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Topher Morrison – NLP Practitioner Training

Well bring the training to your home with Topher Morrison’s NLP Practitioner Home Study Course. The moment you receive this course in the mail you will realize it is not your typical NLP home study program.

Every effort has been made to make sure your learning experience is maximized. The program comes complete with 16 audio CDs that can be listened to alone or as you read through the 244 full color pages. These audio CDs come with virtual homework — assignments that you send into our staff for review. The program also includes a 2 DVD set with all the practitioner techniques demonstrated in front of a live audience.

The demonstrations include:

Food Aversion Therapy – Ever wished you didn’t like a certain junk food? Or have you ever wished you could like a certain healthy food? In this demonstration you will observe a lady from the audience transform her desire for toast and butter to disgust.
Eye Pattern Elicitation – A close up demonstration where you can observe the eye movements of an individual accessing specific information. Learn what the specific directions of eye movements mean so you can better understand the thoughts of those you communicate with.
Belief Change – We’ve all believed things in our past that don’t support us. In this demonstration, a young lady begins with a belief that doesn’t support her and by the end of the demonstration she no longer supports the belief.
Swish Pattern – Learn how to take an unconscious behavior (habit) and instantly change the behavior to one that supports you.
Basic Anchor – Watch as a young man from the audience accesses an intense emotional state. The state is then associated to a physical trigger from Topher. After the subject goes into another state he is instantly transported back to the emotion as soon as Topher fires off the trigger.
Release Anger – A woman that has regular bouts of Anger in less than 10 minutes can’t even access the emotion.
Parts Integration – Have you ever felt like a part of you wanted to do something, but a part of you didn’t? Or have you ever felt like you are being pulled in two different directions? Watch as a lady from the audience integrates those conflicting parts on stage.
Buying Strategies – Imagine being able to discover how someone makes decisions by simply asking them questions, and then observing non verbal cues that reveal to you how they run the patterns in their mind. In this demonstration, you can watch as Topher purposefully performs the technique incorrectly and then correctly to see a contrast of the difference it actually makes.
Fast Phobia Cure – 2 Demonstrations for the price of one! Watch as two people from the audience overcome their fears. One from spiders, and the other one, believe it or not… balloons!
All of these materials come in a hand-made, leather bound binder which will look great sitting on a shelf in your library. The education doesn’t stop there. Included with this home study course is email and telephone support by our staff because we understand that sometimes, no matter how good an audio CD, DVD or training manual may be, nothing can replace human interaction.

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