Optimizing Nutrition And Health Through Clinical Applications



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Optimizing Nutrition And Health Through Clinical Applications

This course is for nutritionists and dieticians seeking to truly individualize and optimize their nutritional planning by adding precision genetic medicine to their practice. Anyone seeking to learn more about the role of genetics and epigenetics in nutritional health will find each session packed with valuable information.

During this series you will learn:

• The role of epigenetics in pre and post conception and the impact on long term fetus and child health.

• How epigenetics impacts the mechanisms of the body that relate to obesity, weight gain and nutritional absorption.

• Lifestyle interventions to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.
• The epigenetics of the mediterranean and ketogenic diet

If you wish to learn more about Epigenetic Human Performance and Nutrition Optimization, Apeiron Academy’s Epigenetic Level 1 Coaching Certification is approved for 24 CEU credits and NTA members can currently get $500 off using promo code “NTA”.

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The links below will contain the class replay, download links for slides and other relevant items, as well as links to your certificate of completion. The pages will go live approximately 24 hours after the live class.

This certificate will need to be provided to NTA in order to receive your CEU credit.

› Preconception Epigenetics

› Pregnancy and Lactation Epigenetics

› Epigenetics and Obesity

› Cognitive Optimization: What we Know from Epigenetics – Live Class 09.24 5pm EST

› The Epigenetics of the Mediterranean Diet – Live Class 10.22 5pm EST

› The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet – Live Class 11.26 5pm EST

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