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Dan Kennedy – Make Them Buy Now

The “MAKE THEM BUY NOW !” System
The Ultimate Swipe File And Toolkit, Containing Everything You Need To Generate Money-Getting Marketing Materials At Lightning-Like Speeds.

The MAKE THEM BUY NOW System makes writing copy and marketing materials Fast-and-Easy because it’s the Ultimate Swipe File and Toolkit! You’ll get a mountain of Proven Resources, Swipe Files, And Examples direct from Master Copywriter Dan Kennedy and the extensive GKIC Library.

When you buy the Sales Kit, you’ll also get:

A “Selling to the Affluent” Exclusive Info-Package ( Value: $891 )

Boosting productivity and profits – exclusive reports by Dan Kennedy and Tim “4 Hour Workweek” Ferriss ( Value: $592 )

Creating Extraordinary Sales Assets – DK Report and Audio ( Value: $458 )

Mastermind Group Secrets – DK Report ( Value $199 )

Revealed For The First Time Ever: The Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy FINALLY Reveals The Copy Code 40 Years In The Making That’ll Save You Years Of Trial And Error…

“Discover How You Can ‘Ethically Steal’ The EXACT Sorceries, Formulas And Systems Used By Dan Kennedy To Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now.”

If You Could Get 5-Times, 10-Times, 20-Times More People Saying YES To Your Requests, Your Proposals, Your Ideas, Your Sales Presentations By All Media Than Say YES Now, What Would That Be Worth To You?

Keep Reading To Discover How You Can Definitely And Dramatically Boost The Size And Sustainability Of Your Income By Implementing Deep Psychological Triggers You Can Fire Off At The Right Time To Get Your Ideal Customers, Clients Or Patients To Buy Now.

Dear Savvy Marketer,

Let’s get right to it without any “warm up”…

I want to show you deep psychological triggers and a proven copywriting formula you can easily “cut and paste” into ANY business.

These “weapons of mass persuasion” have been in my arsenal for 40 years as a top-flight copywriter and I want to share them with you for the first time ever.

You’re going to discover how to tap into the deep psychological triggers in your prospect’s mind so you’ll be able to fire them off at will and make your prospects want to buy now.

In fact, you’ll have to promise me to use these powers for good.  That’s how powerful and DANGEROUS if it falls into the wrong hands.

So you’ll have to promise me as you read every single word of this message that you’ll use this ethically and morally.

Now what you’re going to discover in this message is a little “weird” and strange.   And you may be a little skeptical.  But I encourage you to suspend your skepticism and keep reading.

What I want to share with you has only been revealed to clients that have paid me up to $100,000 for a sales letter, and $19,000 for a single consulting day.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur and started, bought, built, and sold businesses and I’ve been the catalyst for literally billions of dollars of income generated every year with my marketing strategies and systems.

I’ve guided countless so-called ordinary business people – a carpet cleaner, a windshield repair guy, a clothing store owner, a small town doctor, a lawyer, and virtually all of the big-name online marketing gurus to amazing business success.

I live my ideal, designed life – all of this owed, in large part, to the very same Secrets and tools I am going to reveal to you in this letter.

You see, like my friend the late Gary Halbert once said:

“Any Problem Can Be Solved By One Good Sales Letter”

Why?  Because it’s the magical alchemy of words that makes your ideal customers, clients or patients whip out their wallets and buy.

You see, most marketers and copywriters make the tragic mistake of assuming they have to inject “power words” and hypnotic commands into their copy to make their prospects buy.

The truth is this:  great copy uses little-known psychological triggers to lather up the prospect and get them to desire your product or service so they have no choice to buy.

Now keep this in mind.  In no way are we manipulating your prospect or doing anything that’s “shady” or unethical.

If you have a product or service that either solves a prospect’s problem or fulfills a desire, I believe it’s your moral duty to get your solution out to as many people as possible.

It could be helping people getting their ‘ex back.  Driving more traffic to a website.  Even growing crab grass.

So if you’re struggling differentiating yourself from your competitors, or your sales have been limp or lifeless in the water, chances are, your sales message is too generic…

…they don’t move people to buy from you.

