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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 4.0

Any internet marketer who develops his own products or services knows very well that a launch can make it or break it. A well-done, thoroughly planned launch is critical for the success of a business. There are situations in which a product or service may take off even without a proper launch, but with heaps more trouble and worries for the business owner. One can learn how to plan a great launch from programs like Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. This article is going to review this course and the benefits it could bring your business.
Planning Is The Most Important Part

One should never ignore detailed planning in order to have a successful product launch. Unfortunately, there are many internet marketers who spend a huge amount of resources on product development, only to realize that they don’t have enough money to make it known to their target group.

Product Launch Formula 4.0 underlines the key milestones of a product launch and what you should do at each of these stages. These milestones are the following:

A few weeks before the launch
A few days before the launch
The moment before the launch
The launch itself
The interval of time after the launch

If you make a plan for each of these key moments, you have all the chances to make the most out of your launch day and enjoy fast and substantial profits.
Scarcity as A Purchase Motivator

You probably know already that no business has an endless supply of resources. When you launch a product or service, you should be able to deliver for all people who want to become your customers. If, for instance, your bandwidth is exceeded, you may end up with making your customers angry and unsatisfied. It’s best to limit the number of products you want to release in the initial stage, therefore you should set a door closing boundary. If you offer only a limited number of slots over a limited period of time, people will hurry up to secure their spot. This is a social psychology and persuasion technique that has been proven to work. If you consider so, you may reopen the gates at a subsequent date, when you’ll have enough bandwidth available for your new customers. Watch Jeff’s v3 Video on Product Launches here.

You should keep in mind that there is something more important that the financial aspect, at least in the beginning. This is your chance to convert people from simple visitors to customers and then to convinced fans and evangelists of your product and of your business and name in general. People are the most important asset, therefore a great launch should aim at bringing them closer to you.
Preparation – There’s Nothing More Effective Than Spontaneity You Bring From Home

If the launch is the tip of the iceberg, preparation is the underwater part. This means that only 10% will be what your customers will see. The rest of 90% is your preparation, which should start very early, even one year before the launch date. There are millions of things to check and make sure they will work, thousands of materials that need to be well-thought and developed, then spread out to your potential clients.

You should pay a special attention to technical issues such as broken links in your web pages and pdf files, slow databases, email delivery delays or customer support problems. Among the things that should be prepared quite a long time in advance are sales videos and letters, autoresponders for your email campaigns, merchant account suppliers and all elements of the product itself. It is worth mentioning here that all phases of an email marketing campaign should have their autoresponders set up and checked before the launch day. You can’t afford to be squeezed by deadlines after people joined your program. You may watch Jeff’s v3 Video on Product Launches here.
Great News for Your Next Product Launch

Jeff’s formula is a complete package which may or may not entirely fit your product launch. You can pick and implement only those elements that will help your specific case. The really important thing is to learn how to plan and implement your launch actions and to become familiar with the basics of a correct launch planning. You can take it from there and adapt everything to your particular product.

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