Enrique Tapia (Aztroo) – Immersive Barbering Novice



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Enrique Tapia (Aztroo) – Immersive Barbering Novice

You Will Learn How To:

1: Familiarize yourself with all the different tools & products used in hairdressing/barbering including clipper control, lever-play and proper use of enhancements.

2: Gain an insight into the core elements & components derived from building the “perfect” masculine haircut, using the key fundamentals of our cutting systems

3: Reinforce your knowledge, skillset and potential through a deeper understanding of barbering using the introduction of effective placement of sections, guideline flow & strategic reference points, enabling the learner to become a high performing individual in the field of mens barbering by understanding how to adopt both a visual and technical approach.

4: Create a career in barbering as a “HIGH-PERFORMING FREE AGENT” by providing the same services offered by the world’s top barbers, becoming a powerful force in the barbering industry while working for yourself.

Learn The Exact Methods Used By High-Performing Barbers From Around The World (Or, sit on the sidelines & watch me and my students completely dominate the Barbering Industry)

This course does not simply cover some of the things you need to do in order to excel in the new age of barbering. It covers everything from start to finish and assumes that you know nothing at all. The Male Grooming industry is exponentially growing (Estimated to reach $26B by 2020). More and more barbers are on the rise. Be one of the first to completely dominate the competition, easily charging $30-40 a cut using my exact systems & techniques allowing you to create a career for yourself while working solely for yourself.

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