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Will Haimerl – Online Store Accelerator


What Is This All About?

This is all about teaching you Google Shopping Ads for your own online store.

Facebook Ads have you pulling your hair out?

You’re not alone. Facebook Ads have been so inconsistent lately, it’s like one day you’re kicking butt, the next everything tanks. That is why you need to diversify your traffic sources and Google Shopping Ads are the PERFECT solution.

What store platforms will this work for?

Shopify, Gearbubble Pro Stores, Woocommerce and any online store platform that you can get a product feed for. There is really no limit. This is NOT just a Gearbubble Pro Store course. (Although I like that platform and do show how to set it up from square one).

What else do you get?

You will not only master Google Shopping Ads for your online store, but you’ll get a FULL marketing system. We start with Google Shopping Ads for buyer intent traffic, then retarget them with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Next we will follow up with buyers via email to get REPEAT customers on auto pilot. Finally I also teach you how to do influencer marketing as well. The Online Store Accelerator is a FULL marketing system with Google Shopping Ads at the front.

Class Curriculum


Introduction & On Boarding (3:40)

How To Join The Private Facebook Mastermind Group (1:19)

The System Outlined (4:48)

Mindset (15:08)

How To Proceed (8:52)

Getting Setup

General Store Versus Niche Store (4:36)

Creating A Dummy Google Ads Account (3:31)

How To Verify You Have A Good Niche For Your Store (21:34)

Coming Up With And Buying A Domain Name (9:57)

Creating A Gmail Account (2:25)

Creating Your GB Pro Store Account (5:17)

Basic Account Settings (6:34)

Connecting Your Domain To Your Store (5:55)

Connect To Stripe & Paypal (4:12)

Create A Contact Us Page (2:37)

Create An About Us Page (3:21)

Settings Overview For Your Store (6:23)

Creating & Uploading Your Logo (11:23)


2 Main Types Of Products (8:50)

Your Idea Folder & Spreadsheet (3:35)

Finding Products On Gearbubble (5:58)

Finding Products On Pinterest (10:32)

Finding Products On Etsy (15:43)

Finding Products On Aliexpress (10:24)

Finding Products On Ebay (16:24)

Creating A Design With Photoshop (5:35)

Creating A Design With Word Swag (3:47)

Outsourcing To Fiverr (10:10)

Hiring A Designer On Upwork (4:40)

Keyword Considerations For Products (8:00)

Uploading Your Print On Demand Product (6:37)

Creating Your Upsell Print On Demand Product (5:18)

Uploading Your Private Product (15:58)

Marketing With Google Shopping Ads

Creating Your Google Merchant Center Account (2:54)

Verifying Your Site With Google (6:07)

Uploading Your Product Feed (4:35)

Finishing Off The Feed Settings (9:26)

Fixing Feed Disapprovals (3:58)

Creating Your Google Ads Account (2:28)

Your Google Ads Account Introduction (6:09)

Creating Your Conversion Pixel And Updating Products (7:57)

The Filter Method Explained (7:30)

Creating A Shared Budget (1:09)

Creating A General Negative Keyword List (3:11)

Creating A Target Terms Negative Keyword List (5:55)

Creating Your Wide Open Campaign (8:42)

Creating Your Target Terms Campaign (4:51)

How To Manage These Campaigns (4:23)

How To Targeting Individual Products With Google Shopping Ads (9:43)

Bonus #1 – Retargeting With Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Why Retarget With Facebook? (2:05)

Creating A Business Manager Account (2:07)

Creating A Store Page (5:11)

The FPTraffic Tool (1:29)

Using The FPTraffic Tool (4:41)

Creating A Store Ad Account (2:03)

Getting People To Like Your Page (5:53)

Creating A Catalog On Facebook (5:54)

Creating Your General Dynamic Product Ad Retargeting Campaign (5:42)

Creating Your Added To Cart Dynamic Product Ad Retargeting Campaign (3:18)

Adding Your Facebook Pixel To Your Store (3:51)

Bonus #2 – Free Traffic With Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing (6:38)

How To Find Influencers (8:21)

What To Offer Them (3:46)

Agreeing To The Details (8:47)

Tracking Influencer Sales (5:01)

Tips For Keeping A Good Relationship With Them (9:11)

Bonus #3 – Repeat Customers With Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing (3:58)

Opening A Mailchimp Account (4:28)

Connecting Your Store To Mailchimp (1:22)

Creating Your Welcome Email (9:36)

Creating Your Onging Email Sequence (15:28)


Recap Of The Entire System (5:20)

What To Do Next (3:25)

How To Get Support (2:10)

Thank You (2:24)

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