Here’s The One Big Mistake Most Marketers Make
When Convincing People To Buy From Them NOW:

The one cardinal sin that’s committed by most businesses is focusing on themselves and their businesses…and not the transformation, the outcome their prospect desires.

Most people present themselves and their products or businesses to the market as near copycats and clones of everything else in their category.

They know theirs is “better”, and think that should be evident to buyers. But there is NOTHING more harmful to influence or income than being lost in a crowd.

So your marketing has to be all about the buyer and what they want.  Failure to do so results in generic copy that doesn’t differentiate you from competitors, and doesn’t motivate your ideal customers, clients or patients to take action.

That’s why figuring out how to create sales messages that position yourself and your products differently, and communicate in a more influential way can make you wealthy by getting more people to buy now.

But I can make that task a lot easier and quicker for you, and bring all the Secrets you need to produce astonishing results and, yes, even great wealth, if you let me.

Because the good news is this:

There’s An Architecture Of Great Sales
Copy You Can “Legally Steal” So You Can Start  Raking In Sales Almost Overnight

That’s right, you can easily “ethically steal” the architecture of great sales copy where you can simply hang the words and easily create a high-converting sales piece without having to undergo the trial, error, and testing other marketers have to endure

I’ve been in marketing for 40 years and have been “behind the scenes” of some of the biggest launches in history.   In fact, one company paid me 2 million dollars last year to “pick my brain” and create a campaign for them.

My knowledge is vast.  And thanks to my 40 years in marketing, I’ve been able to elucidate a “copy code” by studying and looking for the commonalities in great sales copy.

You do not need to go it alone.  And you don’t need to start from scratch.  There’s no way you’ll be able to do enough testing to genuinely get to success.

So that’s the reason why it’s necessary to ethically steal other people’s copy codes because, unless you’re one of the big guys like Boardroom and Agora, there’s no way you can do all the testing yourself.

That’s why I’ve created a system for making your ideal customer, client or patient to buy now that you can easily “move” into your business—whether you’re a chiropractor, butcher, baker, used car salesman, or chimney sweeper…

You’re about to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors when you take action right now and purchase:

Dan Kennedy And GKIC’s

Make Them Buy Now
System & Toolkit

This is my NEW comprehensive program that can transform your business by giving you the secret keys for getting more of your customers, clients, patients, and prospects to buy more of your products or services and buy them now.

The “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” features in-depth training, guidance, and implementation tools and templates for creating powerful and persuasive sales and marketing materials quickly and easily.

Before I describe everything in the System and tell you how its investment can be erased and actually be free to you, I want to quickly answer two of the most common questions and comments I always get.

First, many people ask the question…

“But Dan, My Business Is
Different – Will This Work For Me?”

The answer is absolutely.

A multi-millionaire from Russia travels to the U.S. three times a year to pick my brain.  There are people using these Secrets in the U.K., all throughout Asia, South America, and even in some of the most remote places in the world, telling me their business was built on these principles learned from me.  Many want to pay me a small fortune to come there and speak.

I’m not going – I’ve already built my fortune using these principles, but it’s nice to be asked.

My “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” works for local businesses and in small towns or big cities, professional practices, restaurants, retail shops, wholesale manufacturing, from the ordinary to the downright weird.

It works in every imaginable kind of online business – a woman who sells information on knitting…the guy who has quickly built his KidsBowlFree.com business from zero to a multi-million dollar business using his website and that has helped him reach a goal of owning his own plane…a client with e-commerce topping $100 million a year operating in 5 different product categories.

My System can transform an existing business into something new and exciting and exceptionally profitable or can be used as the catalyst to speed the success of brand new start-ups.

Regardless of where you are in your business, this System will get you focused on what’s most important – creating sales and marketing messages that produce leads, sales, and that put money in the bank.

To be fair, not everybody needs, nor is ready for, every part of my System immediately, but I’d rather you have more strategies, techniques, and tools than you need, not less.

And here’s the best part:

You Don’t Need A Genius IQ Or Superhuman
Talent To Create Marketing Messages That Produce Extraordinary Results

There seems to be this idea that I’m some sort of genetic freak with a genius IQ or superhuman talent to create marketing messages that produce extraordinary results and mere mortals can’t use a System based on my methods.  I’m flattered.  My wife and kids and dog would be amused.

