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Jason Capital – Sales God


Thank you so much for reaching out about the Sales God Implementation Group!

I’d love to have you join us.

I’ve been working closely with entrepreneurs, biz owners and closers to unleash them as Sales Gods… so they start closing 80-90% of the prospects they talk to (like we usually do inside my company).

So far the results have been amazing. I have two Millionaire Students so far. (Their names are Steven Kieth and Kirby Robbins and Forbes is writing an article about us next month!)

I’d like to work with a few more students and turn them into Case Studies too. (Who knows, maybe you’ll even be my next Millionaire Student.)

We’re going to work closely together over the next 7 weeks to ramp your income up and install the Sales God Skillset into you so you close up to 80-90% of prospects too without being pushy.

Here’s a few of the things you’ll end up with:

– A power nearly everyone dreams of…life as a true Sales GOD. Where people come to you. Ask you to buy. Without being ‘pushy’ at all.

– The “1% Skill”. Warren Buffet called selling “the most valuable skill in the world”. And your chance to get rich online is bigger than ever with social media. My team closes $200,000 a month just on Instagram. No promises. But you’ll have the skill and my personal Sales God blueprint to produce some of the highest numbers in your field too.

– All the scripts you need, including my set of “urgency questions” that install the desire to buy now, not later.

– A stream of high-quality prospects using my Heavy Pipeline ProcessTM. You won’t need to be a guru to see your messages and calendar filled with prospects and appointments.

– All the emails you need to close “on the fence” prospects without being pushy. I’ve sold 10’s of millions of dollars via email. This is your chance to copy my results.

Here’s how it’ll work: You and I will work on the 3 parts of being a Sales God:

Sales God Persuasion. Use my 12 Influence SwitchesTM to win others to your way of thinking no matter what you’re selling.

Sales God Sub-Communications. We’ll use my Sub-Communication FrameworkTM and my Reality Distortion FrameworkTM to unleash your body language, eye contact and vocal tonality. The “holy grail” for you as a Sales God.

Sales God Structure. We’ll tap into many of my 17 Sales God Scripts. These scripts work for closing in any situation no matter what field you’re in. One was used to once close President Trump. You won’t find better scripts anywhere. You’ll get all of them.

Here’s how you and I will work together to make this happen:

The System: Delivered over 7 weeks via 90-120 minute pre-recorded trainings. You can watch these trainings at any time, day or night. Work through them fast, or take your time and absorb it all.

The Support: You’ll have access to me 6 days a week where you can get help on anything you’re working on inside a private Facebook Group. The other members, many of whom are already making 6- or 7-figures as Sales Gods, are there too giving you feedback. So we expect you to give back and share your wins and lessons with us too.

The Resources: You’ll get access each month to live sales calls between one of my top Sales Gods and their prospect. (If it’s not a sales call, it will be a live breakdown of the “chat conversation” they had that resulted in a close.) You’ll be able to model these conversations and closes immediately into your own business.

For this special Case Study Implementation Group, you’ll also get over $6,000 in free bonuses.


Bring me your biggest closing and selling questions. My “Cheat-Codes” bonus training will answer all of these questions and more for you.


I’m going to install the 4 Sales God Mindsets every Sales God has into your subconscious so it replaces the negative crap society forced into you.


You’ll see exactly how my team closes almost $200,000 a month on Instagram every month without being “pushy”.


My 7 scripted ways to trigger urgency so people buy instead of saying “let me think about it”. I learned much of this from my background in copywriting, where I sold over $40 million online before the age of 30.


I’m putting on a private event on the beach called the Sales God Intensive bringing in all the Sales God (including you!) so you can create valuable alliances and friendships with people just like you… I’ll also be walking you through what’s working best in my companies right now so you stay ahead of the curve.

The Sales God Intensive will not be publicized anywhere and tickets are not for sale.


This will be a personal 30-60 minute phone call for you. You’ll get this at the end of your training to make sure you’re all good for maximum success as a Sales God Speaker.

This is going to be an incredible experience if you’re ready for it. Normally I wouldn’t get to work this closely with you. The reason I’m doing it now is because I’m on the hunt for more millionaire students and case studies. I know giving you this level of attention is the fastest way for me to get that.

Class Curriculum

The Dark Arts

  • Power Positioning: Instant Expert
  • Power Positioning: The High Status Shortcut
  • Authority Decoded
  • The Overnight Celebrity Cheat Codes
  • The Step-By-Step “Celebrity Switch” Walkthrough
  • One Weird Way To Charge Premium Prices As A “Newbie”
  • 12 Ways To Increase Perceived Value
  • The Truth About Likeability
  • Dark Secrets To Make Nearly Anyone Like You
  • How To “Hijack” Prospects To Over Click And Over Buy
  • The Social Proof Bible
  • Jason Capital’s Favorite Dark Art Of Influence
  • An Unorthodox Way To Have Everyone Around You Indebted To You
  • How A Can Of Coca Cola Can Make You 6-Figures This Year
  • The Secret To Creating A Waterfall Of Sales
  • Creating Scarcity Through Social Demand
  • The Secret Assassin Of Power Influence
  • The A.P.E. Method To Closing The Sale
  • URGENT: Use This Dark Art Of Influence Today
  • 11 Ways To Embed Urgency Without Being Lame
  • The Last Trigger- NOT For Everyone
  • 5 Main Ways To Set Up A Red Velvet Rope Around Your Business
  • How To Make Prospects OBSESSED With You
  • The Dirty Little Cheat To Get Anyone To Tell You The Truth
  • Sway People To Your Side WITHOUT Any Back-And-Forth
  • One “Upside-Down” Way To Blow Past Sales Stalemates
  • The “Cash Words” That Close Anyone Who’s Closeable
  • WARNING: This May Make Clients ADDICTED To You (use carefully)
  • Advanced High-Status Hacks To Land The Deal
  • One Ninja Trick To Avoid Being Out Negotiated And “Bullied” By Sharp Clients
  • Make Anyone To Go Nearly Anywhere You Want
  • The Closest Thing I’ve Found To Mind Control
  • How To Make Anyone You Meet Think You’re Famous
  • How To Read Prospects Like A Book
  • One Weird Manuever That Makes You 431% More Trustworthy Than Your Competition
  • The Ultimate Environmental Hack To Close Deals
  • What Harvard Scientists Report On Increasing Authority And Credibility
  • Flip The Script And Have Prospects Sell YOU On Working With Them
  • Copy This Dark Arts Mirroring Method To Leapfrog Over The Competition
  • One Unorthodox Question To Get Leads Committed To Buy
  • The ONE WORD That Increases Compliance By 93%
  • Create Your Own “Reality Distortion Field” Step By Step
  • The Trick To Turn A “No” To A “Yes!” Without Being Needy
  • WARNING: You Must Be 18 Or Older To Learn THIS Dark Art Tactic

Phase Two – Sales God Live Training

  • Module 1 – The Quick Start Guide Into Selling
  • Module 2 – Why Selling Is Such A Vital Skill
  • Module 3 – Jason’s Daily Structure
  • Module 4 – Sales God
  • Module 5 – Tonality – The Deciding Factor
  • Module 6 – Body Language

IMPORTANT: Do You Want To Be My Next Millionaire Student?

  • Book Your One-on-One Gameplan Call Today

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