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Scilla Elworthy – Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart

If so, you’ll want to learn from Scilla Elworthy, who has worked with many of the most fascinating, prominent and compelling women change-leaders of our day and on some of the most important issues, from peace to nuclear disarmament to social healing.

While some people lead in a way that focuses all the attention to themselves, Scilla models an ultimately more effective way to create change, often working behind the scenes to help empower many other notable leaders. For example, she played a lead advisory role with people like Richard Branson and Archbishop Tutu to create The Elders, probably the most respected global wisdom council for addressing today’s most pressing challenges.

Scilla knows not only what it takes to lead but also how to build movements, raise money, access power, build your internal resources and summon great courage for work that can take decades to materialize.

She does her work from a deep spiritual foundation but is also very practical about the nuts and bolts work required to create something real.

She understands exactly what it will take to move your dream from something that you cherish quietly to something that reaches the scale, impact and importance that you know is possible.

And that, of course, means that she can help you fulfill your soul’s most important commitment to create sustainable positive change – a legacy that you can be proud of.

If you know in your heart that you want your life to profoundly matter and to make a difference, we warmly invite you to join Scilla in the Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart, a virtual learning laboratory that will help you navigate the inner and outer challenges of being a “Rising Woman” – someone fully committed to transform our world with the power of your love, commitment and passionate action.

Rising women are exceptional women who have led the way in evolving our world – from the the Mothers of the Disappeared, to the icons of civil rights like Rosa Parks and Ella Baker, to the spiritual activist Aung San Suu Kyi.

With news of suicide bombings, sexual trafficking and economic corruption grabbing the daily headlines, it’s obvious that the world is in dire need of more heart-based guidance, courage and inspiration.

It’s becoming clearer with each passing day that this is a time when the qualities of the “deep feminine” – in women and in men – are essential for re-shaping human decisions and actions for a wiser future.

During the Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart, you’ll join a community of profoundly courageous women (along with a few extraordinary men) who are at the forefront of spiritual evolution and conscious change work on our planet right now.

Like you, they are putting their hearts into action and their visions into motion.

You are invited to stand together with them on behalf of women’s lives everywhere and a vision of what life could be like when the feminine comes into balance with the masculine and women take their place of equal honor.

The era when women’s efforts were invisible and their voices muted is coming to an end… and during the Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart, you’ll learn how to claim a new kind of sacred power – one based in reverence for life, resilience and love, one that is distinctly feminine.

As you do, you’ll become ready to fully express the compassion that is your feminine birthright and the resolve that soul-powered women have always shown.

If your soul answers with a resounding “YES!” as you read these words, you are growing into your power as a rising woman, and it can be your time to learn from the great women who have preceded you how to step into your unique destiny with the full commitment, love and wisdom in your being.

Scilla Elworthy is making herself available to you as a trustworthy, wise guide who can show you thatextraordinary change is possible when you learn how to harness your feminine gifts and actively apply them to making positive shifts in our world.

She will also show you why you must be savvy about change – understanding that loving the world is not enough. After all, creating long-term transformation requires real dedication, hard work and being willing to stand in the fires that often meet those who create change.

If you are called to be a changemaker who stands up against injustice or helps those in need, but are uncertain about the path to take to make a real impact, this is THE place to learn the secrets of women who have gone before you.

This training is all about you liberating your soul force within and focusing it on action in the world.

Scilla will distill hard-earned wisdom to show how you can expand your vision of yourself, release a sense of inadequacy and stand in your destiny as a force to be reckoned with.

If you join this training, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Put into practice the key secrets she’s studied in renowned women changemakers and trained others in how to manifest.
Discover your inner power – developing a resilience of the soul which enables you to tackle the real problems of the world in a wise way.
Observe and reduce the negative drivers in your psyche such as guilt, shame, fear and anger.
Overcome your fears and issues around money and fundraising to become unstoppable in the financial realm.
Identify what is deeply meaningful to you, what you’re longing for and let that guide you.
Navigate overwhelm and develop patience and focus for the long haul.
Draw inspiration from the inside stories of women leaders from around the world who have been courageous enough to say, “I do not accept the world as it is and I am working to change it!”
Learn the personal, spiritual and psychological practices that support the resiliency and strength needed to transcend obstacles and accomplish extraordinary acts.
Gain powerful insights into the important work women are doing on the issues and areas you care about – including human rights, activism, economics, peace building, sexuality & body issues, arts/performance, education and consciousness.
Discover wisdom for balancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine, which is so needed for creating sustainable change in our world today.
Move beyond frustration with your impact area to feeling you are making a real difference.
Speak out directly and unstoppably about what has to cease in our world, and what can replace it.
If you have long desired to marry the sacred depths of yourself with your passion for a more just, humane and thriving world – this training was created for you. It’s especially designed for people who have already gone a long way with their inner development, and now want to find out how to apply their personal power to their active contribution to the world, locally or globally. It is not the place for undertaking personal therapy issues.

This training will help you convert “angst” to “action” and focus your passion into tangible results.

The ultimate aim of this course is to empower you to plan and implement an effective contribution to a future world that works for all. And to have a great time doing it!

“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” -Marianne Williamson

In this 7-module transformational program, Scilla will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies that you’ll need to identify what is deeply meaningful to you and how to make it a reality. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a resilience of the soul which will allow you to tackle the real problems of the world in a wise way and to find the support you need to put your projects into action.

Each training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your emerging leadership.


In this session you’ll identify and acknowledge your unique gifts that will contribute to re-balancing the deep feminine with the deep masculine in today’s world. You’ll dive into why and how inner power, based on deep self-knowledge, is essential to what we undertake in the outer world. You’ll give gratitude to the genealogy of the powerful feminine in the world, from Hildegard of Bingen to Aung San Suu Kyi.