First, I have no talent for anything.  I do have highly developed skills, all self-taught, and that is something anybody can do for themselves, and that this System can make easier and faster by condensing 10 years or so of struggle, trial and error, and 40 years of experience.

I did not attend college, although my friend, Nido Qubein, has graciously named me to the Advisory Board of the School of Communications at High Point University.

I’ve raised myself to the pinnacle of not one, but three, professions – speaking, direct-response copywriting, and direct marketing consulting.

Creating winning sales and marketing messages is NOT a skill you’re born with but it is a skill you can learn and choose to possess.

This is truly a System and Toolkit ANYONE can use to rapidly create sales and marketing messages, whether they are in the form of sales letters, videos, display advertising, print, online – whatever – that will elevate their income and reduce the difficulty of earning it.

Here’s What You’ll Get When
You Take Action Right Now:

Money-Making Component #1: Make Them Buy Now: SORCERY – The 7 Mind-Control Triggers You Can Pull At Any Time To Make Money At Will.

I must warn you, this a bit controversial and not for the squeamish.  It’s here where I reveal underground secrets of persuasion and influence.

You’re going to discover 7 triggers that, once fired off, allow you to take control of your prospects’ mind.  You’ll learn the power behind them and how to apply them for astonishing results.

But there’s something else in SORCERY.  Secrets equally as important and powerful in the creation of marketing materials that sell including:

The four vital principles for controlling the mind of your prospect. (Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are deadly mistakes NOT to make and number 4 is the BIG secret of what you MUST do to make the sale.)
The biggest ambition you must appeal to if you want people to buy now – and I can make a virtual certain bet it’s not what you think.
What all powerful sales copy inflicts on the reader.  You might not like hearing it, but it will make you money.
Two words that will amp up the power of any piece of sales copy.
A simple template, with over a dozen examples, you can use in any email, webinar, etc.
How to stop leaving large numbers of people (and enormous sums of money) right when they’re almost persuaded.

Plus you’re going to get behind-the-scenes access where I analyze what I consider to be the best sales copy I have ever written.  You will see how I use all of the elements of mind control copy so you can model it and get fast results.

SORCERY can be applied to any communication.  Person-to-person, face-to-face, making e-mail subject lines sing, writing Facebook posts people find irresistibly interesting, better PPC ads, audio and video scripts, auto-responder messages, print, direct-mail, broadcast…even speeches, tele-seminars, or webinars.

This alone is drawn from trainings and courses people have paid as much as $2,500 for, but I want you to understand the full depth of both the research and the experience put into this.

My research into influence reaches back as far as 1926 in rare books I’ve acquired, including a first edition on the subjects of Thought Transference and Mental Magnetism by Edmund Shaftsbury.  I have good reason to believe his work greatly influenced the much more famous Napoleon Hill, best known for the iconic book “Think And Grow Rich.”

I could go on and on and on.  If you visited my homes, you would find over 500 books, bound collections of notes, and materials on this subject alone, spanning over 90 years.

I’ve studied the use of propaganda, the structure of conversion used by religions, cults, and movements both past and present, advertising principles of all the Golden Era marketing greats, including Ogilvy and Burnett, the sales methods of some of the greatest salesmen ever to walk the earth – Barry Kaye in finance comes to mind, even the academics leading in the area of influence, like Dr. Cialdini, who I brought in for a small group of clients at a cost exceeding $25,000.00 I might add…

Again, this is extremely powerful information that can be used in the wrong way to extract money from people without giving greater value.

I trust you’re going to use these powers for good, not evil.  SORCERY alone could make you wealthy but I’m not stopping there.

Money-Making Component #2: Make Them Buy Now: SECRETS – A Master Class With John Carlton And Dan Kennedy On How To Create Irresistible Messages For Any Business.

This has never, EVER been released before and, quite frankly, I encouraged GKIC to sell this separately because it is THAT important and THAT revolutionary.

You get DVDs, CDs, and the handouts from this one-time-only seminar I did with copywriting legend John Carlton.

By the way, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has had as much success selling products or services for our clients like Carlton and I have had.

