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Sebastian Ghiorghiu – Ecomalphas

Max Rozhenko, Matthew Boils, and myself (Sebastian Ghiorghiu) have come together to build what we know as the most inclusive and value packed drop shipping course In literal history. Each of us individually have a unfair amount of knowledge and more importantly experience, on different skills involved with drop-shipping. Instead of each creating a separate course we decided that coming together and teaching what we are amazing at was a better idea. Thus, we present to you “EcomAlphas”, literally 3 separate alphas in this industry together working as a team to obliterate competitors and change students for life.

Max Rozhenkoa literal demigod, at facebook marketing. Max decided college wasn’t for him 2 months in so he made the decision to leave before he had ever had any sort of online money. Now, with years of experience, max is able to generate a consistent 6-figures per month with out failure.

Matthew Bolis, also known as, “The Instagram King“, started instagram influencer marketing at 14 years old. Matthew has millions of combined followers on separate instagram accounts, and a themed page agency that monetizes on over 500 pages with a total combined reach of over 600 MILLION PEOPLE. Not only was he able to buy his dream car in high school (Corvette), he also bought first first house before he turned 18.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu, a giant youtube Shopify influencer sometimes referred as, “The Shopify King“, was working at Taco-bell making a hefty 48 dollars per day shortly before enrolling in college and dropping out 30 days before his first class. His first month in drop shipping he made over 5,000 in sales and now has multiple stores running on autopilot.

You will learn how 3 young adults together generated millions of dollars online in less than 2 years. This course is the complete guide on drop-shipping, all the way from creating your store and finding immensely profitable products, to curating a perfect advertisement and marketing your those products all over social media. All of the videos in this course are taught by the experts in those fields. Find our years of experience, patience, and hard work condensed and organized into this masterpiece of a course.

Class Curriculum

[Week 1] ~ Introduction – Meet your teachers! All Our Experience, Patience, and Hard Work At Your Disposal

  • Welcome To EcomAlphas! (4:32)
  • From Cooking With Candles To Super Cars – Sebastian’s Story (15:39)
  • Dropout Instagram King – Matthew’s Story (4:24)
  • Why You Need To Change Your Mindset First + How (8:44)

[Week 2] ~ Finding GOLDEN Products With HUGE Scale Potential Before They Even Trend

  • Finding Currently Selling Products On Facebook (5:48)
  • Golden Trendy Products – Twitter + Ali-Express (Sebastians Method) (13:40)
  • Using Software + Ali-Express (6:30)
  • Instagram Sponsored Posts (Easy Ads) (9:25)
  • Software + Ali-Express Version 2 (4:56)
  • Seasonal Trends/Products That Sell Every Year (Free Money) (6:05)
  • How To Find Your Top Competitors For Any Product (11:01)
  • How To Find Out How Much Money A Product Is Making Per Day (1.2 Million Dollar Product Given Away) (6:02)

[Week 3] – ADS! You Will Be A Pro After This

  • The Importance Of Custom Content – Taking Pictures + How To Edit Them Nicely (16:54)
  • Completely Understanding Ads + Do’s and Don’ts (Multiple Examples) (24:45)
  • Creating A Perfect Picture Ad (With Examples) (14:58)
  • Creating A Perfect Video Ad Live! (With Examples) (22:02)
  • What To Do When You Don’t Have Custom Content For Video Ads (3:22)

[Week 4] – Creating A Perfect Store Leaving The Fluff Behind + Focusing On What SELLS

  • The Different Ways Of Drop-shipping / What To Choose As A Beginner (Niche,General and Brand) (13:58)
  • Creating Your Store / Installing EcomAlphas Super Theme / Creating Your Store Gmail (6:30)
  • Installing Oberlo Extension / Importing Your First Golden Product (6:19)
  • How To Choose Filler Products For Upsells + Downsells (8:04)
  • Creating A High Converting Product Page – Finding Top Competitors and Inspiration – Part 1 (12:28)
  • Creating A High Converting Product Page – Finishing Product Page/Changing Colors – Part 2 (14:24)
  • Configuring Navigation, Making Sure Your Store Has Everything It Needs For Customer Comfort (6:06)
  • What Apps You NEED To Install First – Basic Configuratioin (12:01)
  • How To Create A Professional Logo For Your Store (6:02)
  • Installing An Impressive Checkout Logo (5:55)
  • Coded Discount Timer/Urgency (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) (4:45)

[Week 5] ~ Your Complete Guide To Instagram – The Unfair Advantages To Instagram Marketing

  • Why You NEED Instagram – Explanation (4:24)
  • Building an Irresistible Instagram for your Business (19:19)
  • The CHEAPEST Way to Get Fake Followers and Likes for Social Proof (10k for $10) (7:18)
  • What You Should Be Paying For Instagram Feed ADS (15:54)
  • What You Should Be Paying For Instagram Story ADS (1:04)
  • The Best Way Negotiate With Influencers For Higher Margins (4:50)
  • Creating a NATIVE AD That Fits In With Influencer Feeds (6:17)
  • Creating An Attractive Story AD With Examples! (2:25)
  • How To Organize Campaigns With Our AD Spend Sheet! (4:30)
  • The Difference Between Feed And Story ADS (When To Post For *Best Results) (4:31)
  • How To Pay Influencers and Wrapping Up Your Instagram Campaign (2:37)
  • How To Add Your Instagram Feed To Your Store For Maximum Aesthetics! (2:54
  • Posting Our First Ad LIVE + Getting Our First Sale! (5:40)
  • Troubleshooting Our Ad – (What Went Wrong) (8:53)
  • How To Use UTM’s To Track Sales Across Platforms + Scaling On Instagram (8:40)
  • Advanced Tips For Instagram + Wrapping Up Instagram Marketing! (6:58)
  • Clout HQ To Find Influencers (8:25)

[Week 6] ~ Understanding Facebook Before Using Its Platform (MUST WATCH)

  • A Brief Overview On The Spider Web Strategy (6:25)
  • Understanding Your BEP (Break Even Point) (3:12)
  • How To Budget Your Facebook Ads To Avoid Going Negative (7:36)

[Week 7] ~ The In Depth Anatomy Of Facebook Testing – Spider Web Strategy

  • How To Create Your Ad Account And Install The Pixel (****Watch This Before Instagram****) (8:47)
  • How To Organize And Name Your Adsets To Keep Everything Simple (3:37)
  • Begin Testing, Creating The First Campaign In Front Of Your Eyes (23:01)
  • How To Organize Your Facebook Columns To Read Data! (6:48)
  • Fixing The Issue From The Previous Video! (Stupid Rookie Mistake) + Getting Our First Facebook Sale Live! (2:42)
  • Your Ads Are Live! What To Look For To Move Forward (Next Couple Of Days) (7:30)
  • The First Stages Of Scaling (7:54)
  • Taking Scaling To THE NEXT LEVEL (Second Stage Of Scaling) (11:53)
  • Lookalike Audiences (Third Stage Of Scaling) (7:17)

[Week 9] ~ A Hand Held Walkthrough Of Our Previous Personal Stores/Why They Converted

  • Complete Walkthrough On Matts Fortnite Store Part 1 (12:01)
  • Complete Walkthrough On Matts Fortnite Store Part 2 (11:20)

[Week 10] – Automation, Branding, And Team building

  • How To Appeal On Ali-Express When You Get Blocked (2:45)

[Week 11] – Documents, Tricks, Done For You PDF’s, and Anything Else You May Need To Succeed

  • Leave A Review For Our Course! – We Read Everything And Will Improve The Course Based On Reviews

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