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Ed Rush – The Secret Weapon


Welcome to The Secret Weapon – what I consider the most powerful tool on the planet.

My name is Ed Rush, I’m a former fighter pilot and your trainer to help you become more persuasive, a better communicator, and a more influential person.

This tool has changed destinies, raised kingdoms, put presidents and prime ministers in place, and taken presidents and prime ministers out of place. When you understand this one skill, you can do almost anything in this world.

You just have to promise that you’re going to do it for good. I’m going to ask you, “Are you willing to use the tools that I’m about to teach you to use them for good in the world?”

If your answer was yes, then let’s get started.


Discover how to lay a foundation for every deal so you get more customers with less effort… and the best part is you won’t sound like you’re selling at all!

Learn the Ultimate Marketing 4-Letter Word that’s guaranteed to get more people to call you, out of the blue, to work with you. One simple formula that can triple your leads and customers… with NO extra work.

The Secret Weapon core course includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Bootcamp
  • Weapons Training
  • Persuasion Mastery

Each video lesson also includes: Printable action guides, MP3 audios, and printable video transcripts.

Ok, by now you might be saying to yourself…

“I like it and I am interested. But how do I know this will work? 

Good question!

Here’s how this works. You pay today and you get access to EVERYTHING.

In other words, you get thousands of dollars of marketing and money-making training and support.

You have 30 days to try everything out. Use the system, the tools, the scripts, the presentations, the book, and the software. If you’re not completely blown away by everything you learn and making money from the system, just send it all back and you’ll get a refund. No questions asked…and we can still be friends.

Listen, I get it. This isn’t right for everyone and it might not be right for you.

That said, I know you’re going to be thrilled and totally “in” after 30 days.

Your job: just give it a shot.

My job: knock your socks off with content that changes your life and your bank account.

And to be totally blunt, if you can’t make back $1,497 with everything that you learn and receive, you don’t have a business!

In other words, taking me up on this  is a Total No-Brainer.

So go ahead and follow the link below and get started now.

Get Download Ed Rush – The Secret Weapon Right Now!

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