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Releasetechnique – 7 Days Virtual Lester’S Limitless Retreat (Mar 22-28, 2020)

There are two ways to look at the situation around the coronavirus:

We can react with fear and foreboding.

Or we can see the escalating coronavirus crisis (and the unsettling impact it is having) as a golden opportunity to FREE OURSELVES from DEEP-SEATED survival fear.

The kind of DEEP-SEATED survival fear that stands in your way of experiencing TOTAL FREEDOM in this lifetime.

Think about it…

With all the uncertainty about the future…

Hearing people’s worried conversations…

And the constant news-cycle of a worsening crisis…

Your survival fear is coming up anyway.

So why not take this unique opportunity to RELEASE IT?

See, it’s what you “do” with that survival fear that’s coming up (that will continue to come up) that will make all the difference in the world for you.

For starters, when you start releasing on your deep-seated survival fear —


You’ll feel more safe and secure in your inner-being.

That will lead to a greater feeling of ease with everything that’s going on.

You’ll have more emotional resilience. More inner stability.

More of a sense of control and security.

Panic will disappear.

Anxiety will evaporate too.

And guess what all that does to your overall health and well-being?

Yes, you got it…


Both psychologically (against the constant barrage of doom-and-gloom about the coronavirus)

And biologically (against the coronavirus infection itself).

Again, it is only by releasing your deepest survival fears that you get to experience TOTAL FREEDOM in this lifetime (like Lester Levenson did).

Lester had to confront his deepest survival fears after a massive heart attack and being told he only had two, maybe three weeks left to live.

Lester was forced to “isolate” in his New York apartment.

But Lester used that terrifying experience to go “all in” and let go of layers and layers of fear and survival programming.

You know how Lester’s story played out…

Lester RELEASED his intense fear to drop into a permanent state of blissful peace. The most delicious feeling there is.

Likewise, with the intense fear going on around the coronavirus,…

And even if you are forced to isolate at home…

You now have the unique opportunity to use this unprecedented situation to go “all in” and let go of layers and layers of fear and survival programming…

So you too can drop into a state of peace. And innate joy.

And experience that state of imperturbability like Lester did.

Where nothing and no one can really bother you or panic you…


And it’s as easy as participating in the new 7-Day Virtual Lester’s Limitless Retreat (which will be broadcasted live, entirely by teleconference).


  • We’re going to be doing amazing new exercises that have never been done. If you would like to get rid of your fear of dying, you’ll realize how to take all of your thoughts (even those deep, dark, heavy ones) with a grain of salt. You’ll be able to allow emotions to come and go, witnessing them from a high perch of IMPERTURBABILITY.
  • You’re going to get a handle on obsessive, intrusive and compulsive thinking, so you can take back your power and have control over your mind.
  • You’ll get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to exist unlimited. You’ll quickly grasp what it takes to move out of the conditioned mind and connect with your True Infinite and Unlimited Being.
  • You’ll break through the fight or flight response behavior of the mind, so you can easily feel courageous and confident in yourself, without the need to resist and fight, nor run and hide. You’ll understand the simplicity of personal empowerment.
  • You’ll discover how true intelligence comes from beyond the mind and learn how to creative and manifest from a place of inner stillness. You’ll gain a new trust in your relationship with quiet, knowing that creativity and solutions to problems are immediately at hand.
  • You can totally let go of placing demands on the world so that every situation, person, or thing in your life becomes not only satisfying but also more harmonious, more peaceful, and more abundant. You’ll be achieving a major breakthrough in self-realization, knowing who you are beyond the old limited self.
  • You’ll connect with the world in a whole new way: A oneness with the consciousness that pervades the entire universe. You can now be present, alert, aware in every situation life brings to you. All of your life will feel like a joyful, effortless game of succeeding and expanding to greater and greater heights!

And because it’s a virtual retreat (which will be broadcast live each day for 8 hours) — you can “attend” without having to travel anywhere, and even if you are forced to isolate because of the coronavirus.

The dates of the new 7-Day Virtual Lester’s Limitless Retreat are MARCH 22nd through to MARCH 28th, 2020 (eg: it starts this coming Sunday)

All you need is a phone or a computer line and the willingness to follow along and RELEASE every fear that’s getting stirred up.

Just know we are here for you. Always.

Together, we will connect, give each other strength and community during the coronavirus…

Together, we will powerfully practice the ultimate, most advanced releasing to let go of the DEEP-SEATED survival fear that stands in your way of experiencing TOTAL FREEDOM in this lifetime.

Let’s do this together.

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