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Tom Goom – Running Repairs Online Course

Get the skills, strategies and tools you need to get great results with runners

Have a sneak peek inside the Running Repairs Online course

Does this sound like you?
“My patients ask me whether they can run or not. I just don’t feel confident that I know how to accurately decide whether they will be ok to keep running, or if they need to have a break.”

Do your patients know the way forward?
Right now there are a lot of injured runners and sportspeople, that don’t know whether they can keep running, or if they’ll have to give up running and sport completely. They can’t see a way forward.

You can help
You can get great results and get your patients get back to running painfree. You’ll enjoy treating these active patients, feel confident in your assessment & treatment, and become a better practitioner.

How can you get the results you want?
If you’re not seeing the results you want from your treatment, something needs to change. If you want to help more patients, and enjoy and feel fulfilled in your clinical career, you NEED to know what to say and do for your patients at the right time.

Accurate assessment and effective treatment are REQUIRED SKILLS if you want to make an impact and have long-term patient success.

Simple and effective
Over the past 15 years, Tom Goom has successfully treated thousands of runners and running injuries. Tom has a busy clinical caseload made up predominantly of runners, and has used the research and his clinical experience to develop an effective treatment approach for running injuries.

Every day, success with his running injury patients creates a word of mouth referral system that brings in a steady stream of injured runners who are motivated to recover and get stuck into their rehab.

Tom’s used his experience to teach therapists all over the globe a simple and effective step by step approach to running injuries and how to overcome the barriers we face when treating runners.

The difference between feeling great and feeling frustrated
Effective treatment is the difference between feeling great when you help your patients get back to the sport they love, and frustration when they’re not getting the results you and your patients want.

Great treatment gets you and your patients excited about your treatment results. And you can provide great treatment.

If you want to improve your job satisfaction, improve referral rates and be recognised as a knowledgeable and effective specialist in running, the Running Repairs Online course is for you.

What’s included when you enrol on the Running Repairs Online course?

Module 1 – Restoring balance

Module 2 – Know your athlete and what’s caused their injury

Module 3 – Become an expert in gait analysis

Module 4 – Optimise strength and conditioning for your runners

Module 5 – Run or rest? How to guide return to running after injury

Module 6 – Tendinopathy

Module 7 – Plantar fasciopathy

Module 8 – Bone stress injury, ‘shin splints’ and stress fractures

Module 9 – Muscle pain and biomechanical overload

Module 10 – Patellofemoral pain, ITBS and course summary

Module 11 – Pain to Performance: A step by step guide to LBP in runners

Module 12 – Achilles tendinopathy videos and handout

Module 13 Proximal hamstring tendinopathy

Module 14 – Hurdles – How to overcome barriers to treatment, and manage complex cases

Module 15 – Lateral hip pain

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