In part 1, I go over, in detail, the 15 elements that appear in ALL great marketing, regardless of whether it is used online or offline.  I also give you examples from actual winning sales copy for each element so you can see how they’re applied and so that you can swipe and deploy them for your own use.

In SECRETS part 2, John Carlton teaches an advanced class on creating marketing messages that sell, including how to create a masterful USP that resonates with your target market.

You might be thinking, “Unique Selling Proposition?  Really?  That’s marketing 101” and you would be wrong.

This is advanced stuff by Carlton.  In fact, you’ll hear experienced marketers tell John their USP and listen as he unmercifully tears it to shreds and then reconstructs it into a thing of beauty.

But you cannot and should not just listen to be entertained because John will be sharing golden nuggets of information that are meant for you to apply and make more money with.

In part 3, you get John and me together as we discuss insider secrets for creating copy that will make your sales explode like a fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Let me ask you: How much would you pay just to be a fly on the wall and listen in on a private conversation John and I had about the real secrets of creating world class marketing that generates mounds of cash?

If you’re serious about your business, about building wealth, and about making more money – then hopefully that number is very high.

Again, just one idea you get, and act upon, could make you rich and you’ll get so many of these ideas that your greed glands will swell.

In SECRETS part 4, I reveal one of the golden keys to making money: Using the power of story.

And the important thing to know about all of this is that stories are more powerful than statements.  And so when you start to write copy to sell, it’s important to think about whether, at this particular place in the copy, to make this particular point, we should be making an assertion, making a statement, or we should be telling a story.

You’ll discover how you can use stories, when you should use stories, and the different types of stories you can use that get your prospects to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

In the final part of SECRETS, Carlton is back and shares with you his exclusive “9 Minute Ad Template.”

Think about how cool it would be if, in 9 minutes, you could wave a magic wand and have an ad that would generate leads or traffic like crazy.  Think about that – In just 9 minutes, you could create an ad that causes a flood of sales to come pouring in.

It’s not only possible but YOU will be able to do it once you get Carlton’s template.  John will walk you through each element of the template and then you’ll hear ads that people who attended this event live, created in just 9 minutes.

You will be amazed at your newfound money-making super power after you go through “Make Them Buy Now – SECRETS”

As I said earlier, this one piece of the Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit could easily be sold by itself for at least $2,000.

Now If You’re Wondering If Adding The “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” To Your Marketing Arsenal Is Worthwhile, Consider This:

I’ve had a version of this occur many, many times but I’ll tell just two stories…

One: when I was speaking 25 times a year on the giant Success Events Tours, Zig Ziglar and I were the two constants and were often with other top sales speakers like Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy.  A handful of times over the years, new speakers came and went.

One wanted to be on this tour very badly and had been successful selling from the platform in other venues, but on our stage he stunk – bombed…twice in a row.

Before the third time, I showed him how to apply several secrets to alter his own positioning at the very start of his speech, alter the positioning of his product, and change the way he presented his price – and I raised the price by $100 just for fun.

He went from selling poorly to ranking right up at the top, generating as much as $100,000 of income for himself per speech.

Two: More recently, I made a few changes to a website that was getting from 1/4th of 1% to 1.8% conversions – I’m told about par in this category – to a 14.6% conversion from the very same traffic.  I simply applied three of the secrets you will learn.

Surely there’s something you’re doing right now: selling face-to-face or by phone…you have websites where you need conversion…you’re mailing sales letters or sending e-mails…something where you could use that kind of improvement.

That improvement is HERE just waiting for you to accept it.

You’ll want to think of these SECETS as Influential Communication Acid Tests so that you can accurately judge the merits of your crafted communication before you ever invest in putting it out to the market.

If you closely compared every client I’ve guided and coached through the launch or expansive development of huge incomes, in hundreds of different fields, the common threads from all this study and work would reveal themselves.

ALL THIS is what I have made concise for you – like putting pounds of fruits and vegetables through one of those super juicers to deliver a single glass filled with nothing but the nutrients.

This is not to imply that this is instant and as easy as drinking a glass of juice.  Much failure in life is the result of foolishly seeking simple solutions to complex problems or opportunities.

You won’t just gulp my System once and quickly; you’ll be fascinated by it, immerse yourself in its use and build both your skills and income with it.  Remember, you are actually altering your money-making powers.

