feel like I’m not making anywhere close to what I should be making?”

You and I know the difference isn’t just luck.

So why then do some traders seem to enjoy a faster rise to the top … while others toil for years just hoping to make a profit here and there?

The answer, of course, is knowledge – and how that knowledge gets used.

When it comes to trading the Forex, many of today’s most successful traders rely on one source to provide that knowledge…

The Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program.

You see, the truth is …


That’s why I want to share with you the same trading methodology that I (and hundreds of my students) use every day to make consistent income from the Forex.

Whether you’re a day trader or a position trader …

The rules you’re about to see apply to every major currency pair, in every market and on every timeframe.

And I’ll prove it.

You see, since the Forex is the largest and most accessible market in the world, many people trade it. But only a fraction are truly successful.

Traders struggle with the Forex for the same reasons they do in other asset classes. Problems escalate faster, however, due to the extreme leverage available and unrealistic expectations.

Furthermore, rarely is the same attention given to risk management as it is to developing a strategy. So major losses are almost certain.

The fact is …


I created this program so you bypass this problem and shortcut your way to Forex trading success – regardless of market conditions.

The biggest issue with most products and courses today is they haven’t been around long enough to trade through the dot-com crash, 9/11 tragedy, 2008 debt crisis and all the other extremes along the way.

But I’ve successfully traded and taught my strategies during these times.

Now, I must confess … my loyalties lie with e-mini trading (especially the S&P e-minis) because that’s what I first learned, and I still trade them every day.

However, as the Forex gained popularity, I couldn’t help but wonder if my methodology worked in the currencies. After all, the Forex’s leverage and the flexibility of trading a market open 24 hours a day is the ultimate dream for someone who values lifestyle as much as I do.

Fortunately, with a few calculated tweaks, the system is now one of the most robust trading strategies on the market today.

By robust, I mean it works in nearly every timeframe and on every major pair.

Just look at the buy and sell setups in these charts:


And my students know how to find them.

Larger timeframes provide fewer trading opportunities, but have the potential for larger profits per trade.

Shorter timeframes (such as the 5-minute charts) provide lots of trading opportunities and generally result in smaller profits per trade (but many more of them).

Of course, what timeframe you trade is up to you.

Don’t want to spend too much time behind the screen? Trade longer time frames.

Enjoy the thrill of active day trading? Try shorter time frames.

Heck, you could trade both!

The key to remember is, these rules apply to ALL time frames.

I walk you through the entire approach in The Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program. You get professional-level skills needed to generate income day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month.


Reason #1: The course’s professional-grade information can shortcut your learning curve by at least 5-10 years. The reality is, you maynever discover this stuff on your own. But you get all you need to know with my 23+ years of experience on your side.

Reason #2: If you invest in a course – any course – you expect results. And the only way to ensure you completely understand the information I teach is to make myself available for your questions. So you have direct access to me through our exclusive online membership portal where I’ll answer any and all of your questions. (I just ask that you respect my time, as I do yours).

Reason #3: The course is only the stepping-stone for success; a true “mentoring program” lets you essentially look over your mentor’s shoulder. So I give you all the checklists, guides, strategies and information I use every day. Nothing is held back!

Keep in mind, I designed The Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program in a logical, easy-to-understand manner – whether you’re a total newbie or trading professional.

I take you by the hand to walk you through what’s required to make consistent income in the Forex markets.

Heck, this guidance alone will benefit you in any market!

