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Fiona Moore – Awaken Your Heart

How freedom from struggle is possible – by learning to fall in love with yourself.

It’s often said that happiness and health are our birthright. Yet, if this is true, how is it that you can find yourself anxious, depressed or ill, struggling to make your life work?

You may have been on the path of self growth and transformation a while, perhaps you’ve tried different programs or self development strategies, or you may be feeling a new impulse that makes you curious about what your life holds. Either way, you’ll notice that trying to change yourself or your life requires considerable effort and doesn’t always work.

There’s a reason for this. Spending your time and energy trying to create happiness and wellbeing is a bit like trying to capture shadows dancing on a wall. It’s impossible to catch a shadow. It is possible, however, to turn towards the light which creates shadows, and discover the source of what you’re seeking.

Nothing about you or your life needs fixing

There’s a problem with the ‘fix it’ approach to life. When you’ve fixed one thing about yourself, or your body, or life, something else doesn’t seem right and happiness keeps eluding you. The self improvement model tends to lead to struggle, whether it’s with your body, relationships or bank account, instead of opening the way to peace.

Fortunately there is a way to live that is grounded in peace and wellbeing, where your happiness and satisfaction is not dependent on what’s going on, or not going on, around you.

Contrary to many models of self help, I invite you into the idea that pain and struggle are an invitation to take a journey, probably the most important journey you’ll ever make, to discover your inner wholeness and wellbeing that never leaves you.

If you cut your finger, providing the cut is clean, the healing intelligence in your body mends the wound. This healing intelligence doesn’t belong to you, it exists as a field of intelligence that gives birth to the stars and moves ocean tides.

When you learn how to connect to this field of intelligence you discover that it is predisposed to heal and support you. In the broadest sense, the nature of this intelligence is love. Unconditional love. This is your true nature too. At your core you are unconditional love.

Live from your inner wholeness for profound healing and a new world of possibilities

If you’re like most people you likely figured out, as a child, that to be accepted, you needed to behave in certain ways to gain approval. This kind of early conditioning tends to create a disconnect with your essence and can lead to a lifetime of subtle, or loud, self judgement and discontent with life.

Thankfully, your essence, or core of unconditional love, never leaves you. Remarkable things begin to happen when you re-gain the ability to anchor into the essence of love at your core.

Instead of your experience being shaped out of ideas and beliefs that undermine you, the pathway for your well-being begins to reveal itself. Insights and healing arise naturally. You begin to connect with your body, others and the world informed by an your inner wisdom. Your living becomes aligned with your higher purpose – freeing you to create a deeply satisfying and meaningful life.

Introducing Awaken your Heart:

In Awaken your Heart you’ll learn how to engage unconditional love for profound healing – on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This transformation becomes the gateway to fulfill your deepest desires.

You won’t be learning a strategy or technique. The principles in the program are found in all major spiritual traditions, and frontier sciences. What is more important; they are already alive within and around you. During the program you will remember what you already deeply know; that you are a flow of unconditional love and intelligence in a body.

A brief overview of the benefits of Awaken your Heart:

  • Move beyond feeling powerless and a victim of life into feeling empowered and clear about your higher purpose.
  • Learn how to access inner peace and resilience, no matter what life is challenging you with.
  • Transform and heal past hurts and trauma in a way that supports the rapid healing of your physical body.
  • Turn resistance, stuckness and procrastination into fresh motivation and interest in life.
  • Dissolve negative, fearful or limiting patterns of thought into inspiration and higher guidance.
  • Create a clear connection to your life force energy, that nourishes and fulfills you moment to moment in your everyday life.
  • Become a healing presence for others.

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