In this module you’ll:

Learn a guided meditation to deepen your connection with the sacred feminine and support you in identifying your unique contributions.
Discover why establishing a personal daily practice that is based in yoga, meditation, mindfulness or another gratitude practice contributes to your ability to serve the world.
Learn how you can maintain your daily practice to support your work in this course.
Discover your inner power based in self-knowledge, which will support you in doing your work in the world.
Engage in key secrets (of renowned women) to unlock your true potential for changemaking and manifestation.

In this session you’ll develop and strengthen your emotional resilience to deal powerfully with the pain and suffering in our lives and in the world. This involves recognizing the facts about the state of the world, because we know that confronting the overall seriousness of the situation is essential to developing a strategy.

In this module you’ll:

Learn spiritual and psychological tools to help you navigate challenges, such as overwhelm, to build endurance and resilience for your project.
Discover the powerful ability to “walk towards the crisis” and work with its source and cause and still maintain your center.
Learn why we are well placed to deal with this pain and how the deep feminine rises in support to face the challenges and tragedies in our lives and world.
Identify and transform the shadow (dragon) aspects of the feminine that disempower and distort: playing small, manipulation, self-sabotage and becoming “sluts of power.”
Cultivate the skills others have successfully used to transform their shadow sides.
Practice “dialogue with your dragon” to discover the gem underneath the dragon’s foot and make the dragon your ally to extend your personal dragon to the dragons out in the world.
Discover ways to maintain vital energy and integrity to work the challenges and cynicism you will encounter in social change work.

Einstein once said, “No problem can be resolved using the consciousness that created it.” In this session we’ll be exploring examples of well known and lesser known women and men who have made the leap in consciousness that enables them to help resolve global problems in a brand new way. Together we’ll look at the ways notable women and men have intervened to re-direct a predictable trajectory by using an entirely fresh perspective.

In this module you’ll:

Engage in a “self-questioning” exercise that allows you to dive deeply into your highest potential and identify the steps needed to shift your consciousness.
Ask deep questions like: How will I listen to my highest self to gain integrity, authenticity and personal truth? How do I deal with difficult feelings? How can I increase my well-being and energy? How will I use conflict as opportunity?
Discover how asking yourself deep questions leads to a shift in your consciousness, moving from “me” to “we” and ultimately leading to discovery of the Beloved.
Experience how to apply your own highest potential to whatever challenges arise.
Notice when you collude with mediocrity and compare this to when you dare to live from your original and authentic self.
Get more clarity on who you are serving and how you want to serve to create the impact you know is possible.

In this session we’re going to develop a vision for the future by actively imagining this improved future into being. Most people, when asked what the future holds, go blank, shrug or say something like “more of the same.” If we have not envisioned the world we want to create, it’s likely we’ll not be able to co-create a world that works better for all. A great mentor of Scilla’s said: “The future belongs to those who can see it.” This next step takes us on a journey of imaging… to help us see a clearer pathway.

In this module you’ll:

Envision a world that honors the inner and outer – – from the deep feminine and deep masculine to nutritious food and a healthy body to pure oceans and clean drinking water to local communities and global nations.
Learn how actively imagining an improved future supports your work in bringing your vision into reality.
Engage in group visioning exercises and gather your collective ideas and visions.
Discover how to harness the collective vision to imagine an even more improved future for the planet.

In this session you’ll begin to realize what’s possible by learning about the amazing initiatives already underway – from the personal to the global. Inspiring leaders will show how they have literally changed the world, including Thais Corral, who developed Local Food Labs in Brazil and 12-year-old Felix, who’s leading a global network of child activists aiming to reforest the planet (already up and running in 131 countries). We’ll expand our awareness from “me,” to “we,” to “our”.” and begin a journey of awakening that will leave us with a larger framework for a positive future.

In this module you’ll:

Discover how changing the lens through which you see the world expands your vision for activism on the planet.
Feel inspired by the social-change initiatives (lead by individuals and groups) that are already creating big impacts on the world.
Be able to identify and see evidence of the new possibilities for positive change that are arising.
Learn practices to document shifts in your consciousness and expansions of your perception of what’s possible in your community (local to global).
Learn the “Noticing Exercise” to distinguish how your view of the world impacts your vision for what you see as possible in your work.

In this session you’ll begin to explore how to match your authentic self, skills and capacities with your deepest longing to serve. In this way you’ll discover and define a project that has purpose and meaning for you. And you’ll determine how your skills, training and resources are suited to not only impart change, but sustain and grow your impact and service.

In this module you’ll:

Explore deep questions such as: What breaks my heart? What do I profoundly care about? Where does my passion lie? What would I love to do during my lifetime to make a better, safer world?
Discover the deep inner longing that motivates you to achieve the improved world you know is possible.
Learn what you’re keeping in reserve (aspects of your work that may have never shown themselves before) and recruit these parts to be your allies in your service.
Identify the skills and resources you already posses and discern those which you need to acquire.
Design your project based on authenticity and build upon your skills and capacities for service.

In this session you’ll complete the process of shaping what it is you want to contribute through sacred activism. This will require your active participation in accessing your responsibilities and those of your team. You’ll define milestones in terms of what you want to achieve and by when. Scilla will provide examples of projects she has set up, including the challenges as well as the triumphs.

In this module you’ll:

Continue the practices to cultivate inner strength, focus and clarity to foster energy and passion for your sacred service in the world.
Learn how to design a timeline and outline of tasks for your project.
Discover ways to research what already exists in your chosen field and learn ways to decide whom to partner with, learn from, assist or build with.
Create accountability in each other’s projects and celebrate when you reach your milestones.

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