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Steve Pavlina – Stature

Powerfully realign your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, goals, values, and identity in our new character sculpting deep dive.

Stature is a deep and immersive journey into your character, identity, values, behaviors, and self-expression, ultimately helping you to develop a character that you love to play. Watch the invitation video to learn all about it.

Key Details
65 audio lessons

Stature includes 65 compact audio lessons (10-20 minutes each) to guide you through the process of understanding, redefining, and upgrading your character. All lessons are personally recorded by me (Steve). The purpose is to help you consciously understand and reshape your character.
You can stream and/or download every lesson

You get every audio lesson in streamable and downloadable formats. Go at whatever pacing works for you since the deep dive is entirely self-paced. Listen to the lessons whenever and wherever you want, such as while commuting or going for a walk. This will accommodate any schedule.
A caring, intimate, and playful experience

Stature has a caring, intimate, and playful style. The lessons gently guide you to understand, redefine, and improve your character. This is a deeply personal experience that focuses on you, your unique character, and your unfolding life story. Stature invites you to discover new truths about your character, to improve your internal alignment and teamwork, and to shift and expand your thoughts, behaviors, and identity in ways you’ve never done before.
Sculpt your character one lesson at a time

This is a hands-on deep dive, not a passive experience. Every audio lesson is followed by written workbook exercises to deepen your self-awareness, increase your clarity, and transform your character. The course workbook also includes a one-page text summary of each lesson, so you can conveniently review what you’ve learned.
Thorough and comprehensive

Day by day for at least six weeks, we’ll reconstruct the mental models and frames you use to make decisions, communicate with others, and make your way in the world. As you discover new models which are more effective than your old ones, you’ll gradually release old thought patterns that were previously holding you back. You’ll also gain plenty of practice with empowering frames to help your true self emerge. You’re likely to feel like a different person with a renewed sense of purpose upon completing the course.
A co-creative experience

Instead of creating all of the lessons in advance, they’re being created and published in small batches as we go. As you listen to the lessons, I invite you to send me feedback and questions along the way. I use the feedback from participants to inform the design of upcoming lessons, while also allowing room for synchronicity and inspiration. This deep dive’s co-creative design gives you the opportunity to sculpt its direction as you sculpt your character.
Personal Growth Gains

Here are some of the transformations you’ll explore in Stature:

Understand your origin story
Gain awareness of your hidden strengths and capabilities
Learn how your experiences have been sculpting your character
Transform and reintegrate the most neglected parts of yourself
Turn your inner critic into a valuable member of your inner team
Realign your behaviors and social circle with your desires
Discover what you actually care about most
Stimulate and awaken new modes of self-expression
Deepen your connection with your values
Expand your comfort zone
Enjoy relaxed confidence in challenging situations
Tune in to your deepest sources of inspiration
Treat yourself and others with gentleness and kindness
Create commitment-worthy clarity for your goals
Practice fierce and fearless self-expression
Embody a beautiful character that you love to play

So this is indeed the ultimate character sculpting deep dive. ?
Powerful Intentions

Here’s an additional (and optional) intention experiment that you can do while enjoying this character sculpting deep dive:

Get immediately download Steve Pavlina – Stature

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite the intelligent development and fullest expression of my character in alignment with my unfolding story. I intend positive results and prosperous journeys for the other participants of this deep dive as well – past, present, and future.

I’m holding this intention with you, so let’s co-create some major alignment mojo for the whole group.

Your investment in the Stature deep dive course is $997.

Why $997? We’re working on some deep and weighty character transformations here. This involves some challenging inner work. The price is intended to ensure that this course attracts people who are willing to take on a challenge of this nature.

It’s one price all-in. There aren’t any tiers, scholarships, payment plans, or refunds.
Honor Code

All of our courses, including Stature, have a strict “no refunds” honor code policy because we need to know that you have some skin in the game. If you enroll, please do so because you’re committed to applying the lessons to create real changes in your life for the better. I want you to get results.

