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Tim Kelley – Change Agents Intensive

Many change agents still don’t feel quite prepared to participate actively in manifesting their missions. Some of this comes from internal fears and limiting beliefs, but some of it is justified!

Here’s what could be holding you back from making your biggest contribution:

You may not believe you can earn a living fulfilling your higher purpose, or perhaps you are already trying unsuccessfully to do so and you don’t know what to do differently.
You may be having far less impact than your higher guidance tells you that you should be having, and are becoming increasingly discouraged.
If you don’t want to stay stuck, it’s time for you to make the shift from mainly being a “seeker” — where all of your attention is on your inner work — to the “action” mode of a real change agent, where you are making money creating real change.

Many programs focus exclusively on either internal or external work, but The Change Agents’ Intensive Video Course, filled durning a live retreat, will help you marry deep inner work with masterful outer skills in a uniquely powerful way — so you can put all that work you’ve done on yourself into concrete, high-impact action.

We have been born into a time in which life as we know it is going through remarkably rapid changes — with the future of humanity hanging on the outcome.

Millions of people have committed to upgrading our civilization to one that is healthy, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous. And YOU are one of us.

You know it in your heart. You feel it in your soul. You have a zing of recognition in your mind when the truth of that is spoken.

And this recognition makes you a change agent.

However, being a change agent is not necessarily easy. We have millennia of outdated conditioning to outgrow, cultural forces to overcome, and livelihoods to earn.

When you are able to come into total alignment with your higher purpose — AND take powerful, inspired action in the world based on that purpose — an amazing feeling of “yes!” moves through your whole being.

You start to give yourself fully to the world with nothing held back. Your powerful love, greatest gifts and grandest visions all begin to express and manifest. The world responds positively to the risks you take — reinforcing that you are on the right path.

As a result of this video program, you’ll:

Move from working on yourself to being in “inspired action” in the world.
Learn to pioneer a new pattern of possibility.
Deepen your connection to higher guidance so it’s a constant support on your path.
Use higher guidance to create your lifework — whether that is a business, a spiritual community, a political movement, a healing practice or playing your evolutionary role within a larger system.
Gain the power to “move mountains.”
Know how to make an excellent livelihood enacting your purpose.
Understand exactly which steps to take, as well as when and how to take them.
Heal your issues with power that may block your most powerful impact.
Learn the secrets to working with groups and institutions so you can be as effective as possible.
Rest easy knowing that you have a clear roadmap for making a powerful contribution — one our children and future generations can be proud of.
These videos are a rare opportunity to infuse virtually every area of your life with the gifts of greater guidance, clarity and success.

module1.jpgMany change agents unintentionally adopt an internal stance that robs them of their ability to effect change. In fact, limiting beliefs about wielding power are among the biggest obstacles that change agents face!
In this first, four-part module, you’ll identify your internal blocks to gathering and using the power you need to change the world, and learn how successful change agents use power in effective, high-integrity ways.

Part 1: Getting Permission to Transform
Part 2: The Four Paths
Part 3 : Exercising Power and Authority
Part 4: Healing Your Core Wound

In this module you will learn:

How to have a healthy relationship to power
How to exercise power in the world and be effective
How to to have the impact you want to have through your work
(Tip: Try saying “I wield great power” out loud. If any part of you has a negative reaction, you know you need this one! Good luck changing the world without any power….)

module2.jpgPositioning and selling yourself as an agent of change or a messenger can be a tricky thing. Many of the traditional labels that people use to gain credibility may not apply to you, and the labels that do apply may not reflect who you want to be. Explaining who you are and why you are qualified to create change usually brings up all of your unresolved self-esteem issues. This effect is most pronounced when it comes to setting your fees and asking for money from clients and donors!
You may have some material to clean up around money and self-esteem before you can earn a living changing the world and manifesting your purpose. (Traditional positive and negative reactions to money are traps for change agents.) In this second module, in addition to exploring the internal issues around this, you will also craft a bio that presents you in light of the difference you are here to make!

Part 1: Presenting Yourself When It Matters
Part 2: Resolving Your Issues with Money
Part 3: What Should I Charge?

