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Kyle Tully – High Value Client Express

If you want this to be YOUR breakthrough year then now is the time to get cash flow, build critical momentum, and lay your foundations.
In 5 short weeks we will strategise, map out, and implement a SPECIFIC proven system for attracting and converting high value clients…
… and best of all, if you follow the program and implement the strategies then I’ll personally work with you until you’ve gotten at least a 10x return on your investment.
Over the course of the 5-week program you will:

– Develop a productised service offering that will sell for $7,500+ (Or $2,000+ recurring.).

– Strategise a lead generation magnet designed to attract qualified prospects who are ready, willing, and able to invest in your high value offer.

– Identify 2 – 3 low-hanging fruit lead generation opportunities that can bring you enough leads to hit your money goals.

– Learn my simple high ticket lead conversion system that I guarantee will outperform anything you are using now. (The same one taught in my flagship $2,500 program.).

– Plan your hands-off service delivery model so YOU don’t have to do the work.

– Create a step-by-step implementation plan specific for your business.

– Stop being overloaded and overwhelmed and start MASSIVE profitable implementation.

I will share with you the exact step-by-step system I use to attract and convert high value clients. I will tell you why it works and show you how to apply it to your business. Then you will implement YOUR specific plan.

IDEAL FOR: Consultants, local business marketers, and business services marketers who want to: get more high value clients, eliminate cheapskates and penny pinchers, get paid up-front, make in 1 month what most people do in 1 year, spend less time on service delivery and more on the fun stuff…

Of course, you know intuitively if you had the right answers to your questions and a simple plan to follow the results would naturally come, as they have done so for so many others.

And that’s why I recently ran an online intensive called the High Value Client Express — a faster (and smaller investment) version of my flagship program for people who want to apply the 80/20 rule to getting high value clients.

I mapped out everything I’ve done in my own consulting business over the past 14 years. Stripped away everything that didn’t work or wasn’t essential. Then pieced together the four core leverage factors you need into a simple step-by-step system.

Specifically we will tailor and implement into your business…

My 4-Step High Value Client System:

1. High Value Problem Solving
You will identify the high value problem(s) you can solve and dial in your productised solutions.

How to choose the right market.
How to find high value problems to solve.
How to build a solution people with pay big bucks for.
How to position yourself as a premium provider.
How to “productise” your service offerings so you can scale easily.
How to get over the fear of selling at high prices.
Why you are doomed to failure if you don’t get over this fear!
How to start playing at the level you know you should be.
How to ask for big fees and know you are worth it and can deliver.
2. Generating Qualified Leads
You will learn how to attract highly qualified prospects who will invest in a high ticket offer.

The best type of lead generation widget to offer to attract highly qualified prospects. (People worry too much about the format — such as a report or video or webinar — but there’s a specific type of content that will attract qualified leads… and others that will only attract cheapskates and freebie seekers!)
Where the highest quality leads for your business are.
How to quickly identify the best leads.
How to know exactly how many leads you need to hit your goals.
Why 95% of what you learn about “list building” is completely wrong for the consulting business.
How to educate your market without giving away your black box.
How to educate your market so they choose to buy from you above all others.
How to create a simple system so lead generation happens every day.
3. High Ticket Lead Conversion
You will discover how to convert a high ticket sale in one conversation.

The specific steps you must take someone through for them to be able to say “YES” and invest immediately in a high ticket offer.
How to make them see the massive value of what you have to offer.
How to use low-pressure takeaway selling that provides value whether they buy or not and makes them feel good either way.
How to show them the opportunity cost of not investing with you in such a powerful way that it seems silly not to invest right away.
Specific language patterns and questioning strategies that avoid conflict and make selling fun. (Seriously once you learn a few of my ninja strategies you’ll discover how much fun this process is… especially once the checks for $7,500 or more start rolling in!)
How to do it all on the phone without ever having to meet people in person.
4. Hands-Off Service Delivery
You will productise and systemise your service delivery so you can scale quickly.

How to deliver the simplest possible solution for the highest possible fee. (Clients will thank you for making things so simple because everyone else tries to complicate and confuse them.)
Exactly how to productise your specific service delivery.
How to present your packages so they inspire investment instead of confusing, overwhelming, and causing your prospects to go shopping around.
How to eradicate the “time for dollars” virus that keeps most people poor.
How to avoid the common mistakes I see made time and time again that cause you to spend waaaay too much of your own time on each project.
How to leverage other people’s undervalued expertise.
How one person can run a $288,000 per year consulting business part-time without any staff.

There is minimal content delivery. Just enough so you understand what we’re building and why. My goal is to inspire action not create more overwhelm. Most of our time together will be spent implementing these specific steps into your business. You will finish the program with a high-value client generation system in place ready to bring in new clients like clockwork.

Please do NOT register:
If you are NOT seriously interested in dramatically increasing your profits. (After working closely with many dozens of students I have found the serious desire to make more money a BIG factor in your chances of success. It sounds cheesy but it’s true — there’s a lot of hard work ahead and if you’re not passionate about this then you won’t implement and you won’t get the results)…
If you are the type of person to make excuses and blame others.
If you are NOT prepared to throw away the complexity of what isn’t working and follow a much simpler plan…
If you’re looking for more information to file away and never take action on.
If you are NOT willing to implement faster than you ever had before.
If you ARE ready for an intense, hands-on training program to implement a proven system for attracting and converting high-value clients, then there is no better investment than the High Value Client Express.

Here’s what you get:

High Value Client Express – Video recordings of the 5-week training program + one 30-min 1-on-1 coaching session with Kyle Tully. All materials provided including video recordings, audio MP3’s, mind maps, and my million dollar high value client sales script. Your investment: $1297.

Obviously this is for serious business owners only. As you see the value of what I’ve presented here to you then you already know this is a drop in the ocean compared to what implementing a strategy like this can bring you.

Think of it like this: your investment is about a tenth of what one new high-value client will make you… or what you can easily make each month with a single recurring client… and less than the cost of hiring me to write a single marketing piece.

Plus you’re safeguarded by my special income protection guarantee:

Special Income Protection Guarantee
This is not something you’ll normally find offered on any training program. As long as you can show me you are implementing on the strategies we develop together, I will make myself available for email coaching until you have gotten at least a 10 TIMES RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

Frankly if you follow my simple instructions and don’t complicate things there’s no reason why you couldn’t get a 10X return within 30 days. But I want to make sure everyone locks-in a 10X return so I’m putting my time where my mouth is.

Time is of the essence and I will be taking this offer down any day now. So if you feel this is right for you then register today to secure your seat. Most people are just one good strategy away from a breakthrough in their business. If you’ve read this far then perhaps it’s a sign this is what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what happens next:

Click the Order Now button below, fill in your details and get signed up. I will then personally email you to welcome you to the program and give you access to all the training material.

Imagine waking up a few short days from now…

You’ve already got quality leads coming in each day.
You’ve already got your first high value client.
You’ve already got recurring income hitting your Paypal account each month.
You’re actually excited (perhaps for the first time ever) to get out of bed in the morning…

… life just feels good.

And it’s all thanks to the decision you made today, to invest in the High Value Client Express training.

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