Yet results can begin swiftly.  You can very quickly see more people saying YES to you more often, in greater numbers, more easily, in any scenario – speaking to one, to twenty in a boardroom, to 20,000 via webinars, via the written and printed word.

But we’re not done yet.  Because you’ll also get:

Money-making Component #3: Make Them Buy Now: THE SYSTEM

Here’s why I’ve included this: I do NOT want to JUST teach you these secrets; I want you to use them to make gobs and gobs of money.  Yes, to get rich.

To do that, you need to bridge the gap between ideas and implementation and it’s a pretty big gap.

But the System makes it fast and easy because it’s the ultimate swipe file.  A complete toolkit containing everything you need to generate money-getting marketing materials at lightning-like speeds.

Let me ask you…

What made milkshake machine salesman Ray Kroc stop, look, and buy a hamburger stand run by two brothers named McDonald?  Systems.  They had put into place a system to produce a consistent high level of quality over and over again, regardless of who was involved.  The McDonalds empire grew from that core foundation.

As a marketer, you need to wisely model this lesson – there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel with every campaign, every email, and every sales letter.

The mountain of proven resources, swipe files, and examples that I have, and that’s in the overall GKIC library, is a treasure trove to be harvested from over and over again.

So the surest, fastest way to produce quality sales materials is to identify, acquire, and leverage similar proven copywriting blueprints, templates, and resources to enable you and your team to create Killer Copy literally at breakneck speed.

The System Toolkit gives you paint-by-the-number copywriting formulas for both online and offline marketing materials, headline swipe files, opening paragraph swipe files, fill-in-the-blank bullet points, sub-head swipe files, guarantee swipe files, segue swipe files, P.S. swipe files…and more.

By the way, I shouldn’t have to say this again but I will – it doesn’t matter what your business is or whether you market online or offline or both.  This toolkit is something that you will have on your desk and use every day to generate moneymaking marketing materials on demand.

But as we like to say in the infomercial business, “But wait, there’s more…!”

We Have Also Included Over $791
Worth Of Free Bonuses To Your Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit:

Bonus #1 (Worth $197):  Dan Kennedy’s “Fast Cash” Checklists – these are my private “clicks on the dial” when a consulting client wants to know how to quickly generate a mound of cash.

By the way, all great marketers have “clicks on the dial” – a set of proven, go-to, problem-solving techniques and strategies.  Now you can have mine.

Bonus #2: (Worth $97): Second, you get three detailed reports:

Report 1: “The Speech That Sells” – this is a breakdown of one of my presentations where I sold $460,000 in just 90 minutes.

Report 2: “The Five Best Ways To Get Customers Spending Now” – the title of the report says it all.  You will learn my five favorite strategies for getting your current customers, clients, or patients to spend more money immediately.

Report 3: “Your Crystal Ball: How And Why To Be A Psychic” – In this report, you’ll discover how to attract more attention, be more interesting to your target market, and learn how to be talked about by your target market.

Bonus #3: (Worth $497): Three LIVE “Q & A” Coaching And Implementation Calls With Dan Kennedy.  Finally, you get three live group coaching calls with me.

This gives you the opportunity to ask me questions specific to your business and, equally as important, hear the advice I give to other smart business owners.

One piece of advice you hear on these calls or get from me directly can be a real game changer for you, but the only way to get these three calls with me, for free, is to invest in the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” today.

Now let me ask you a very important and profitable question:

If You Were Guaranteed The Ability To
Get 5 Times More YES’s Than You Get Now, What Would That Be Worth To You?

Think about it: If you were GUARANTEED the ability to get even 10 times or 20-times more YES’s than you get now, to your every request, proposal, or offer, what would you pay for that super power?

I want you to think of a number now.  Imagine what your business would be like if you summoned 5x more of your ideal customers, clients or patients to your website, storefront or professional practice?

Sure, the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” includes audio CD’s, DVD’s, and a unique collection of printed resources – everything you need to start getting results immediately.

But do not think of this in terms of its media; think of it more correctly as an unprecedented opportunity to have me transfer my secrets to getting people to buy more of your products and services to you for your immediate application.

