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Ready2Go – The Rebel Within

Program Summary

We all have one – a Rebel Within. Some refer to it as a gremlin; others call it a saboteur. Some just think of it as that little devil sitting on their shoulder, whispering thoughts of doubt and stirring up feelings of fear. But whatever name it goes by, its purpose is pretty much the same: to keep us from moving forward and getting what we want out of life.

Now this may sound daunting – having an inner force that keeps us from becoming what we aspire to be – but that’s not how the Rebel sees it. Our Rebel Within thinks of itself as a protector, preventing us from incurring the risks that big changes might bring.

To the Rebel, safety trumps personal growth. And the Rebel Within is smart, creative, elusive, and persistent

So to make major changes in our lives, we must be thoroughly prepared to combat the Rebel Within.

And we can expect a long fight, for the Rebel will be with us for our entire lives. We gain freedom from the Rebel Within only by learning how it operates and how we can step around its influence.

In this series of four coaching sessions, your client will learn about the very real self-sabotaging behavior that stands in the way of their personal development and most desired life outcomes. They will get to know their Rebel Within intimately way and recognize the fear-based campaigns it uses against them.

In exploring their Rebel Within in such a personal way, the client will gain an advantage against a clever enemy. They’ll take back the power that they’ll need to create significant life changes.

Learning Outcomes

During this coaching program, your clients will discover:

  • How to identify the voice of their Rebel Within, and separate its voice from their own
  • 7 ways the Rebel Within tries to prevent them from acting and changing their lives — and how to break its hold
  • 2 powerful techniques for taming the incessant negative dialog of the Rebel Within
  • A simple but powerful way to counteract the fear that the Rebel Within creates
  • How to recognize and work with the Rebel when it speaks valuable truths
  • How to disregard, alter, question or eliminate the Rebel’s messages when they don’t serve the client
  • And much, much more…

Program Contents

Insights: What is the Rebel Within?

  • Activity: Client identifies the voice of their Rebel Within
  • Homework: “Identifying the Negative Thoughts I Have”

Vision: Getting to Know My Rebel Within

  • Pre-work: “Beginning to Flesh Out My Rebel Within”
  • Activity: Client works at identifying the most prevalent negative messaging coming from their Rebel Within
  • Homework: “Self-Praise”

Options: Combating My Rebel Within’s Tactics

  • Pre-work: “Cause of Fear”
  • Activity: Client is introduced to a simple but powerful way to counteract the fear that the Rebel Within creates

Action: Working with My Rebel Within

  • Pre-work: “Reminding Myself of the Truth”
  • Activity: Client explores new perspectives needed for he/she to effectively manage their Rebel Within moving forward
  • Homework: “Retirement Party”

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