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Ronnie Sandlin – School Of Hidden Knowledge

Modules You Will Receive
Quick Start: The Beginning

Here is the step by step guide on how to get started immediately. This is the beginning of your journey and will help you understand how the whole system works.

Choosing Your Domain Name
Domain Hosting Setup
Setting Up Your Advertorial Launch Site
How To Choose An Offer To Promote
Ventriloquist Mindfuck Method
How To Make Facebook Ads Profitable Quickly
$240k Solar Campaign Case Study
How To Not Sabotage Your Success (VERY IMPORTANT)
The Difference Between Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing
How To Find A Network To Work With
How To Negotiate A Lead Generation Deal
The Power Of The Rainmaker
How To Breakthrough In The Internet Marketing Industry
BONUS: The Art Of Closing Million Dollar Lead Gen Deals
How To Scale From $1k to $20K+ Per Day
The Anatomy of a $100k Per Month Facebook Ad
The Simple Formula To A Successful Facebook Campaign
The Secret To Selecting Highly Profitable Images
[BONUS] Simple Landing Page Thats Generates Millions Of Dollars
The Secret To Extreme Profit Optimization
The Copywriters Guild

Here is where you’re going to learn how to turn words into money using dark persuasion.

Step By Step Advertorial Writing Process
Highly Profitable Headlines You Can Use Immediately
How To Improve The Readability Of Your Advertorial To Explode Your Profit
How To Breakthrough To $2k Per Day With Advertorial Blog Posts
How To Make Your Advertorial More Readable For More Money
How To Elicit A Strong Psychological Response With Your Headlines
5 Keys To A Profitable Advertorial
What Is Native Advertising?
Most Expensive Mistake Most Native Advertisers Make
How To Get VIP Treatment From Your Ad Reps
3 Tiered Bidding Strategy For Native Advertising
Hidden Native Ad Networks Marketers Make $100K Per Day On
How To Access VIP Native Sites They Don’t Give Most Affiliates
Advanced Backwords Engineering Strategies
How To Access Government Database For Demographic Research
How To Leverage T.V. Commercials Massive Spend
The Traffic Temple

Here you’re going to learn how to drive traffic (web visitors) that convert from various sources such as Facebook, Outbrain, Adwords and many you’ve never heard of.

$660K Per Month With Whitehat Advertising
How To Get A Facebook Rep
How To Keep Facebook Accounts Healthy & Scalable
How To Segment Traffic To Improve ROI
How To Keep Affiliate Ads Compliant With Facebook
Advanced Facebook Data Researching Strategies
Choosing The Right Campaign Objectives
How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
The Secret To Profitable Video Ads
How To Create Facebook Ads For Maximum Impact
How To Dramatically Decrease Bid Costs On Facebook
How To Analyze Facebook Reporting To Find Profit Pockets
How To Hack Facebook’s Ad Algorithm
Easiest Mistakes Most New Facebook Advertisers Make
Advanced Custom Audience Monetization Strategies
How To Crush It With Survey Funnels
Bonus (OVER $12,000 in ACTUAL Value): The Wizard’s Chest

Done for you tested advertorials, landing pages, banner ads and more. Everything you need to start hitting the ground running.

We’ve hired the top landing page designers and graphic designers at a significant expense for our business so you don’t have to.

All of these files are highly editable so you can easily tweak them for your specific use. Every good Rainmaking Wizard should have this in their arsenal.

Landing Pages
Business Loan ($2,500)
Student Debt ($2,000)
Solar Panel #1 ($2,500)
Solar Panel #2 ($2,500)
Addiction / Rehab ($2,500)
Total ACTUAL Value: $12,000
Brain Pills ($1,000)
Business Loans ($1,000)
Dyslexia ($1,000)
Franchise Your Business ($1,000)
Pharmaceutical Rep Class Action ($1,000)
Gym Owners Training Program ($1,000)
U.K. Pension Leads ($1,000)
Web Security ($1,000)
Total ACTUAL Value: $12,000
Banner Ads
Addiction / Rehab ($200)
Auto Accident ($200)
Auto Accident Variation #2 ($200)
Attract Attorney Clients ($200)
Attract Attorney Clients #2 ($200)
Business Loans / Merchant Cash Advance ($200)
Back & Knee Brace ($200)
Credit Card Debt Relief ($200)
Credit Repair ($200)
Dyslexia Relief ($200)
Divorce / Mediation ($200)
DUI / Licensed Revoked ($200)
Franchise Your Business ($200)
Lead Provider Inquiry ($200)
Motorcycle Injury ($200)
Personal Injury ($200)
Personal Injury #2 ($200)
Probate ($200)
Student Debt ($200)
Student Debt #2 ($200)
Tattoo Parlor ($200)
Tendonitis ($200)
Yoga Instructor Training ($200)
Total ACTUAL Value: $4,600
Who Should NOT Buy
If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have any sort of savings
You haven’t at least put up a website before once in your life
You’re a tire kicker, time waster and or moocher
You haven’t fully committed and don’t believe this is possible for you in your life

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