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Max Maxwell & Nasar El-Arabi – Only 1 Deal Away

The Hosts of the One Deal Away Webinar
Max Maxwell
It took Max 3 weeks and many sleepless nights at YouTube University to get his first wholesale deal. That was back in 2016…Since then he’s built a multi-million dollar real estate company by wholesaling and renovating properties.
His Facebook group “Wholesaling Houses Elite” has over 100 thousand members and his YouTube channel has surpassed 200K subscribers with 300+ videos teaching people how to make money in real estate with little to no start up capital.

Nasar El-Arabi
Nasar’s road was rocky at the start when he lost $7,000 on a “fixer upper” but the greats learn from their mistakes and after 8 months of grinding Nas locked up his first deal. Today the Original DORU (not a guru because he actually does this business) brings in 7 figures a year wholesaling and building new homes.


Wholesaling 101
Lots of people glaze over the basics of wholesaling and flash a check or a stack of cash in front of you without telling you how they got there. We tell you how we got started and the methods we still use in our businesses to this day. Looking for an explanation of what wholesaling is…we got you covered.

How to Break the Golden Handcuffs
Time is your most valuable asset and many of you are stuck in 9-5 jobs with no end in sight. For some having a six figure career and comfortable lifestyle makes it hard to reach for more Wholesaling has allowed thousands of people to leave their day job and invest in real estate full-time.

How Max and Nasar got Their 1st Deals
For Max it only took 3 weeks to lock up his first wholesale deal to the tune of $14,000. Nasar on the other hand took nearly 8 months to complete his first deal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, what matters is can you do it again?

You Don’t Need a Magic List
A common misconception when starting in this business is the need for the perfect list of potential sellers. It doesn’t exist! Your focus should be on solving a specific problem the seller has such as: Tax Liens or Probate. Being really good at one area of this business will take you a long way.

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