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Jason Hornung – Facebook Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp 2.0

Here’s what you’re getting

The NEW and UPDATED 2017 Edition of FB Ads Profit Maximizer Bootcamp The MISSING PIECE to creating ads with high quality scores that Facebook loves AND converts clicks into clients, customers and cash… like clockwork.
(Watch video above for a full walkthrough of what you’re getting today…)
  • Set Yourself Up For Profits From Day One: As you follow along, you’ll be putting to use the same no-hassle systemwe use to run our clients’ profitable FB ads campaigns, right from step one. You’ll create WINNING ADS, consistently and dependably. Going through each of the 3 phases to building your campaigns…you’ll feel in FULL CONTROL… because you’ve attained the MINDSET needed to scaling up quickly from $0 up to $100…$500…$1000…$5000 DAYS!
  • FOLLOW THE GUARANTEED PROFITABILITY FORMULA™: Next, you’ll be warming your hands upas you discover our trademarked Guaranteed Profitability Formula™! With this formula now in your hands…along with multiple Case Studies you’ll now be following along with… you’ll see exactlyhow this is such a fail-safe formula for GUARANTEED PROFITS at ANY SCALE…all by using GRADE SCHOOL MATH! (Just as Einstein had his formulas, you’ve now got yours!)
  • GATHER YOUR “MAGICAL INTEL”:With your Guaranteed Profitability Formula now in hand… You’ll need to gather some intel. But not just any intel! You’re going to bypass all the generic “find your perfect Avatar” mumbo-jumbo you typically hear about.
    Instead, you’ll use the same simple, step-by-step execution plan our agency uses. Before you know it, you’ll have the right buyers practically eating from the palm of your hand! And as you “reverse engineer” what your competitors are doing…peering into their strategies and processes… you’ll be saving so much TIME and EFFORT that it’ll feel like MAGIC!
    Just as magical is how you’ll be sailing smoothly from the gathering intel and planning data… to mining it for PURE GOLD. It couldn’t be easier because you just fire up the FREE TOOL I show you which practically hands your hyper-targeted buyers to you on a silver platter.
    Here’s where it begins to get reallyfun…
  • CREATE WINNING ADS: After you’ve targeted the FB gold, now you create your ads. It’s SO SIMPLE you may laugh out loud as you use our easy step-by-step processto create your first money pulling ad. The best part is, you’ll be using our amazingly effective RESULTS IN ADVANCE AD FRAMEWORK…It’s a recipe you’ll use to cook up profitable ads over and over again.
    Imagine the thrill of creating ads Facebook LOVES, your audience is magnetically drawn to and converts clicks into clients, customers and cash like clockwork for you, 24/7! No matter where you are in the world. No matter if you’re running errands, out on the golf course or picking up the kids from school.
    And imagine the relief from never worrying about logging in to your account one day and discovering your profitable ad is “DISAPPROVED”. It’s not a concern anymore because you followed our proven, ANTI-disapprovalapproach we laid out for you.
    You’ll also sleep well at night knowing you’ve leveraged our PRE-LAUNCH quality assurance “testing” process… which ensures you’re not wasting one thin dimebefore you start!
  • STETUP CAMPAIGN FOUNDATION FOR 1ST $25,000 WEEK: If ads are the bricks, then campaign set-up is the foundation for your first $25,000 a week FB campaign. You’ll use the EXACT INSIDER process we personally use when setting up rock-solid and virtually unbreakable WINNING FB CAMPAIGNS that SCALE.
    You may not realize it now, but you’ve saved yourself hours of time and frustration trying to figure out the FB Ads Manager and Power Editor all by yourself…
    And FINALLY you’ll have a foundation where you can build a campaign big and tall enough that can make a REAL DIFFERENCE in your financial future…maybe even set you up for life?
    …Do NOT be surprised if your friends, clients and colleagues grill you for information on how you’re doing it.!
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR ADS FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS:It’s getting exciting now isn’t it? Now, you’re going to take it to the next level!
    After you run through the optimization process you’re seeing your campaign PRODUCE A MINIMUM $2 to $1 RETURN on your ads spend!
    You may even discover, to your delight, that it’s not impossible to do 3:1 or 4:1 or more!
  • THE 3D PROFIT SCALING SYSTEM 2.0™:Now THIS is the moment you’ve been waiting for…
    Taking your campaign and SCALING IT UP!
    Here you’ll use Facebook’s algorithm to YOUR advantage. With several powerful methods to scale your Ads, like Fast Budget Scaling…before you know it, your profits could be growing from $0 to as much as $25,000 a week… maybe more. All without popping Tums over the heartburn of getting your Facebook ads disapproved or your account shut down.
    Life is good because you know your FB account is 100% safe and 100% compliant with Facebook, you’re getting 8, 9 and 10 quality scores and clicks are converting.
    Your biggest problem will be: How can I find new credit cards and ways to SPEND MORE on my ads?!?!
    Because when you’ve got a money machine that is printing $2 for every $1 you put in, you want to feed your machine as much as you can.
    You can feel safe and secure knowing you’ve got freshly updated content for 2017, confident you’re using what’s working RIGHT NOW to skyrocket your profits from $0 days to consistent $100, $500, $1k, $5k days and up!
    You’ll grin ear-to-ear as you discover how you can consistently get more daily leads and sales than ever before. (AKA: Potentially LOTS of extra daily revenue flowing to your bank account!) All because…You’re now leveraging FB’s new reporting, attribution and FB LiveAd models!
    While competition runs frantic as their campaigns are unexpectedly dive bombing from all the new updates… you’re calm as a clam as your profits are soaring higher and higher day after day!!
    FYI: We’re already seeing a 3:1 and even 4:1 return on every dollar we’re spending, and we see no signs of this letting up! As you start using these exciting new methods yourself, you may not be able to hit the refresh button fast enough as the leads and sales start rolling in like waves at high tide…Just imagine how great that’ll feel!!

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