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Matt Began – Bank Financing And Unsecured Lines Of Credit

I’ve had well over 2000 bank loans in the last 15 years. I live it every single day.

Listen, after the crash of 2008 the banking world was thrown on its head.

Risky “no-doc” loans vanished overnight and from that point on the rules were changed.

And from that point on the new rules had been established. The challenge was nobody knew the rules.

By 2008 I had built a portfolio of houses. I was using bank financing to keep a lot of the houses but I remember the exact day my banker called me and said:

“Matt, due to the financial meltdown going on around the nation we are no longer able to do the loans we have been doing for you. The regulators have put a halt to those types of loans.”

My heart sank. I was starting over from scratch at a point where I was just starting to get momentum.

So here is what I did.

I had a yellow phone book in the front seat of my car. And every time I went on a drive, I was calling banks. I was asking them questions about these “new rules”.

I spent the next several months learning these new rules. I must have called 1000 banks. I burned through the phonebook.

No exaggeration.

And it worked. I cracked the code. And over the next 4 years, I added 450 houses to my portfolio. All using bank financing.

I have never really shared my knowledge about banks, credit, and financing. Just small bits and pieces.

Well, I finally carved the time out of my schedule to build the ultimate training program on bank financing, unsecured lines of credit, credit cards, and credit scores.

Here is what you will learn in this program:

The most efficient way to find banks that will lend money to you

Complete credit score breakdown and how to hack the system to increase your score

The top 5 things a banker wants to see to get you approved

How to find unsecured lines of credit and banks that will lend

How to make money from credit cards

Why business lines of credit are easier to get and how to get them

How to have a virtual assistant do much of the leg work for you

The “one phrase” you must use in every single bank interview

Three things a banker wants to hear about and why nobody gets it right

How to use the “2 Bank” system to get unlimited funding for deals

How to “bulge” a credit line and why it’s so powerful

How to create cash out of thin air if you have this one thing set up

How to know within 4 minutes if a banker can give you an unsecured line of credit

The top 2 places to get unsecured lines of credit

Which credit card companies are the easiest to get approved with

The best “type” of banks to get investment property loans

How to play subliminal “chess” with a banker to get your loan approved

Why you must have this one thing in place before anything else if you want loans

And Much, Much More!


Bank Financing Guide E-Book

2 Hours of Bank Financing Videos (Instant Access)

Hour session 1 – Credit Card Hacks!

Hour session 2 – Get Bankers to Say Yes!

Hour session 3 – Improve Your Credit Score!

Hour session 4 – The Perfect Financial Statement!

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