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Sang Lucci – Market Structure Matters With Haim Bodek

Sang Lucci is proud to announce our partnership with Haim Bodek and his team over at Decimus Capital Markets to bring you Market Structure Matters. This live, online course is the first of its kind and the only place (available to the public) where you can go to understand the market’s inner workings.

The 10-session training covers topics like:
-Dark Pools
-Order Types
-How stock exchanges are structured
-Options exchanges
-Order routing
-Market making practices
-How to choose your broker
-HFT methodologies


Who is Haim Bodek?

Electronic trading strategist Haim Bodek has worked in the financial services, capital markets and software industries since 1996. Mr. Bodek was formerly a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and later a Managing Director at UBS, with both positions focused on large scale algorithmic trading in capital markets. During his tenure in these positions, he deployed professional-grade algorithmic trading programs in 25+ equities, futures, and options markets globally, consistently trading multiple percentage points of the U.S. equity options market as well as trading significant volumes in European and Asia-Pacific regions.

From October of 2007 through March of 2011, Mr. Bodek was Chief Executive Officer of Trading Machines LLCTM a privately held proprietary automated options trading firm. Mr. Bodek is a well-known expert in the machinations of algorithmic and systematic trading as well as a leading options trader in that space.

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