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Simplertrading – Futures Freedom Plan

What will you learn?
Raghee and Danielle will teach traders how to trade futures from square one. They will focus on teaching reliable market patterns, using free tools that anyone can use – if they learn how to read them and trade them properly.

Learn Futures 101 – The Blueprint: The How, The When and the Why behind Trading Futures. Learn to read the markets and how they move.
Recommended futures broker (included Raghee and Danielle’s favorites)
Step by step trade checklist (with guidelines specifically for smaller and larger accounts)
Futures Freedom Plan basics cover Raghee and Danielle’s favorite contracts and WHEN to use them
Recognizable Patterns – Proven District trading patterns. Use to BOTH swing and day trade futures (reliable for over 30 years). These include: ‘The Correction/Trend Continuation’ Pattern, ‘The Shift’ Pattern, and ‘The Choppy Market Fade’ Pattern.
How to know when to trade strong trends (and when to exploit reversals in a range)
Patterns are KEY – Knowing how to recognize if you should follow the trend, brace for a reversal, or just stay out. This is our focus!
Clear entry triggers to find valid setups with confidence (and avoid emotional trading)
Objective profit targets to let the market tell you when to get out with gains (and limit risk)
Risk and reward parameters for how to rapidly grow a smaller AND large account (even if you can’t watch the market all day)
How to use the Darvas, GRaB, Wave and Propulsion Indicators (provided with class)
This combination class between our futures day trader and futures swing trader has special benefits that include:

Danielle’s conservative ‘small account’ index strategy for catching strong trends intraday
Raghee’s swing trading setups for catching bigger moves (while sleeping soundly at night)
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