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Ryan Stewman – Hardcore Closer Break Free Academy

What would it be like if you could increase your income 300%, become the absolute authority in your marketplace and leverage technology to free up time with existing clients in order to generate new ones?

If you found yourself daydreaming about increasing your income three fold, you’re not alone. Especially for us big earners. The idea of earning three times what we already do is sometimes hard to fathom.

What would a 300% raise in your income do for your confidence?
If you’re the type of person who knows you’re no where near your earning capacity, and you want to get there as fast as possible, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the words that are about to unfold on this page as you read.

My name is Ryan Stewman. I’m a salesman, marketer, writer and video maker. I don’t just do these things for fun. Although they are fun, I do them because they consistently generate new business 24 hours a day for me. From only cool people like you!!!

We live in a time of technology abundance. Most of which is free or inexpensive. We have video cameras on all of our phones, everyone owns a computer, and most people would rather interact via text than talk.

If you’re going to continue to generate leads in the near future, you are going to have to reach prospects on their preferred turf. The days of cold calls, spam emails and “buy my shit” posts on facebook are gone or at least fading fast. While everyone else is trying to figure out what to do, I’ve mastered the fine art of “money getting” despite the changing customer climate.

The marketplace is forever metamorphasising. Yet, most people get caught up in their own world and not the world around them. After a while you look up and you’re behind the times. The customer today is not the same customer from two years ago. Social media has changed how you present and offer and sales pitch. The internet has made the average customer paranoid of the proverbial sales pitch. If you’re gonna sell to the modern prospect, you better get on their level, because they have no need to get on yours.

It all starts with a three day, intensive, get shit done event and is followed by 6 weeks of accountability, continuing education and support.

Day one of the event is focused on the art of closing a sale. Most of our students are already stellar salesmen and we are aware of this. Our CLOSER selling system puts a simple plan and script in place that works like sales steroids. We turn average salesmen into closers and closers into certified sales KILLERS.

Our sales technique deeply involves getting in the mind of the prospect long before the actual sales conversation takes place. We teach you to identify the insatiable need of your perfect customer. Once you identify their problem, become 100% confident that you understand and can solve the problem, you can operate your sales game from a level of unprecedented power.

Day two we focus on marketing. At this point it will be undoubtedly clear exactly who it is you will be targeting. We will identify age, race and any other discriminatory methods we can use to target ONLY your perfect customer.

You will script your sales videos, sales letters and marketing pieces for your targets. I’ll be right there along with your peers to help you create the best targeted marketing campaign you could create to entice your perfect customers to buy.

Day three is all about creation. Now that you have a sales plan, a target audience along with the systems to reach and convert them into clients, it’s time to make the funnels. From landing pages mixed with facebook ads to TV commercials with a specific call to action, we create it all before you leave. That way, when you get back to work you already have everything you need in place to make it happen.

Following the 3 day live event you will be placed in a forum group along with the other members who attended BFA alongside you. You’ll be able to share, ask questions, contribute, and celebrate your results right along with your fellow Breakers. The forum is filled with done for you trainings and products that you can implement into your business.

Yes! You leave the event with a working marketing funnel and qualified leads

The next 6 weeks will be filled with intense, hardcore, break free activity. You will be required to join a live mastermind call each week that lasts approximately 1 hour. On this call all of your questions, problems, successes and struggles will be solved. This is a call to keep everyone on track. This call is also your chance to contribute to the group and share what’s working or not for you.

During these 6 weeks, you will get weekly training sent to your email. Trainings will consist of videos and audios that are mandatorily consumed and will support you along the way of your 90 day journey to Break Free.

The weekly trainings consist of unique marketing and sales systems. You’ll learn

how to create and market simple videos
how to run facebook ads
as well as highly effective lead generation techniques via facebook, linkedin, and youtube.
We’ve strategically created a simple to follow, weekly training regimen to help you build your authority as you escalate through the three phases of power [below]. Each week for the first 3 weeks you will be taught the fundamentals of our syndicate prospecting system along with the whip effect attraction method. The following 3 weeks will consist of follow up and continuing to market the media pieces you created the previous 3 weeks.

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