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Mitchell Harper – Revenue Growth Blueprint

Revenue Growth Blueprint is a 7-week online course taught personally by 6x founder, entrepreneur, advisor and investor Mitchell Harper. The course is designed to help you build your business towards $10,000,000 in revenue faster, with fewer mistakes and less stress.

The training is based on everything Mitch has learned over the last 15 years building 6 companies, hiring over 500 people, raising $100,000,000 from investors and creating products that have been bought by over 250,000 customers.
Revenue Growth Blueprint covers absolutely everything required to build your business and grow your revenue dramatically, including product creation, customer development, marketing at scale, hiring top talent and raising capital from investors.
Plus, you’re backed by an unprecedented “double guarantee”. Read below to learn more.
Watch A Training Video From The Course
Week 3, Video 1: My 8 Rules Of Great Products
This video is taken straight from Revenue Growth Blueprint. Each week of training includes 5-8 videos just like this.
Week 1: Build Your Success Plan
Discover how to dramatically boost your productivity and get more accomplished in less time
Learn how to deal with the constant ups and downs of building a business and master your psychology
Determine your outcome, which the reason you created your business in the first place – and build a plan to get you there, faster
Understand the 4 very different phases of growth that every business goes through
Week 2: Determine Your Perfect Customer
Determine who your best customers are and why they bought your product over the competition
Craft your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, which magnetizes and draws in new customers
How to validate demand for a product before you “scale up” and spend money on marketing / customer acquisition
Why and how to build a customer advisory board that will help improve your product and create absolute customer loyalty
Week 3: Create Irresistible Products
My step-by-step process to build “perfect” products that your customers will buy and tell everyone about
How to validate demand for any product before you “scale up” and spend money on marketing / customer acquisition
How to validate a new product idea before you spend any money building or marketing it
How to create an automated customer feedback loop which will dramatically improve retention and reduce churn
Week 4: Drive A Stampede Of Customers (Part I)
Learn the only 3 marketing metrics you need, what they mean and where they need to be to ensure fast revenue growth
I’ll walk you through how to fix your “leaky funnel” before you spend another dollar on marketing, to dramatically boost your conversion rates
How to build a huge, targeted email list using content marketing and marketing automation – and then turn them in to customers
How to tell a compelling story that makes your brand unique and interesting and positions you as the category leader
A “behind-the-scenes” look at one of my funnels that brings in almost 1,000 new email subscribers every day, from free traffic
A walk-through of my entire email subscriber workflow in Mailchimp which has added 131,700 subscribers in the last 4 months
Week 5: Drive A Stampede Of Customers (Part II)
A masterclass on paid customer acquisition strategies using Facebook Ads
A “click-by-click” case study showing how I spent $350 on a website that gets 60M visitors per month and generated $308,000 in lifetime revenue
Growth hacking strategies to drive an army of customers using contests, Slideshare, retargeting and more
My “blueprint” to create and upsell additional products that dramatically increase your revenue per customer
Week 6: Hiring A-Players
I’ll walk you through my entire process to find, hire and retain the best talent in the world
I’ll teach you exactly how I hired top talent AWAY from billion dollar companies like Salesforce and Google
Learn how to create an amazing company culture that becomes self-sustaining over time
Case study: how I spent $20,000 on a “P.R.stunt”to hire 9 people and generate $200,000 in TV and online exposure
Week 7: Raising Capital From Investors
I break down the exact process I used to ATTRACT, PITCH and CLOSE some of the best investors in the world, including Steve Case (the founder of AOL)
At the time I had no track record, no network and was living in Australia trying to build a software company above a cell phone shop
I’ll walk you through one of my REAL pitch decks which resulted in 3 term sheets within 7 days
We’ll walk through the entire process so you understand how investors think, the kinds of companies they’re looking to invest in, etc
Bonus: Direct Access To Me For 12 Months
The next-best thing to working with me one-on-one, which I charge $5,000/month for, via my consulting services
Ask me anything you like about building your business, via our private, member’s-only portal
See questions asked by hundreds of other founders as well as my responses
My average response time is currently less than 2 hours and you get this access directly to me for 12 months
You’re Protected By My “Double Guarantee”
I’ve been building companies for 15 years and what you’re about to learn works incredibly well. It is my entire “blueprint” for building successful companies quickly. I’m so confident Revenue Growth Blueprint will double your revenue at a minimum, that I’m happy to “put my money where my mouth is” and offer you my unprecedented double guarantee.

I’m here with you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you out, but if you don’t get the result you want, I don’t want your money. It’s really that simple. What you’re about to learn will unlock growth in your company that you never thought possible. All you have to do is watch the videos and implement what I teach you.

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