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Ready2Go – Courage, Risks And Rewards

Program Summary

Looking back on their lives, people often wish they had been braver, had trusted themselves more, and had taken more chances. In short, they wish they had been more courageous and lived a more rewarding life.

We often know what we want and even how to get it — but we don’t act because we fear the consequences of taking a chance. It seems dangerous to risk our current comfort in hope of an uncertain reward. So we settle for the status quo instead making a big change, taking a calculated chance, or venturing beyond our comfort zones.

In this coaching program, your clients will learn how to take courageous action and claim the rewards they desire.

To begin, clients will confront their natural inclination towards inaction. Next, they will learn how to address the negative self-talk that holds them back. Finally, they will learn how to strengthen their commitment to action and how to overcome the resistance they will encounter along the way.

Learning to act courageously is a big task — but with activities and guidance offered in their program, your clients will take a big step forward into the life they truly desire.

Learning Outcomes

During this coaching program, your clients will discover:

  • How to break risk into three manageable components, so they can handle it more successfully
  • 8 common mindscripts that can prevent us from taking risks confronting
  • How to develop an unwavering commitment to their desired course of action
  • 5 tactics for reducing our natural tendency toward inaction
  • Which mindscript dominates their behavior — and a powerful technique for overcoming its effects
  • 4 practices for breaking the paralysis of perfectionism
  • The paradox of vulnerability — and how it can lead to greater courage
  • And much, much more…

Program Contents

Insights: Getting Ready to Take a Risk: Confronting Inaction

  • Activity: Client explores their own inaction by metaphorically exploring what inaction looks like
  • Powerful Questions: The client reflects on what makes getting into action difficult for them
  • Homework: “Techniques for Confronting Inaction”

Vision: Getting Ready to Take a Risk: Assessing Your Mind’s Script

  • Pre-work: “Your Mind’s Script”
  • Activity: Through an exercise, the client identifies their most predominant ‘Mind Script’ that plays in their mind and chooses a personal mantra to counter its effect
  • Homework: “Working with Your Personal Mantra”

Options: Committing to Taking a Risk: Getting Past Being Perfect

  • Pre-work: “Being a Perfectionist”
  • Activity: By listening to a brief story followed by powerful questions, the client recognizes the value in not being perfect, and that doing your best is all that really matters
  • Homework: “Dealing with the Need to be Perfect”

Action: Committing to Taking a Risk: Revealing Your True Self

  • Pre-work: “Your True Colors”
  • Activity: The client sees the value of feeling vulnerable but also recognizes the inner strength that can result from revealing his or her true self
  • Homework: “What You Possess – 5, 4, 3, 2.”

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