Here’s just a hint of what you get inside the training:

  • The 5 biggest trading mistakes that prevent you from becoming a successful trader – Modules 2 & 3. Avoid these or you’re virtually guaranteed to fail as a trader.
  • The only 2 trading styles needed to master the Forex – Module 6. Yep, only 2 … I go over exactly what to look for and how to approach each one for maximum profits.
  • Essential answers you need to know before trading the Forex – Module 4. From the basics (What is a currency pair?) to the more advanced (What should I look for in an ideal trade setup?), I even answer the questions you haven’t thought of yet.
  • 5 important timeframes used by professional Forex traders – Module 6. Whether you’re looking at a long-term, intermediate or short-term (day trading) timeframe, you must know which ones are the most commonly watched and traded.
  • The #1 best-kept secret for market mastery – Module 12. I tell you how to know – with precise accuracy – when and where a trend will begin and end. This step is critical in understanding the market’s underlying movements and rhythm.
  • The little-known formula behind top trading legends – Module 9. You already know the basic psychological stuff. What I dig into are the hardcore trading variables critical to every trade setup.
  • 5 essential secrets to consider when applying the Market Flow Analysis Method – Module 12. If you really want to get in with the people “in the know” about trends, pay close attention to this section.
Try the Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program risk-free for the next year.
  • The overlooked indicator I can’t live without – Module 15. As you probably guessed, I’m not a fan of indicators that predict price – but one indicator breaks all the rules. This little guy has been on my charts for over 22 years and continues adding to my success. But here’s the deal: this indicator alone, without the rest of the stuff that I teach in Forex For Profits, is useless.
  • 2 moving averages that make trends stand out – Module 16. Unlike the common moving averages you read about, I discovered two little-known weapons that are highly effective for visually confirming higher probability trade setups.
  • 8 must-have concepts you need to understand before using moving averages – Module 16. Most traders use moving averages incorrectly, so they lose money. Understand what they tell you and you’ll trade a level above everyone else.
  • The ultimate way to trade support and resistance (and why everyone else does it wrong) – Module 13. Knowing the setups required to make support and resistance actually hold comes down to a few simple principles. This section alone could save you thousands of dollars in no time!
  • The never-discussed volume analysis that drives the Forex – Module 18. Don’t listen to the people who claim volume doesn’t matter in the Forex. I discovered volume clues and patterns that help confirm a trade entry and save you from taking a loss. You’ll know how to read volume like a pro.
  • 4 high-probability Forex strategies for consistent trading profits – Modules 19, 20, 21 & 22. I show you how to trade these powerful strategies proven to yield returns with impressive accuracy. Any course or product you purchased in the past would have a hard time competing with this section alone.
    • Strategy #1 – The “Early Stage Entry Technique” - Ever wanted to know how it feels to enter a trade before everyone else? I’ll show you 3 simple rules that will have your friends wondering how you “predicted” the market turning!
    • Strategy #2 – Profiting with Extreme Moves – Is it too late to get in when a Forex pair takes off? When’s the right time to enter? This strategy reveals these answers so you can take advantage of explosive movements.
    • Strategy #3 – The OVB Reversal Strategy – This one sets up quickly with the accuracy of a well-trained sniper. When you see the setup, you can pull the trigger and confidently place your trade with a tight stop and a wide profit objective.
    • Strategy #4 – Conservative Price Pattern Setups – You’ve heard everything we need to know can be found in the charts. In this strategy, I’ll show you 3 trade setups with awesome entries and great reward-to-risk ratios!

Nothing is held back. You get all the rules for placing an entry, setting your stop loss and exiting with a profit.

Like I said earlier, this is only a “sneak peak” … you’ll find more shortcuts and strategies when you get inside the program.

Now, in addition to what I mentioned so far, this Forex mentorship program benefits you in 3 ways:

  1. Unlike the so-called “guru” products on the market, this mentorship program equips you with real-life, proven methodologies used every day by professional traders making money in the Forex market.
  2. Since you get totally immersed in the program, you benefit from me sharing 23+ years of experience in the course, group coaching, and exclusive members’ area.
  3. You have direct access to a professional trader (me) – not a high-paid assistant – who answers all your questions with unlimited, lifetime access in the exclusive members’ area.


How much more money you could make …

How much your lifestyle would change …

1) You’d have more confidence trading;
2) You’d have more proven ways to trade the market for consistent profits; and
3) You’d enjoy more freedom!

The Forex For Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program comes with over 15 hours of videos with PDFs, tools, cheat sheets and guides covering trade plan execution … price action … trade management … trade setups … early entry techniques … profit objective formulas … stop losses systems … 4 disclosed trading strategies … and much more.

