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NLP Comprehensive – NLP Practitioner 2004

Do you want to begin to use NLP in your business and/or personal life…learning at your own pace, when and where you want to?Do you want to learn from the best of the best? Teachers who have contributed to the entire field of NLP? The NLP Comprehensive Portable Practitioner Program is the training that comes to you! On 37 DVDs, complete manual and table of contents, it’s the only NLP distance learning course that gives you a FULL 20 DAY training program. For a good “Look Inside” click “See all 9 images” link to the left. People study NLP for many reasons, including: o To easily understand what others are really thinking o Create effective relationships and communications o Effortlessly set worthwhile outcomes o Learn faster in any context o Quickly gather high quality information o Locate the leverage points; know how to use them o Influence with integrity o Motivate others more easily o Gain agreement, even with the most difficult types o Be respected by people as an adviser and leader This complete training includes the seven major NLP models and over 60 NLP processes and patterns. And you get a whole lot more than just a written description. You get the full experience of being in the training with explanation of how, when, where, and with whom to use each model, process and pattern. You’ll be get this right from the top trainers of NLP Comprehensive with over 100 years of experience as NLP Trainers and Developers. You also get, exclusively, online Question and Answer support from our NLP training coaches. You get 37 DVD’s, a complete manual in pdf, the Jump Start Guide, and 3 more bonuses. For a good “Look Inside” click “See all 9 images” link to the left, and then Click Add to Cart & take advantage of this early bird version!

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