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Joseph Riggio – NJ Foolish Wisdom

This workshop is an opportunity to work with Joseph in a small, semi-private, intimate group intensely and inexpensively to experience the power of the model of transformational performance he’s been developing and refining for over twenty years, beginning in 1990, the Mythogenic Self Process.

Joseph works with clients from around the world helping them solve intractable challenges and finding ways of acting in their lives, relationships, careers and businesses that work for them despite feeling lost or stuck on their own.

The key distinction about the way Joseph works is that the outcomes he helps his clients arrive are about making decisions and taking action by looking at the world in new ways, building a new positively oriented lens for experiencng the events of your life, and accessing the keys to become and remain motivated to act in your own best interests, and that of others.

The Foolish Wisdom workshop is not about “FEELING” BETTER, but remaining “as you are” … instead this is about transformational change and significant performance improvement … BEING BETTER!

“I teach people to wake up to their true gifts, to become adults in a world of children … to set the direction for their lives despite the overwhelming imposition of others and the world-at-large that suggest they do otherwise … to make the changes necessary to instigating transformation leading to having the experience of YOUR life.”

– Joseph Riggio

There is no other format where Joseph works as informally and closely with a group about what they bring through the door than in the Foolish Wisdom workshops he runs. This is his playground to explore ways of working with clients … and now it can be yours as well.

In a small, semi-private, intimate group you’ll have the chance to experience the same kind of work Joseph does with his exclusive, private clients in one-to-one intensive retreats for thousands of dollars a session for pennies on the dollar, because Joseph wants to open the path to access this work with him for almost anyone who wants it.

“If you are ready, and want to explore a way of being powerful and potent in your life with an extraordinary master of transformational change and performance improvement, than this workshop is for you.”





28 JANUARY 2017

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Hey I want to to take a moment to directly thank you for taking a look at the 2017 Foolish Wisdom workshop with me. It’s both a privilege and an incredible opportunity to help you take a leap forward to the next level in your life, regardless of wherever you are starting from today. 

I know that sounds like an outrageous promise, but this program is unique in so many ways … even in relation to my previous Foolish Wisdom programs. I’ve recently revisited the design of my work with clients privately and in groups based on the MythoSelf Process model, and update major portions of how I’m now doing what I do with clients.

Some of the changes I’ve made will be familiar looking to some folks, other things may appear like radical changes, even to the point of being contradictory to what you might expect from me.

One of the things you’ll notice in this program is that I’ve gone back to my roots as a storyteller, using stories and metaphors as the primary mechanism to provoke transformational change with you when you’re sitting with me in the room or viewing via the simulcast livestream or the program recordings. This is really “old school” for me, but if you’re paying attention you’ll notice how truly conversational this way of working can be in the way I’m now applying it.

Another thing you may notice is how much I’ve begun integrating all of the developmental modeling I’ve been delving into for the last fifteen years … bits and pieces I’ve woven into a complete tapestry of my own from the work of Clare Graves, Jane Loevinger, Robert Kegan, Jerome Kagan, and a personal friend and colleague Dudley Lynch. This work is now deeply present in virtually everything I’m currently doing professionally, and believe me you’ll deeply feel the effect once you’ve experinced it for yourself. 

The third and final thing I’ll mention here is the updating to the original MythoSelf Process model based on the most current neurocognitive research as they apply to transformational change. This material for me isn’t about  anatomy or physiology at a neurological level, I leave that for the scientists who are doing the fundamental work to uncover the mysteries of the brain. 

Instead I’m taking the findings of these scientists and placing them alongside my own applied research about how tranformational change and extraordinary performance breakthroughs happen. In our work together you’ll literally feel your mind changing as we manipulate the mechanisms you use to construct your worldview and the ways you interact with ideas, people, things and the action you take … as well as the action you’ve failed to take up until now. 

To make it as simple as can be, this work is about getting unstuck from what’s limited you and designing a future that is precisely aligned to who you are and what’s possible for you uniquely. I both invite and encourage you to come along and take the next steps in the journey of your life … I’ll keep a space ready and open for you …

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D, Cobble Hill Farm, Stockton, NJ

Architect & Designer of the MythoSelf Process and SomaSemantics

NOTE: In Joseph’s opinion the power of working in a group setting cannot be overestimated for this kind of an experience. Joseph regularlly invites his private clients, and members of his high-end Private Access membership programs to attend these programs because he feels that there is no other format where you can so powerfully and potently experience the effect of change on yourself and others than in a group setting … consider this seriously.

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