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Ben Adkins – Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass

What You’re about to Learn Inside:

For many people, the more successful their business becomes, the harder it gets to continue to deliver a quality product. This happens because more demand for a product or service doesn’t always equal growing income and profits.

And this is where a business becomes a burden on aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this audiobook, Dr. Ben Adkins walks you through how to fix the “scaling problem” and how to build a wildly successful business by providing digital “micro-services” to brick and mortar business owners all over the world.

Just some of the things you’ll Learn Inside:

  • Chapter 2: The “Micro Service” Business Model.
  • Chapter 3: The 4 “Micro Services” that I provide.
  • Chapter 7: How to turn Micro Services into $100k/year.
  • Chapter 8: How to Grow you Business to 7 figures a year.

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