You also get 8 recorded 1-hour Q&A webinars.

And let’s not forget the unlimited online support from me for life.

Try the Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program risk-free for the next year.

My hope is you’re beginning to see the incredible value of this program because …


A skill that can open up an entirely new world of freedom and opportunity for you.

So what’s all this worth to you?

Well, I don’t think $4,500 is too unreasonable. Even $3,500 would be an incredible bargain, considering how this program allows you shortcut your way to Forex trading success …


But the reality is, membership in The Forex For Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program won’t “cost” you anything. In fact, it actually saves you money and makes you more of it.

When you learn all the mistakes to avoid when trading the Forex, you’ll save thousands of dollars in losses.

And let’s not overlook the time you save because of the years you’ll shave off your learning curve.

This is truly an investment in yourself and your financial future.

So let me explain the details …

First, you must be willing to invest $2,495. If you prefer a payment plan, you can also invest just $497 a month for 6 months.

In addition to covering my time, this ensures only serious traders are part of the course.

Tally up the material, videos, quick-start guide, group coaching sessions and strategies, and I’m sure you understand I could charge more – especially considering you have unlimited access to me for life.

After all, my private clients pay me $1,000 for just an hour of consulting time.

But I want to make sure this program is accessible to anyone who is serious about trading. In addition, I believe in delivering extreme value.

That’s why you’ll also receive 2 extra bonuses when you take immediate action today.

BONUS #1: You’ll get another username and password so you can access an exclusive members area where I post 5- to 10-minute videos each day.

While I go through the six major currency pairs, you’ll see trade setups, entries and exits. That way you can evaluate how your analysis compares to mine.

BONUS #2: You heard earlier how I’m not a fan of fancy indicators and software programs making decisions for you. I believe you need to know everything about how price moves.

But sometimes it’s easy to overlook an opportunity. So I developed a special software to ensure you don’t miss a trade setup again.

You’ll love how the software programs what you already know into the charts. So it acts as a checks-and-balances system.

You’ll never have an excuse as to why you missed a trading opportunity because the software is color coded to make analysis easy.

Let me show you …

Please remember, this software is NOT required to successfully trade my methodology. It’s simply a visual aid for what you learn in the course.

So here’s what I propose …

I know your hard-earned income is on the line every time you trade. From a mentor perspective, it’s easy to give advice when your own money isn’t at risk.


Well, that’s why I’m throwing some skin in the game and guaranteeing you’ll be thrilled with the success you enjoy using The Forex For Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program.

So join the training today, and I’ll let you try out everything…

The videos and printed modules … the trading community … the Q&A webinars … the coaching from me … the daily videos … my private email address and phone number … the regular updates … the bonus software … and much more …

In fact, apply the Forex for Profits trading strategies, techniques and methodologies exactly as I lay them out for you.

If you do this for an entire year and if you still haven’t made money, simply send me a note at the end of the year with proof that you applied these strategies and I’ll not only refund your purchase price 100% …


So, either way, if you take this course seriously, you’ll come out ahead.

But remember, to take advantage of my guarantee, you must actually use the material and show me trading statements that verify you took the course seriously. You can’t just let it collect dust for a year and then tell me it didn’t work.

As you know, some people buy courses, do nothing with the material and then try to return it. That’s why I must stress this course is ONLY for serious traders.

After all, I’m investing countless hours of my own time to help you succeed.

Fair enough?

Now, one last thing I must mention …

I’m one guy – an underground trader if you will – offering to personally mentor you. To ensure everyone gets my personal attention, I can’t keep this training open forever. As some point, I’ll need to close registration.

So don’t wait around and miss this opportunity.

I’ve done all I can to make sure nothing holds you back from taking the next step in your trading future. With your risk eliminated, all that’s left now is unlimited upside for you.

With my guarantee and your 1-year trial period, you only lose if you do nothing.

So try the Forex for Profits Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program today … and I’ll see you inside the training.

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