Somatic Movement Wisdom Collection 2020



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Somatic Movement Wisdom Collection 2020

This package gives you the opportunity to receive INSTANT and lifetime access to:

Video Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Somatic Movement Summit series — watch on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone!
Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the 2020 Somatic Movement Summit series — listen on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone!
PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords
PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of THIRTEEN compelling audio and video recordings and ebooks! — including a COMPLETE 7-session downloadable audio course from Katie Hendricks, Body Intelligence in Action (a $297.00 value in itself!)
If you’re like many of us, you’re feeling unsettled these days and in need of a supportive structure to stay grounded and graceful.

Fortunately, we have an abundance of resources for wellbeing and emotional buoyancy within our own body.

The late Emilie Conrad — a pioneer of somatic movement — was among the first to coin the term “the fluid body,” referring to the regenerative exchange of cellular fluids in the body…

In its natural, healthy state, the human body is chock-full of movement and the flow of fluids… from respiring cells, to blood flowing through their pathways, to lymph fluid, and far more.

Through conscious movement, you can nurture the proper flow of these fluids in your body… to ensure greater flexibility, fewer toxins, injury prevention… and even heightened immunity and mental equilibrium.

The Somatic Movement Wisdom Collection 2020 offers a wellspring of tools and resources you can quickly access at any moment. You’ll receive salient insights, techniques, and evidence-based practices that will benefit you for a lifetime.

In the midst of global anxiety, this is a perfect time to develop daily movement practices to help you relax and ground, build your immunity, and keep the lifeline of movement flowing.

The groundbreaking tools offered in the Somatic Movement Wisdom Collection 2020 can help you cut through the noise and chatter of the mind, and drop into embodied serenity — even in the most stressful of moments.

This unique compilation of somatic teachings invites you to slow down and get connected to the goodness and healing inherent in your body — and all of life.

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