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Eric Chen‎ – The Adwords Bootcamp 2017

Week 1: Foundation
+ The big picture of buiding your business solely on Adwords : from $1k/day to $10k/day
+ Use this systematic routine to open accounts and set up new campaigns – consistently
+ How to prepare all the things you need to open a new account : ISP, credit card , domain , hosting , warm-up campaign, etc
+ How to warm up new accounts and even get paid doing so
+ How to use the same tracking URL for all your accounts and and all your campaigns
Week 1: Foundation
+ How to use one computer to access all your Adwords accounts if you choose to
+ The right way to clear cookie and cached pages
+ The best campaigns to use to warm up your account
+ The ONLY website to register domains , never use Godaddy
+ Live demo
+ ( Homework ) Open your new account

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