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Jason Linett – Hypnotic Workers & Hypnotic Business Systems

Dear Hypnotist,

Good to meet you. I’m Jason Linett. I’ve had a passion for hypnosis ever since a stage hypnotist appeared at my college in 2001. As I grew in my trainings, certifications, and eventual launch of my business, a startling truth quickly became aware to me.

Hypnotists aren’t business people.

This should make sense, right? We’re hypnotists. Some of us are on stage performing comedy. Others are in private sessions seeing clients. That should be our focus, right?


The success of your business is directly related to the success of your strategies. When I first got started, I was given a lot of bad information. I went thousands of dollars into debt doing all the wrong things.

Then I started to learn the right things.

I learned how to build a massive following. I learned how to establish myself as THE expert in my local market. I learned how to navigate a potential client from a state of curiosity into a sense of readiness to take action.

What are your goals?
Would you like to transition from part-time to full-time practice?
Have you not yet crossed the six-figure-income barrier?
Are you making enough money?
Would you like to spend more time with your family?
Do you find yourself wanting to bang your head into the keyboard when it comes time to build websites?
Are you spending too much time running your business?
Are there conventions you wish to attend but cannot afford?
Do you want to help more people?
Don’t you deserve a vacation?
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Take the Tour Inside

I often say that “it’s rarely the platform, it’s almost always the strategy.” Together, we’ll lay the foundation for how you think about, and grow your hypnosis business. Just a few of these mindset adjustments can take simple business strategies and turn them from good to GREAT!

What if you could design your hypnosis business in such a way that it virtually runs itself? When you learn how to design your business in a “sales funnel,” you’ll learn how to attract the right clientele, only spend your time delivering your marketing message to viable clients, and also learn how to maximize your potential profits.

Get paid! If we’re going to talk business, we need to talk about money. Learn strategies for pricing your services ethically and appropriately. You’ll also learn how to package your services for better income and better outcomes. Make it rain. Don’t Google that.

The techniques taught in this segment have earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn a proven, tested system for taking control of the incoming call and navigating your contact from an unsophisticated lead to a paying client. Take note… I don’t do live consultations! Maximize your time as you only spend your live hours getting paid!

If you build it, they will come. Or not. This module is all about ACTIVE strategies to grow your business. As you learn how to network and give presentations that fill your office, you’ll have “systems” you’ll know how to replicate easily and frequently to grow your business. This segment alone has built dozens of successful practices of past students. Get out there, and talk about hypnosis!

Most hypnotists’ websites suck. There. I said it. In this module, not only will you learn the formatting and style I’ve tested to make your website sell your services the best, but you will also see me navigate through dozens of other websites, and point out the appropriate changes that can be made to improve the results. You’ll also see on-screen demonstrations of how you can either quickly build sites yourself OR outsource the task to others.

You might be able to turn your clients into raving fans, but it’s better if you have PROOF of their experience! Learn the systems I’ve designed to get feedback from virtually every client I work with. It’s a simple strategy of HOW and WHEN to ask for a testimonial, plus the strategies I’ve developed to direct them to online posts to publicly share their success story!

Paying for print advertising can be risky and expensive. Learn the strategies I’ve used and trained others to get FRONT PAGE newspaper coverage, television appearances, radio spots… all for free! This is media coverage you cannot buy, and when you learn the RIGHT systems to approach media outlets, you’ll watch your business grow!

Online videos are THE strategy for business growth in the 21st century. Learn my techniques and tools for this method of BIG success. Engage your audiences in brand new ways, and watch your profit grow. Let your clients meet you, even before they come into your office.

What good is your website if you cannot be found online? You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get found online. Content is king, and in this segment, you’ll learn strategies to travel up the search listings. The lectures will tell you what content to build, and the screenshot-tutorials will show you how it’s all done. Learn how to find out what your potential clients are typing into search engines!


It looks like I do a lot of stuff. I’ll be honest. I don’t do most of it. Learn the RIGHT strategies to hire outsources, communicate your needs appropriately, and build relationships with your virtual team. You might think “I can’t afford to hire,” and you’ll learn the truth is that you can’t afford NOT to hire others. And let’s be fair. You’re an outstanding hypnosis. You’re a crappy website designer. Hire someone else. I’ll show you how I do it.

Get ready for a wild ride. The world has become a lot smaller, and webinars are my “magic” method to gather a huge audience, give outstanding value, and convert many of the attendees into paying clients. This strategy alone is what doubled my business years ago, and you’ll learn the systems, the software, and take a ride through “Anatomy of a Webinar,” and intensive module where you watch me set up an online event with hundreds of attendees step-by-step.

Podcasting has been heralded as the ultimate way to dominate a niche market in the 21st century. Hosting your own online radio program is an incredible method to spread awareness of your services. My “Work Smart Hypnosis” podcast has been downloaded more than 50,000 times by practitioners around the world, and I’ll take you on the inside to see how this media-machine works. Wait until you see “The Podcasting Triangle,” a content-creation system that makes production easy!


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