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Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint




  • Do you want more high-quality managed services clients but aren’t sure where to start with marketing?
  • Have you tried marketing techniques to get more managed services clients but haven’t found something that works consistently AND cost-effectively?
  • Are you frustrated with convincing prospective clients to see the value of managed IT services and pay for quality IT services and support?
  • Are you fed up competing on price and convincing prospective clients that they need someone to maintain their IT systems, security and backups – especially when cybercrime is at an all-time high?

I completely agree. It SHOULD be easier to sell managed services and IT support. The good news is it CAN be IF you effectively position yourself as an IT expert instead of “just another” computer guy.

With the right lead generation marketing, you CAN attract more appreciative and profitable clients who are happy to pay for your IT services. I’ve helped thousands of IT services firms just like yours. Now I want to help you.


  • proven process to replace cold prospecting and generate a steady stream of appointments with prequalified prospects that are ready to purchase managed services from you.
  • Done-for-you marketing campaigns that will convert stubborn break-fix and block-hour clients to managed IT services. You’ll also learn whether you should require all clients to participate in managed services OR continue with some break-fix clients and projects.
  • An extremely powerful and DETAILED MSP Sales Playbook. Gain a structured, organized process for closing managed services contracts WITHOUT discounting, slimy sales tactics, or much convincing. So many MSPs struggle to close more managed services sales at a higher margin simply because they lack systems and wing the sales presentation. I’ll show you a consultative sales process that’s natural and will position you as a respected IT expert and trusted advisor.
  • DOZENS of field-tested marketing templatesexamples, checklists and content that will save you HOURS of work creating marketing campaigns. From simple email campaigns to more elaborate seminar marketing campaigns, you’re certain to find something that works for you. Best of all, there is no creativity needed! In fact, these managed services marketing campaigns will be most effective if you don’t change them. They’ve already been researched, tested and refined to successfully sell managed IT services.
  • BONUS interview with MSP attorney Bradley Gross on the laws and regulations all MSPs MUST know about and comply with regarding cybersecurity, data breach and privacy. As the IT department for your clients, you could get you sued, fined and held liable for many reasons. This session will be a REAL eye-opener for you!
  • Lessons from multimillion-dollar MSPs on their secrets to attaining profitable growth. I conduct candid interviews with over 20 multimillion-dollar MSPs who are generating $5 million to over $400 million in IT services sales. During these interviews, they reveal their secrets to success with managed IT services and the hard lessons they wish someone would have told THEM when starting out. This ALONE is worth the price of admission to this program!


Lifetime Access To The Blueprint For You And Your Staff
All how-to managed services marketing lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow format and include workbooks, checklists and TONS of examples. You’ll also get new updates to the material FREE.

Marketing Template Library

MSP Marketing Template Library
You’ll get a searchable database of dozens of managed services marketing campaigns and templates, from simple email promotions to more elaborate appointment-generating campaigns.

LIVE Coaching Calls With Robin Robins

LIVE MSP Coaching Calls With Robin Robins
For 3 months, you’ll get weekly then bimonthly calls with to pick her brain.

A Personal 1-On-1 Coaching Call

A Personal 1-On-1 Coaching Call
Get ramped up with MSP marketing fast with a preliminary coaching call OR save it for when you need help in the future.

An Implementation Checklist

A Managed Services Marketing Implementation Checklist
This step-by-step guide will show you where to start with your marketing plan and keep you on track.

Access To Our Member Portal And QUE

Access To Our MSP Member Portal And QUE
QUE stands for “Questions, Updates and Exchanges.” You can post questions about ANYTHING (marketing, vendors, pricing, managing IT services employees and more) to this active member exchange and get answers 24/7/365 days a year.

Managed Services Sales Playbook

Managed Services Sales Playbook
Gain a consultative sales process that will position you as an IT authority, put you in control of the sales process, eliminate price resistance and ramp up sales reps FAST.


BONUS #1: Panel Discussion Of MSP Rock Stars
Want to know how managed services has evolved over the last 10 years and what successful MSPs are doing to protect their margins as competition heats up? This panel discussion will deliver that and MORE.


BONUS #2: MSP Pricing Survey
Over 650 MSPs from across the world completed this survey to reveal what they include in their managed services offering, how they charge clients and their fee structure.


BONUS #3: Million-Dollar MSPs Growth Strategies, Secrets And Hacks
Access a library of interviews with CEOs of $10 million+ managed IT services companies (and a few that are $5-$6 million). They reveal lessons they learned while growing their MSP business.


BONUS #4: Easy, Instant Managed Services Sales-Generating Campaigns
Get a series of email campaigns that’ll generate an instant surge in sales for managed IT services, backup and disaster recovery solutions, VoIP phone systems, managed print and managed security. Plus, gain a tried-and-true campaign for getting prospects that have gone silent to respond.

Through this program, we guarantee:

  • You’llnever fall victim to another advertising salesperson again. I’ll arm you with the knowledge to hold ANYONE you hire for managed services marketing accountable for delivering measurable ROI – including me.
  • You will get access to managed services marketing campaigns that have helped other MSPs get qualified prospects calling their office looking for managed IT services.
  • You’ll have the power to be picky about your managed services client and ONLY accept ones who value managed IT services, take your advice and pay.
  • You’ll be able to fire whiny, cheap clients and replace them with appreciative and profitable managed services clients.
  • You’ll be given a consultative managed services sales process designed to position you as an IT expert, overcome price resistance and avoid discounting and changing your advice to win new clients.
  • If you still do technical IT work, I’ll show you how to build a marketing and sales system to generate the revenue to hire more techs and elevate yourself to a true CEO.
  • You’ll stop making foolish decisions about IT services marketing that waste your time and money.

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