I’m sure you’re bracing yourself for a big investment for this entire System, as you should.

It represents the culmination of 40 years of my life’s work, neatly organized into three modules that can definitely and dramatically boost the size and sustainability of your income.

But before we get to that…

Here Are 2 Fast-Action Bonuses You’ll
Get That, If Purchased Separately, Would Cost MORE Than This System

You see, GKIC felt so strongly about me bringing this particular System forward at this particular time and making the decision to get and use the System as easy as possible for you, they are adding two additional bonuses that, if purchased separately, would cost more than this entire System – thus making the System free.

These are definitely the most generous, even outrageous, double-bonuses ever offered in company history. Here it is:

Fast Action Bonuses #1 and #2 (Worth $1,900):  Dan Kennedy’s “One To Many” Selling Workshop AND Access To The Workshop Through GKIC’s iMarket iPad Application.

When you let me put my System in your hands for a 30-day trial, you will receive a recording of a seminar I did earlier this year, to the tune of $1,900 per person, where I revealed the secrets to crafting a presentation that sells.

I have reverse engineered what has worked for me in crafting some of the most powerful, profitable scripts and presentations used in TV infomercials, on home shopping TV, by speakers selling from the stage, and for online video presentations that sell.

Selling from the stage, in a webinar, over the phone, on a sales CD or DVD, or in person requires smartly crafted scripts, prose, and presentations.

I find it hard to think of any business or profession where a selling opportunity cannot be capitalized on.  NOTHING CAN HELP YOU SELL MORE, SELL MORE EFFICIENTLY, and SELL FASTER than the right application of a well-crafted sales presentation.

And after you attend this one-time-only, full day event via video, audio, and printed materials, you will know precisely how to craft your own sales presentations that could double or even triple your results.

The second bonus GKIC is adding when you invest in the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” RIGHT NOW is the entire System on your iPad via GKIC’s proprietary iMarket app.  Obviously I had nothing to do with that bonus but if you have an iPad, it’s clearly extremely valuable.

The best part is this:

You’re Protected By GKIC’s Money-Back Guarantee So There’s No Way You Can Make A Mistake

I have never once sold anything of mine without a proper guarantee.  People can say many things about me but they can NEVER honestly accuse me of pocketing a dollar I didn’t earn in the sole judgment of the person paying that dollar.

This System is so obviously powerful and advanced and valuable, I can’t imagine anyone finding it wanting, but I can imagine somebody finding it inappropriate.

I’m a serious guy.  I’ve built a serious program for serious adults pursuing exceptional goals.  In any case, for any reason or even no reason at all, you may return my entire System any time within 30 days of receipt for a full and complete and instant refund, no questions asked, no hassle.

If you can’t see how this System is going to elevate your game, get you a higher income with greater ease, open doors and create opportunities, and empower you as marketer, and you can’t CLEARLY see at least $100,000 in income increase waiting for you by its use, I want you to return it for your refund.

This is cruel, but I don’t want idiots using my Systems to prop up tables with broken legs.  I pride myself on the extraordinary results people get.

In fact, my refund statistics might interest you.  I average about 7% in returns.  So 93% of buyers keep whatever of mine they invest in and the overwhelming majority invests again and again and why would anybody do that if they weren’t getting great profits?

In fact, many people investing in the System will have begun their journeys with me ten and even twenty years ago and will, for the umpteenth time, be bellying up to my bar.  Do NOT let that scare you.  This, more than anything else, is a real guarantee, with real certainty that MY promises are real.

Of course, I cannot guarantee anybody any certain income or result.   My own comments and examples should NOT be taken either as typical or average results or as a representation of your results.

Your results are yours and your responsibility alone, but your absolute satisfaction and decision to keep and use this System for months and years to come IS guaranteed.

To be crystal clear on this, NOTHING in these videos should be taken as representation of potential income.

Finally, let me remind you: this is NOT a box of gimmicks or tricks that are hot today and obsolete tomorrow.  This is NOT some mountain of hype that winds up leaving you asking “Where’s the beef?”

This is a System built on utterly dependable, reliable, practical strategies and sophisticated psychological techniques.  It is rock solid which is why it can be unconditionally guaranteed.

