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Global Information Network Levels 1-5

This is a much more comprehensive set of GIN material than the other GIN torrent already on the site. There is so much content it’s almost impossible to summarize it all. Some of the highlights are below.
I gave up on Your Wish Is Your Command a few years ago as it dragged on and on seemingly going nowhere in the first few discs. It gets better. Trust me. Most of the material is not paced that slowly. If the pace is killing you, I recommend downloading the Pacemaker plugin for Winamp and increasing the speed by 10 or 11%. It made YWIYC much easier to digest for me. Don’t worry, that is definitely KT’s worst performance (except maybe for Know The Score where he tries to comes off as an asshole). It’s all uphill from there. After using BrainGain for a few days the little voice in my head told me to go back to this and it suddenly clicked in ways it never did before, so that might be worth trying if you aren’t “getting it.”
AFAIK just about everything made available to level 5 GIN members as of sometime in 2012 is here. It’s almost 10 times the size of the level 1-5 torrent here, so there is a LOT of content. Some of the highlights:

-Just about the entire reading list is already in the torrent
-Success Mastery Levels 1-5, plus additional live events for some levels
-There are a few audio programs in the reading list that relate, including a Think and Grow Rich
subliminal program and the Dan Kennedy Psycho Cybernetics audio product
-Tons of affiliate training for GIN, although a lot of it will transfer to non-GIN marketing
-Older Trudeau products are included like Mega Memory (a much easier place to start than
PMemory), Mega Math and Mega Reading as these are free for GIN members
-A bu nch of GIN events
-A bunch of GIN Platinum events
-A bunch of lectures from a bunch of people on a bunch of things (love that specificity, but it’s everything from health to money to mindset to all kinds of stuff)
One thing I would advise is that you ignore Kevin when he talks about reading The Law of Success in 16 Lessons. You want to read the 1925 version, which is on the tracker. I have heard he admits this at higher levels but do not know if that is true or not.
It would cost somewhere around 60-70 grand after all of the upgrade fees and Platinum Club fees to get all of this. The most amazing thing, is that if you get it, and you really use all of it, it would probably be worth it too.
The rest of the info taken from the other torrent:
The Level 1 Training Includes 5 Lessons:

Lesson 1: Your Wish is Your Command (14 CDs) – The infamous audio set that is been called the “Think and Grow Rich of our time” This CD set sets you up to be programmed for success learning the basics to how royalty and members of secret societies use the law of attraction and other powerful success principles you may have never heard of before.
Lesson 1.2: ITV Ventures Your Wish is Your Command (9 CDs) – The previous never heard of LIVE Your Wish is Your Command training before GIN was founded. The book by Ester and Jerry Hicks “Ask and it is Given” is used as this courses center teachings.
Lesson 2: Success Mastery Training from Zurich, Switzerland (4 CDs) – Membership training that goes even deeper beyond the Your Wish is Your Command program. Learn acts like: focusing on a thought for 68 seconds is equal to 2000 hours of activity and much more.
Lesson 3 – Success Mastery Training from Germany (4 CDs) – Membership training that goes even deeper beyond the Your Wish is Your Command program. Learn a powerful block clearing method to demolish attracting negative manifestations.
Lesson 4: Patton on Leadership (4 CDs) – Learn the success behaviors from one of the most successful war generals of our time. Here you learn how the same principles in leadership used in battle can be used and applied in your business.

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Lesson 5: Know the Score (5 CDs) – Kevin teaching his senior executives to use score boards and the power of the mind to move up profits and statistics. In this training you get a first hand view on how Kevin runs his teams to create Billions of dollars in sales with a fly on the wall audio recording. (5 CDs)

The Level 2 Training 2 Day Intensive (6 CDs) – Moving to level 2 requires you to know the level 1 training more in depth and with unconscious competence. Here you learn how to use negative emotion to engage heavy particle flow towards your chief aim and learn the difference between “attracting” you desires and “creating” you desires.
The Level 3 Training 3 Day Intensive (7 CDs) – Going even deeper into the training you learn a very powerful clearing method that releases failure patterns. Most people don’t know that broken commitments and agreements that started in younger years not only carry over to today, but actually grow into mega patterns of self sabotage and failure.
This is the main theme of level 3, lots more goodies within the training.
The Level 4 Training Complete Unconscious Competence(62 CDs) – In this level we take all the knowledge, facts, stories and studies taught from levels 1,2 and 3, and use this incredible system to then learn them at a subconscious level.
This program is structured much like a language learning program where you are quizzed, saying the concepts out loud, telling the stories and teaching yourself that allows this incredible information to be REALLY known.
There isn’t any other program like this in self development that I am aware of.
The Level 5 Training Elite Business Skils (12 CDs) – Now that you’ve learned most of how to have a super successful mindset that manifests anything and everything you want, we now learn “the doing.”

From having a “Goodwill File” to proper business etiquette and even how to delegate but more importantly replicate your actions for employees.
A special training (CD 11) is an audio clearing with specific sound tones that correlate with the same frequencies as common energy blocks. While tones are sounded you are guided through specific affirmations, memories and thoughts to help clear what has held you back all your life.
The Inner Circle Training (4 CDs): – As stated above, members paid $50,000 to have access to this LIVE training. This is specific instruction on how to utilize a group to use magnified power of manifestation. You’ll learn focusing techniques, writing techniques and ways to prepare yourself for when you set your intuition to manifest your desires.

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