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Kevin Hutto – The Feed Dominator

Kevin Hutto has been an invaluable member of our team for a while now.

He runs all our Facebook ads and he’s really great at it. He has come up with a lot of fresh strategies for attracting prospects.

One of his most recent innovative ideas is the ISS (Introvert Selling System™).

He looks at the process of attracting prospects from a whole new angle. You’ll see that his way of getting appointments is very interesting indeed.

First of all, he discovered that webinar ads are nowhere near as effective as they should be. They’ve been very popular for a long time now, but they’re far from the best option.

I absolutely agree, as we came to the conclusion that neither of us had ever watched an entire webinar.

The issue with this is that you lose money on CPM bidding. People that should see your pitch don’t even get to it if the ad is in the form of a webinar.

As a result, you end up grossly overpaying for each appointment, which is the end goal here.

So Kevin’s idea is to get rid of the webinar completely and make the pitch right there in the ad. This way, the impressions are much more valuable, as a lot more people get to see the actual pitch instead of a boring webinar.

Kevin put this idea to the test and created an ad called the Unicorn that turned out to be very popular and effective.

It’s rather eye-catching and brings far more prospects that the original idea that involved webinars.

When those in the target audience see the ad, they go down to the next stage of the funnel, which is the survey. The design of the survey is very well-thought-out and great at getting prospects to commit to the program.

After they’ve gone through the survey and we get to know them, they land on the Payoff Page™. This is their chance to get to know us better and see if we can truly help them grow their business.

The system works wonders, to put it mildly. Kevin definitely knocked it out of the park!

Taki “The Unicorn” Moore

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