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Burt Goldman – Quantum Supermind

Quantum Supermind on DVD is an action packed 2-day event that features the best of the unique Quantum Jumping program, and the best of the remarkable Supermind seminar.

In the Quantum Supermind Seminar, I addressed the question; Why is it that some people seem to get anything they want and for them it’s like taking candy from a baby? Successful people are not necessarily the most intelligent, or even the most knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, some of them are downright stupid. So what is it about those people that makes them successful? The answer to that question is what my products would have to address—and they had better be good. Not only good, they had to be exceptionally so.
quantum-event-photoMy strong point was doing seminars with large groups of people and so I decided that would be my first product, a seminar. I took two of my most popular works — Quantum Jumping, (that one has been downloaded from the Internet 800,000 times) and Supermind, (my most popular seminar) and used the best of the best from each of them.
I called the new seminar Quantum Supermind, and presented it as a weekend in San Francisco in 2013. People loved it. Then I had an idea, do it again in Palm Springs but this time film it so everyone could have the benefit.
Well the video team captured the entire seminar from Saturday morning right on through to Sunday evening. We wound up with ten hours of video DVDs, and five of audio CDs of the meditation mental conditioning exercises. And here it is. The entire Quantum Supermind seminar that you can watch again and again in the privacy of your own home or office, from your own TV or computer. But what, you might ask, will you be seeing? What will you be getting? Let me tell you.
Featured during the first day is the Supermind phase, the 7 principles of Hermes: Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibrations, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect and Gender. Understand Mentalism and you get a better idea of the spiritual world and religions in general. Correspondence shows you how to communicate with those you love, and those you would like to influence. Master Vibrations and you master the healing circuits; you’ll learn how. Rhythm shows you the way to develop the attitude that will take you to the heights. Cause and effect will make you a super goal setter and better able to connect with the universal energy. Gender is the key to the law of attraction.
Also on the DVDs you’ll learn more about Quantum Jumping, the unique concept that features infinity, and how to use the idea of a never ending line of twin selves to motivate, create, and develop new as well as unearth long buried talents. It’s like having the universe at your fingertips. Quantum Supermind is an action packed 2-day event that features the best of the unique Quantum Jumping program, and the best of the remarkable Supermind seminar.
You will get the chance to experience engaging group meditation exercises and get personalized training along with the group. Take part and find out why many call this the most transformative event they’ve ever witnessed.
Introduction to Quantum Jumping
Infinite Universes
Meditation 1: Source Foundations
Tapping Techniques
The Iconic Dawdle
Love and Relationships
The Bagha Key to Successful Ventures
Questions and Answers
Meditation 2: Center Stage for Superior Goal Setting
NLP Techniques
Energized Water
Mental Volume
Superior Salesmanship
Meditation 3: Past Life Resolutions
Removal of Negative Energy
Controlling Calories
Intent is Everything to Success
Questions and Answers
Memory Enhancement
Uri Geller and Burt Goldman
The 7 Principles of Life
Cause and Effect
Meditation 4: Blocking Negatives with Lancelot’s Armor
On Happiness
Emil Coué Method of Healing
Qi Gong and Reiki
Quantum Rhythm
Quantum Jump to the Spiritual Dimension
Meditation 5: Metaphoric Design, Icons of Success
Quantum Jump to Motivation
Meditation 6: the Universal Bank
Meditation 7: the Classic Daisy Pond
Seminar Concludes
All the audio meditations together on 1 disc

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