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Khechara – Exposure – 12 Week Fame Academy

The success-skyrocketing antidote to blogging & social media, that your coach doesn’t know about.

Because in your industry, you want to be one of *those* superstars
you know the ones…

You open your favourite magazine and they are splashed across the feature page.
You can buy their bestselling book in high-street bookstores
They’re the headline speaker at every major health event you go to
You’ve heard them on the radio. You’ve even seen them on TV.
And you want what they have:
to be a success, to impact more people and to change the world.

I call them #FameHackers
And if you want to become a leading light in your industry, you need to become a #FameHacker too.
Because you’re not going to get there by blogging or Facebooking yourself to death

the alternative success strategy for women who hate marketing & blogging
How do those biz superstars become so famous?
Let me tell you a secret: It’s not luck or magic; it’s a strategy. And in this 12-week program EXPOSURE, I’m going to share every single step of this strategy so that you can become a sought-after ‘biz celebrity’ too.

Imagine this
You wake up emails from journalists clamouring to get YOUR expert opinion for articles in top glossy magazines.
By sharing your health wisdom, opinion, recipes or detox plans in the media you get to connect with hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe. Potentially helping thousands of people

Clients come from far and wide just to work with YOU (and they pay handsomely for the privilege)
Because you’re stepping into your spotlight and generously sharing your expertise via the media – dream clients will be magnetised by you and will seek you out to learn from.

You are invited to speak at international events or be a guest expert on radio or TV
By stepping up as an authority you’ll have maximum impact with your life-changing health knowledge. People listen to those in positions of power.

Your signature program becomes a global phenomenon
Because you’re stepping into your spotlight and generously sharing your expertise via the media – dream clients will be magnetised by you and will seek you out to learn from.

A publisher gives you a book deal (and you get headhunted for future books)
Readers of your words have something of yours to treasure and learn from, forever. People turn to books to help them learn and grow. Your book will empower and inspire others.

You start to win awards and be invited to special events. You even get contacted by an agent to have your own TV show
Recognition is invaluable! Premium clients are much more likely to work you when you are an award-winning health coach or ‘that nutritionist’ they saw on TV. You can help far more people when you become a public figure

· EXPOSURE elevates you as an authority in your industry. Because leaders get more clients & can charge higher prices.
· EXPOSURE shows you how to land a lucrative publishing deal for your health or recipe book. A published book fast-tracks your fame and opens doors.
· EXPOSURE gives you the tools to become the go-to girl for the press, TV or Radio. Media exposure = more clients, more impact and more money.
· EXPOSURE positions you to receive invites to speak at amazing health events (all around the world). Get paid to inspire others & build an audience of raving fans.
· EXPOSURE makes you attract amazing high-paying clients from all over the world. So you can earn more money doing what you love.
The 12-Week #FameHacking Mastermind Academy
Business stardom awaits!

Weekly video masterclasses

Weekly workbooks & action plans

My own personal swipe-files & templates

Weekly Q&A thread in a private group

week 1: Build a fame brain
Start the program with a positive mindset to get rockstar confidence. Even if you’re introverted (like me), you can still rock the virtual stage like a superstar. We’ll even organise your laptop & workspace ready for fame. Every diva needs to declutter set their stage.

week 2: Your Prestige Powerniche
To become a famous ‘biz celeb’ in an overcrowded solopreneur scene you must align your passions into one BIG thing so that you can become sought-after and desired.

We’ll distill your skills + passion + personality into one prestigious powerniche™ that will instantly elevate you above your competitors and focus all eyes on you.

week 3: Your ‘superhero’ name
Two things will help you become famous fast in any scene; 1) having a super clear message about what you ‘do’ and 2) being memorable. A ‘superhero’ name does both of these things for you, that’s why they’re so popular.

Think of: The Juicemaster, The Food Psychologist, The Medicinal Chef and Food Babe. Their memorable ‘stage names’ have contributed to their fame.

week 4: Your stardom story
Every human on the planet has a collection of life stories. We call it baggage, the media calls it ‘a story’. Find the jewels in your life’s journey so far and string them together into a sparkling story that inspires others.

week 5: Elevate your expertise
Fame seeks out an expert and the media loves innovation. Designing your signature service or product instantly elevates you into ‘visionary’ status and a go-to expert leader.

‘Coaching’ won’t make you famous, but being the creator of The Glowing Green Smoothie, The Desire Map, I Quit Sugar or Super Juice Me can. Develop a ‘signature system’ and use it as a platform to elevate your fame.

week 6: Media Mojo
Media people are busy people. Make yourself as amenable as possible.

A fabulous media page on your website showcasing your powerniche and what you are available for plus a gallery of enticing images relating to any media features you’ve already had. A full colour professional-looking media kit or press pack is a must-have to ignite the interest of busy journalists.

week 7: land a publishing deal (part 1)
Guess what? To land a killer publishing deal for your positioning book you don’t even need to have written it yet. It’s true. For non-fiction books you just need a synopsis.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a synopsis before, I’m going to take you step by step through crafting a deal-making synopsis that will have agents & publishers falling over themselves to work with you.

week 8: land a publishing deal (part 2)
With your synopsis written it’s time to find the right agents and publishers for your book and to create a contact plan.

We’ll be crafting the perfect cover letters to go with your synopsis (your synopsis won’t even be read without a juicy cover letter) and then putting together your author kit to send off to land that publishing deal you’ve always dreamed of.

week 9: Hot Off The Press
No more lurking in the shadows, hiding your light under a bushel (whatever that is).

With your stunning press pack it’s time to start pestering approaching publications: guest blogs and print media (yes, real magazines!). We’ll start local and go national. I’ll give you my email templates to make it easy and we’ll find the right niche publications for your business.

week 10: Visibility voodoo
To stay ahead in the fame game you need to build your kit of promotional and publicity tools. This can include social media fanbase building, subscribers and visibility (online and offline)

As a rising star in the online solopreneur world you need to be pumping your powerniche content out into the ether in several different ways: blogging, vlogging, press releases, social media interactions, advertorials and other creative ways to get your signature stuff out there.

Week 11: Rock the mic
Ok, this is where you take a serious step up onto the stage and into your spotlight.

I’m going to show you how to find niche events and apply to speak at them (and get paid!). You’ll need a few ‘handbag essentials’ such as a speaker ‘one-sheet’, speaker page, maybe even a showreel and a way to capture leads on the day (and get raving testimonials)

Week 12: Become the go-to guru
Be red carpet ready with my final module in becoming the go-to expert in your niche. This is where you cement your place as a sought-after media darling.

This is the final piece of the puzzle. We’ll create your fame profile and get you listed on the relevant databases for your powerniche. These are the databases that journalists and TV researchers use to find fresh faces for their shows and magazines. It’s not enough to be listed though – I’ll show you how to proactively get picked as the next big thing each time.

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