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Mike Murphy – The Creation Frequency


20 Learning Modules

There are 20 learning modules featuring teaching videos where I will unwrap the entire Creation Frequency process. Each learning module offers a tactical exercise specifically formulated to incrementally help you build your entire Creation Frequency process.

Creation Frequency Online Journal

In addition, our e-learning platform features an online Creation Frequency Journal so that you can track your progress and gain inner clarity when needed.

Creation Frequency Community

With your participation in the online course you also get access to our virtual Creation Frequency Community, where you can post your successes and be inspired by others. I monitor this community personally and so look forward to offering you my support.

Creation Frequency Blueprint

​The most valuable aspect of participating in the online course is the production of your very own Creation Frequency Blueprint. This is your personal manifesto for how you will tap into The Creation Frequency to create the life of your dreams.

Creation Frequency Transmitter

​I’ll guide you through the process of creating your Transmitter, the technology for broadcasting your intentions into the universe where I believe the atoms literally rearrange themselves to create the life of your dreams.


​Career & Vocation

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Career & Vocation”

​Family & Relationships

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Family & Relationships”

Service & Contribution

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Service & Contribution”

Physical Health & Well-Being

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Physical Health & Well-Being”

Personal & Spiritual Development

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Personal & Spiritual Development”

Money & Material Possessions

​The Creation Frequency Impacts Your Life in the Area of “Money & Material Possessions”


Learn to tap into infinite potentialities to manifest the highest possibilities of your heart.
​Use the power of your mind to bring about your desired outcomes.
​Learn to partner with the Universe to guide the creative energy toward your desires.
​Uncover and change limiting beliefs that are hindering your success.
​Move from a fear based existence to love based consciousness.
​Create powerful intentions that resonate out into the Universe.
​Learn to manifest your desires and intentions faster, through a heart-space of love.
​Explore how the subconscious mind works and make it work for you.
​Rewire your programmed thinking to new thoughts that create true freedom living in infinite possibility with peace and joy in your heart.
​Learn to be better in tune and greater harmony with the quickening frequency of the earth and of human consciousness.
​Live your unique purpose.
​Experience profound fulfillment and joy.

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