To buy the course without a money-back guarantee, you have to trust me, and you have to trust yourself to follow through. That’s the standard I want. I want you to trust me, and I want you to trust yourself. So you only have to make one decision here: Are you in or out?

The bottom line is that you’ll get better results if you go all-in with a genuine commitment, and I’m a lot happier to work with this caliber of people. For those who need a money-back guarantee to tip them into enrolling, you’re welcome to enjoy all the free content this site has to offer for as long as you like. This course will remain available indefinitely, so it will be here for you whenever you’re ready.

Note that you can repeat our courses again and again for many years, so you’ll have abundant opportunities to extract good value from your investment. This site has been online continuously since 2004 to give you an idea of its longevity.

The honor code is also explained in the video above (at 26:35) if you’d like to see me explain the reason we have this.
Course Supplements and Bonus Gifts

Stature includes abundant supplementary material and extra gifts to further enhance your character sculpting journey. Some of these are free resources available elsewhere on this site, and some are created just for this deep dive. I’ve assembled them into one convenient collection for you.
Stature Character Design Workbook (PDF)

The Stature workbook includes written exercises to support each audio lesson as well as one-page summaries of each lesson, so you can conveniently review the key points whenever you want. I recommend doing the related workbook exercises shortly after you listen to each lesson, so you can start applying what you learn that same day.
Lesson Transcripts (PDF)

Stature includes full text transcripts for all audio lessons in the course, making it easy to review what you’ve learned or to look up an insight. While the course is being developed, the transcripts are being added shortly after each audio lesson is published (usually within a few days).
Character Summary Sheet (PDF) – Coming March 2020

Use this fill-in one-sheet to summarize your character design choices, serving as an accessible reminder of who you wish to become.
Goal Alignment Checklist (PDF) – Coming March 2020

Use this one-page checklist to determine if your goals are meaningful, purposeful, and aligned with your character. This can help you set goals that you’re more likely to achieve. It’s based on the 5-step quarterly planning process that we use inside Conscious Growth Club.
Stature Builders (Audio) – Coming March 2020

Each audio in this bonus collection walks you through a straightforward character sculpting exercise. The purpose is to help you continue developing and refining your character after you’ve completed the main course. These audios are much shorter than the main lessons, so they’re great to use for long-term practice. I recommend listening to one a day for a special 30-day challenge whenever you desire to re-engage with Stature’s transformational energy.
Righteous Reminders (Audio) – Coming March 2020

Many people find it challenging to get their inner self-talk aligned with their goals, values, and desires. This large collection of short audios is designed to help with a ridiculous abundance of positive reinforcement. Add these audios to a playlist on your preferred device (such as your phone), and listen to them whenever you need a boost. They’re all personally recorded by me, telling you in dozens of different ways just how incredible you are. I recommend playing them in random (shuffled) order.
Unblock Your Creative Flow (Video + PDF)

Get immediately download Steve Pavlina – Stature

These insights will help you develop and maintain a consistent flow of quality creative work, which is especially useful for writers, musicians, artists, and other creative types.
Be Your Own Authority (Video)

This video shares how to summon the courage to stand up to authority when you know you’re in the right.
Conscious Transitions (Video)

This 3-part video series gives you practical strategies to navigate career, social, and lifestyle transitions.
Your Spirit Is Strong (Music)

Enjoy 5 minutes of my own positive affirmations set to music to help you feel strong whenever you need a quick alignment boost. Stream it online, or download a copy to keep.

Many of these bonuses are available now, so you’ll get access to them as soon as you join. Some supplementary material is being developed as we go or will be added after the course lessons are complete. We expect to have all of these items fully published by April 30, 2020.

The Stature deep dive is unlike anything you’ve done before. Imagine immersing yourself in a guided character sculpting process with easy-to-digest, bite-sized lessons for the next several weeks. You’ll emerge from the experience a changed person with an expanded sense of identity, alignment, and purpose.

Advance beyond your previous limits. Discover and connect with the beauty, strength, and delight of the real you.

Click the “Let’s do this!” button, sign up for the deep dive, and let’s begin your rewarding journey into character sculpting together.

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