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Kassa Small – Master Rendering To Save Time

Master Rendering To Save Time was designed specifically to teach architecture students and graduates how to truly understand their rendering software in order to produce realistic renders in less time. The course covers pain points that almost all architecture students share in common; developing a work-flow, creating realistic lighting, creating accurate materials, applying textures and producing photo realistic final renders. Ingosy Branding and Visualization has designed and structured the course to be completed in as little as one weekend. That way students can get right back into creating studio projects, designing their portfolio or applying to graduate schools with their new skill set.

The course is taught using 3ds Max and Fstorm Render. We have rendered using all types of programs and rendering engines and decided on this combination for the course because it best suits what students and recent graduates need. 3ds Max is hands down the best modeling software to use for rendering. However, this course doesn’t ask anyone to remodel anything. We show you how to import your models from your favourite programs; Rhino, Revit and SketchUp.

In school, the program most of us “learn” first is Vray. We think it is time to move on to something better, faster and less expensive. This course is taught using Fstorm Render which produces higher quality renders while remaining in the budget range of all university students at $30. Let’s leave the $1180 Vray for the big agencies and studios.


– How to manage files, develop a consistent work-flow and improve 3D modeling

– How to create and control sun, lights, HDRIs and IES lighting

– How to create and control materials from the simple to the super complex; glass, metal, wood, hammered copper and scratched aged dusty wood

– How to prop a scene using our favourite online resources, plug-ins and techniques

– How to setup cameras, compose a scene, tweak render settings to save time and post production tips and tricks

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