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Ready2Go – Confident You!

On any given day, how do you show up in the world? Are you brimming with confidence, or do you wish you felt more capable, self-assured, and positive?

Too many of us miss out on opportunities because we lack confidence. We have goals we want to accomplish, but our doubt and uncertainty make it difficult to take real action.

In contrast, when we have a great deal of confidence in a particular area, we’re more likely to believe in our own abilities, which in turn affects our motivation, our choices, our determination, and our willingness to persevere.

That’s why people with abundant confidence seem to face challenges with a never-ending sense of gusto. Whether they exhibit confidence by influencing others, being decisive, trying out new things, or staying calm when things get tough, these folks project an enthusiasm that’s noticed, respected and trusted by others. Which, in turn, leads to more self-assurance.

But it’s not always easy to get that confidence-building cycle going in the first place. Where and how do you even begin to develop that kind of self-assurance?

In this series of coaching sessions, your clients will strengthen the confidence with which they approach the challenges in their lives.

They will begin by developing a deeper understanding of what confidence is and why it can be so difficult to obtain or build upon. Next, they will benchmark their current level of confidence and explore how to overcome the barriers preventing them from developing more. Finally, they will learn strategies for strengthening the confidence they already possess.

Learning Outcomes

During this coaching program, your clients will discover:

  • The 3 attributes that confident people have in common
  • The true definition of confidence (it may not be what they think…)
  • How to assess their current confidence level and identify areas where lack of confidence is holding them back
  • The 3 kinds of beliefs that limit their confidence — and how these barriers can be overcome
  • The 5 practices that form the pillars of self-confidence
  • How to create a quick confidence boost whenever they need one
  • How to strengthen their “confidence muscle,” so they’re better able to take more risks and face the unknown, and live the life they truly desire
  • And much, much more…

Program Contents

Insights – What is Confidence and Why It Can Be Difficult to Obtain

  • Activity: Client explores what confidence is, and then reflects on what makes confidence so hard to obtain
  • Homework: “What is Confidence – Further Exploration”

Vision – Assessing Your Level of Confidence

  • Pre-work: “The Highs and Lows of Your Personal Confidence”
  • Activity: Client assesses their level of confidence and then dives deeper into how beliefs impact confidence
  • Homework: “What I Believe”

Options – Overcoming What Gets in the Way of Being More Confident

  • Pre-work: “Shifting Your Thinking”
  • Activity: Client examines the 5 pillars that are necessary to becoming more confident
  • Homework: “3 Attributes of Confident People”

Action – Making Your Confidence Muscle Stronger

  • Pre-work: “Toot Your Horn”
  • Activity: Client identifies the areas of life where they would like to be more confident
  • Homework: “Growing Your Confidence in Small Ways”

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