In this module you will:

Deepen your understanding and awareness of your relationship to money
Learn to identify your limiting beliefs about money
Recognize and address limits you have around charging for your services
Recognize how those limits interfere with having the impact you desire in the world.
module3.jpgMost change agents never get beyond a single-person company (if they get that far). As business evolves toward the new paradigm, there is a growing set of options available to you to structure and fund the organization that will be the instrument of your purpose.
In this section, you’ll learn about these different structures and how you can use them to set up the perfect system for changing the world. Also, we will learn about different ways of raising funds from political and public benefit strategist Rich Tafel, who advises companies, nonprofits and government leaders on leadership and funding.

Part 1: Getting Funding
Part 2: Getting Funding (part 2)
Part 3: Marketing Your Purpose
Part 4: Marketing Your Purpose (part 2)
Part 5: Structuring Your Purposeful Business
Part 6: Structuring Your Purposeful Business (part 3)

In this module you will learn:

How to get funding, grants
About solution and wound-based marketing
About Purposeful Marketing and how to create marketing that touches the hearts, needs and aches of the people you intend to serve.
Guest Faculty:

JeffreyVanDyk.jpgJeffrey Van Dyk is a leader in the conscious entrepreneur movement and works internationally to help business owners, speakers and coaches find their higher purpose and create powerful, meaningful work from it.

Jeffrey has nearly two decades of experience in training and development, and has worked alongside such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, and Ariel Sharon.

In addition to his private coaching and consulting practice, Jeffrey is co-founder of the Spiritual Marketing Quest with Suzanne Falter-Barns, and has served on faculty at Dream Coach University with Marcia Wieder, and the True Purpose Institute with Tim Kelley, with whom he co-founded True Purpose Israel.

Most of all, however, Jeffrey is known for his unique gift in helping people use their business as a path of personal transformation, resulting in both personal and professional expansion, power and joy.

RichTafel.jpgRich Tafel is director of The Project for the Future Right and ICE Senior Fellow as well as founder of The Public Squared, a public policy training program for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. For the last decade, Tafel has provided strategic policy advice to nonprofits on a variety of causes, including AIDS programs for Africa, civil rights programs Latin America, and education and health care reform in the United States. He is a guest lecturer in Urban Health and Advocacy at Johns Hopkins University. Tafel’s work in the public policy arena for social justice causes is inspired by his faith. After graduating from Harvard Divinity School he served at the University Chapel. He is an ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church. He is a certified coach through Franklin Covey and certified through the International Coaching Association. He’s an alumni of the Prince of Wales, Business and Sustainability Program, Cambridge College.

module4.jpgThough working with clients one-on-one can be fulfilling, it can be limiting, both in terms of impact and finances. Making global change requires that you impact organizations and systems — not just individuals. Also, consulting to organizations can generate much more money for your life and your change efforts than coaching, speaking and leading workshops.
In this Module, you’ll learn how skilled change agents engage organizations and larger systems to create transformation. We’ll also explore how power and leadership will work in a post-hierarchical world… which is extremely cool!

Part 1: Effective Collaboration
Part 2: Effective Collaboration (Part 2)
Part 3: Effective Collaboration (Part 3)
Part 4: Effective Collaboration (Part 4)
Part 5: Change Agent Types and Maximizing Your Impact

In this module you will:

experience a mini workshop on the Collaborative Operating System
learn how to align stakeholders to get unanimous agreement on creating change
get a window into the world of effective collaboration
learn about creating win win solutions to maximize your impact in the world
Guest Faculty:

MarkVoorsanger.jpgMark Voorsanger is a trainer and Core Team member for the Collaborative Operating System, a robust and strategic approach to collaborative leadership and teamwork, and has been consulting, coaching and leading and managing teams for more than 25 years. His experience spans business entrepreneurship, senior corporate management overseeing globally distributed production units, and executive coaching and consulting with a focus on collaborative leadership. Mark has coached individuals from C-level executives to mid-level sales managers to professionals in career transition, and consulted with cross-functional teams in diverse areas including strategic planning, team formation, meeting facilitation and collaboration skills. The guiding principle spanning all of Mark’s coaching engagements is that of personal and organizational leadership through self-awareness, accountability and authenticity.

module5.jpgThis module will open up many options and doors for you. In order for it to be more than an inspiring memory, you will need to construct a plan for moving forward. Precisely which of the things you’ve learned will you implement, and how? What internal work do you still need to do before engaging in inspired action in the world? You know you are called… How will you answer?
In this module you will:

participate in a Change Agents Intensive concluding ritual
complete your Manifestation plan
create your own inner and outer To Do lists to move you forward

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