There are two ways to accept my System.  Either way, everything comes to you immediately but you may take care of payment over 3 months in equal installments of just $699 per month or you can save $100 in accounting costs, pre-pay at $1,997.00 and you’ll have no payments after that.

If you add just $100k in new income by putting my System to work for you, that’s a tick less than 2% invested – $200k just 1%.  And if you have stayed awake during this message and aren’t certain there’s at least that much to be gained, I’ve failed and you should pass.

But if it’s clear to you that I’m for real, that I know my stuff, that this is different than the usual parade of Shiny objects, that this is a game changer, then you MUST make this small investment now.

Just click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button below and complete a quick checkout and my System will be at your door in just days – ready to go to work for you.

Funny, by the way, that language, “add to cart” – It’s actually the opposite of what we’re doing.  I don’t want to load more Shiny objects into a shopping cart.  I want to empower you, not fill up a cart, tool chest, or shelves.  But the Internet has a language of its own, so click that button!

Not Acting On This Opportunity?

Efficiency and productivity…And SPEED.  If you can get YES from double, triple, or quintuple the number of people you get YES from now with my “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit”, that means you get to bank each $100k, two, three, even five times faster.

Listen: there’s really no virtue in getting rich slow.  And the people who insist you can’t get rich quick and decry the very idea of “quick” have one thing in common: they’re poor.

You CAN’T lose by acting.  You have my guarantee.

Mark Twain said:

”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you DIDN’T do, than by the ones you did do.  Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor.  Explore.  Discover.”

Yet here you can explore and discover with safety because of my generous guarantee.

Earlier I assured you that I’m not a genetic freak, but I am a freak.  Financially, I’m in a tiny fraternity of from-scratch, entrepreneurial multi-millionaires representing less than 1% of the population.

Not just guys with big incomes for a year or two – I mean wealthy.  And by behavior, I AM a freak.  I invested in information when I could least afford it and I invest now even though I have no need to.

Like you, I’m disappointed more often than not.  But I have cobbled together pieces from many different investments into my personal Systems, like this one, that have lifted me above 99% of the population precisely because of that freakish habit.

I also know that this science of influential communication has been of more value to me than a thousand techniques or gadgets or gimmicks.  Now it can be yours for a small investment, fully guaranteed.  If you’re one of the few who will take advantage of this, welcome and congratulations.

Most people desire much but few have sincere ambition.  It is by their actions that we know them – and know ourselves.

So you can settle for the results you’re currently getting in your business or you can open Pandora’s Box regarding what’s possible in your business if you’re able to increase 1x, 5x, even 10x the number of people who say “Yes” to you.

It’s up to you.  I’ve mitigated any risks or chances that you’ll make a mistake with my generous guarantee.  If you don’t like it, we’ll gladly buy it back from you.  No hassles and no problems.

The choice is yours.  The right choice to make is to order your big box containing the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” right now.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Make Them Buy Now

Dan Kennedy

P.S.  Just a handful of customers, clients or patients you wouldn’t have otherwise attained more than makes up the price of this System.  So, in reality, the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” doesn’t “cost” anything.    It’s an investment in your future wealth creation potential.   So take action today.

P.P.S.  Even if you don’t write your own copy and sales presentations, you still need to discover your invaluable material in order to 1) determine if your copywriter is doing a good job and 2) discover the psychological triggers that’s currently missing from your campaigns.

Heck, implementing just 10% of what you’ll discover in the “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” will still put you ahead of the competition.  Perhaps just one or two “tweaks” to your current sales presentation could summon an avalanche of sales you otherwise would have missed if you passed this opportunity up.  Don’t miss out—order today!

P.P.P.S. Imagine waking up with an email inbox or mailbox full of orders.  And think about what that extra income and prosperity can do for your family.

Not only that, but imagine the confidence you’ll feel when you realize that getting your ideal customers, clients or patients to buy now is no longer a mystery, but a repeatable event you can initiate anytime you choose.

That’s why I’ve gotten paid up to $2 million for a single marketing campaign.   That’s how valuable these skills are.  And, for the first time ever, I’ve laid out every psychological trigger and copywriting tactic I use for my own clients.   So don’t miss out – claim your copy of the  “Make Them Buy Now System & Toolkit” right now.

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