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Joe Crump – Push Button Method 2.0

Create A Constant Stream Of Seller Financed Deals With No Money Down And No Credit Needed.

Our automation makes “Zero Down” offers while you sleep

How Automation Creates A Constant Stream Of Seller Financed Deals

With No Money Down And No Credit Needed

  • Automate or outsource all the tasks of your business
  • Find Leads
  • Develop and Educate Leads
  • Sell and Convert Leads

Generate, Develop and Convert Real Estate Investing Leads For $2 Each

  • How To Ask Sellers The Right Questions On Your First Day Of Making Offers
  • How To Use The Automated Lead Funnel For Your Buyers And Sellers • Generate Leads, Develop Leads, Close Leads
  • How To Build A Huge Buyer List – Send Email, Text or Voiceblasts In 5 Minutes AND Sell 20% Of Your Properties To Them Within 3 Days
  • How To Hire Telemarketers And Make Sure They Are Effective And Don’t Cheat On Their Billable
  • How To Outsource 90% Of The Work You Can’t Automate And Make 10 Times As Much Money
  • How To Scale Your Investing Business And Do Deals EVERYWHERE
  • How To Getfrlome Sellers To Say “YES” To Your Zero Down Offer BEFORE You Speak To Them
  • How To Create Automated Reminder Systems For Every Task Your Business Performs So You And Your Staff Don’t Have To Remember Much Of

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