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Rick Hanson, Ph.D. – 4-Day: Positive Neuroplasticity Course

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a NY Times bestselling author and an internationally recognized leading expert on positive neuroplasticity.

Dr. Hanson draws on a 40-year background in clinical psychology, human potential, and neuroscience to help thousands of people rewire their brains, overcome their mental health challenges, and become the fullest version of themselves.

His work has been praised by Stephen Porges, Tara Brach, Peter Levine, Kristine Neff, and Dan Siegel; featured in national media, and embraced by millions of readers as a voice they can trust.

This course recording is a unique opportunity for you to train with Dr. Hanson himself and discover how your clients can enjoy more successful therapeutic outcomes from the science-backed strategies of Positive Neuroplasticity!

Watch Dr. Hanson as he shares an invaluable toolbox full of accessible practices along with a reliable blueprint for how you can more skillfully assess and treat clients and catalyze lasting change.

Watch this hands-on 4-day recording and learn how to:

  • Treat anxiety, depression, trauma, and shame with positive neuroplasticity techniques
  • Foster rapid and far-reaching healing and growth with evidence-based strategies
  • More skillfully assess which psychological resources your clients need most for better treatment outcomes
  • Turn clients’ experiences into lasting inner strengths for improved clinical results
  • Skills and tools to make lasting changes inside the brain
  • Rapidly overcome therapeutic obstacles by using positive psychological material to soothe and replace negative material
  • More effectively work with couples, children, and other special populations

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to train with a leading expert on positive neuroplasticity and feel the satisfaction of bringing new and effective paths to healing to your clients.

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